Are you an Aspirant for the NLU Delhi? Want to know how life is at the university, the rules and regulations at the college, Hostel life, and more?

We have provided detailed information on How is Life at NLU Delhi after discussing it with a student from NLU Delhi. But before that, you have to clear AILET to get admission to NLU Delhi.

So, What are you waiting for? Read through the post and get all the details about the university.

How do I get Admission to NLU Delhi?

This is one of the common questions that many law aspirants thinking about. If you wish to get into NLU Delhi, you must qualify for the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET).

To apply for the AILET Exam, you must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent exam from the recognized university.

The admission is provided purely based on the marks secured in the entrance exam.

Those who are selected shall be informed about the selection immediately by the University through email/post/phone/fax and by posting the result on the website of the University.

You will be given a stipulated time for getting admission, failing which the offer of admission stands canceled.

AILET mock test

AILET mock test

What is the Daily Routine at NLU Delhi?

National Law University, Delhi, has classes from 9:00 am to 1:20 pm. And after a lunch break, there will be tutorials till 3:30 pm.

Classes are based on the interactive model-teachers engage with the students during class. Participation and presentations are encouraged by every student.

The time after tutorials is generally for self-study, relaxing, or whatever you want to do with it.

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Is Life at NLU Delhi Exactly as Expected?

Life at NLU Delhi is drastically different from what you will imagine. Though many you may hear that the academic pressure is high but witnessing it, in reality, will be a new experience.

You need to attend your classes regularly, and it is not because of the attendance criteria but because it will help you more than anything in life.

There will be many conferences and seminars conducted by the university, and you will also get a chance to be part of most of them.

Also, the administration gives you the best opportunities to gain more knowledge.

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How are the Hostel Facilities at NLU Delhi?

The university has a fully residential campus. Hostels are clean and well-maintained. NLU Delhi provides separate halls of residence for boys and girls.

The residence halls are provided with many facilities such as common rooms, pool tables, indoor games, TV, and a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

Hostel responsibility management and maintenance are taken by the residents, chief-warden, assistant wardens, and wardens.

What are Campus Insights at NLU Delhi?

National Law University, Delhi, is Wi-Fi enabled campus. Internet center has been established at the campus to foster the increasing demand for internet usage and e-learning.

The classrooms are digital classrooms with an e-station smart multimedia podium for teaching. The auditorium, which has a sitting capacity of more than 650 people, is fully air-conditioned and equipped with the latest audio and visual facilities.

The academic block consists of four seminar rooms furnished with state-of-the-art facilities. Also, it has an e-Moot Court Hall with a seating capacity of 170 people.

How are the Academics at National Law University Delhi?

The college provides instructions with lectures, seminars, and tutorials. Study material is distributed for each course.

Also, each course includes a project assignment to develop research, analysis, and writing skills.

The university has always tried to maintain a balance between theory and practice. To do this, the university encourages students to take internships with judges, law firms, PSUs, senior advocates, etc.

clat mock test

clat mock test

Is the Central Library there at NLU Delhi Campus?

The university owns a library named Justice T.P.S Chawla Library. The library is presented in a separate building with two floors. 

More than 37500 books and journals and 180 subscriptions to journals and newspapers, and 250 CDs and DVDs.

The library's mission is to serve the needs of the students, teachers, and scholars of the university.

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How are Sports Facilities at NLU Delhi?

The university has basketball and volleyball courts. Also, it has a state-of-art gymnasium with the latest equipment.

There are separate rooms for boys and girls in their respective halls of residence for practicing gym.

Is Ragging Allowed at NLU Delhi?

Ragging is strictly prohibited on campus. Any case of ragging should be brought to the notice of the authorities.

If any student is found indulging in ragging, they may be expelled from the University from one to four semesters or debarred admission to any other Institution.


Is the National Law University of Delhi a good university?

NLU Delhi is one of the most prominent of the country's 23 NLUs. It is affiliated with the Association of Indian Universities and is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) (AIU). The National Assessment and Accreditation Council has given it an A rating with a score of 3.59. (NAAC).

Is it compulsory to live in hostel NLU Delhi?

Yes, most students are required to live in a hostel. However, you may be allowed to stay at home and attend the university as a day student if you have medical or other grounds that the wardens and Vice-Chancellor judge adequate.

How is life at an NLU?

A five-year stay at a National Law University can transform your life. Students begin law school with a variety of goals and ambitions; the majority of them are both excited and nervous, but their excitement knows no boundaries.

Is there uniform in NLU Delhi?

On Tuesdays and when the University requires it, students must wear University Uniform. On and off campus, students are required to dress appropriately.

Is AILET difficult than CLAT?

When comparing the amount of candidates per seat, AILET is clearly a more difficult exam than CLAT. It may be verified as follows: A total of 59,000 people apply for 3283 seats in 22 NLUs. At NLU Delhi, around 19,000 applicants compete for 180 places.