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MP Civil Judge Exam Analysis 2022

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 29, 2022


Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services (Prelims) Exam 2022 was successfully conducted on 6th May 2022 to recruit eligible aspirants for the Civil Judge post in the Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services. The exam was conducted in a single shift with an SD-100 isolation model. 

Here is the detailed MPCJ Prelims 2022 Exam Analysis to ease your anxiety. By digging into an examination analysis, you can reap the benefits of all of your hard work thus far.

Or, if you are an MPCJ aspirant and happened to check for the previous year's MP Civil Judge Exam Analysis for a better understanding of how to approach the exam and what topics to prioritize? This article includes Mains analysis of last year that can help you crack the mains exam being conducted on the 27 and 28th of August 2022.

This post has a detailed Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services Exam analysis curated by our experts from the Judiciary Gold team to help you estimate your place among posted vacancies for this academic year. 

Latest Updates:

 27, 28 Aug 2022: MP Judiciary Mains Exam

MP Judiciary Mains Exam has been rescheduled and will be conducted on the 27 and 28 of August 2022.

6 MAY 2022: MP Judiciary Answer Key Released!

MP Civil Judge Junior Division exam was successfully conducted on 06 May 2022. The High court of M.P. has now released the provisional answer key without delay.

Lets' first discuss some highlights of the MPCJ Prelims 2022 Exam paper

  • As per MPCJ 2022 Exam Analysis, the exam had moderate difficulty overall.
  • There were some surprise elements in the exams.
  • Many direct questions were asked from the computer and English Section.
  • There were a considerable number of questions asked from the one-liners by Judiciary gold 

Read through the detailed post to learn more about MP Judiciary Prelims 2022 Exam Analysis, the type of questions asked, MP Judiciary's previous year exam analysis, and a few previous year questions asked in the examination. 

MPCJ Prelims 2022 Exam Analysis

The experts from JudiciaryGold have performed the MPCJ Prelims 2022 Exam Analysis based on the feedback obtained from the students. 

Download Study Materials For MP Judiciary Exam by Judiciary Gold

MPCJ 2022 Major Laws 

  • Direct questions were asked about the major laws like the transfer of property
  • These questions were mainly illustration-based questions
  • Questions were direct or seemingly direct questions that were easy to comprehend.
  • Case Laws gained a relatively high weightage in the MPCJ 2022 exam.
  • Around 8-15 questions were there.

Recent case laws were mainly asked from:

  • Negotiable instrument
  • Evidence
  • CPC
  • DPA
  • Gosh landmark 

MPCJ 2022 Minor and Local Laws

  • Conceptual knowledge of local laws played a significant role while answering indirect questions.
  • Questions were direct from the Minor Laws sections, and hence a thorough study of one-liners was enough to answer these questions.

MPCJ 2022 General Knowledge

MPCJ 2022 General Knowledge section was a box full of surprises.  It had current affairs!

  • Yes, current affairs came with the highest weightage, which is very new as per MPCJ Exam pattern history. 
  • Questions were asked around: dogecoin SpaceX mission, Wimbledon, etc.
  • There were only 2-3 questions from MP GK.
  • While 1-2 questions from Static GK.

MPCJ 2022 English Section & Computer Section

A large number of questions were asked from the MPCJ previous year's question papers from the year 2010-to 2018.

Key Takeaway: 

The MPCJ 2022 cut-off is expected to exceed last year's. Check out the detailed article on MP Judiciary Cut-Off Marks

Summary Writing, answer writing, translation, judgment writing. 

MPCJ Previous Year Exam Analysis

The previous year's analysis helps you understand the type of questions you can expect in your examination.

MP Judiciary Mains Exam Analysis 2021

Do you know what is similar between the MPCJ Prelims and MPCJ Mains? It is MPCJ (just kidding).

The similarity lies in the fact that they are conducted in two shifts. However, for Mains, the shifts are distributed on two different days!!

Shubham (Judiciary Gold mentor) mentions the exam was tough and lengthy (sone pe suhaga!). 

Every year, the questions asked are a mixture of various topics (though all topics were covered) and the weightage of each question was 8 marks.

To our shock, in MPCJ 2021, the number of questions increased from 12 to 20. (+8 questions which means the difficulty level increased by 60%).

On day 1, on 25 September 2021, aspirants appeared for the Translation and Essay Writing exam, while Day 2 includes two papers, namely Law Paper and Judgement Writing Test.

Our Product Head, Shubham, has curated students' reviews of the exam and provided a detailed analysis. 

Check: MP Judiciary Books

Overview of MPCJ Mains 2021 Exam

  • Firstly students expected that the main session would be tough as the preliminary examination was tough.
  • Most of the questions in the prelims exam were out of the box. Well, it was actually true that mains were difficult and lengthy.
  • Overall the paper was difficult, and students were worried about completing the entire question paper in 3 hours. It was found that most students lacked time management. 

New Changes introduced in MPCJ Mains

  • There were a few changes observed in the main session paper pattern. There were 20 questions asked in Paper 1 and 3.
  • Limitation Act and NIA - minors were asked for 8 marks each.
  • Every year main session was written on landscape paper; however, this year, the paper was in portrait style.

Check: MP Judiciary Result 2021 (Mains) Out

Paper 1

  • There were a total of 20 questions which was time-consuming. 
  • Students whose writing speed was low faced issues while finishing the paper.
  • 2 questions were asked from Limitation Act. 

Paper 2

  • The second paper is generally essay writing which was lengthy. 
  • Essay topics were: "Social and Economic impact of Covid 19 lockdown in India" and "Empowerment of Women."
  • Hindi to English translation was easy, while English to Hindi translation was difficult. 

Paper 3

  • Questions based on criminal law were unexpected. Students expected questions from maintenance or provisional investigation. 
  • The level of difficulty was moderate.

Check: MP Judiciary Syllabus

Paper 4

Judgment writing paper was a moderate level of difficulty. 

The table below has topics and corresponding questions asked in each of them. 

Subject No. of Questions
MP Accommodation Control Act 3
MP Land Revenue Code 3
Indian Evidence Act 3
Indian Penal Code 3
Criminal Law 3
Negotiable Instruments Act 2
Mixed Questions 2

Download FREE MPCJ Mains Question Paper PDF

MP Judiciary Prelims Exam Analysis 2021

Check out the major highlights of today's MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2021. 

  • Law included a total of 110 questions. The level of difficulty was moderate in topics like CPC, while others were easy. 
  • There were a few unexpected questions asked in the exam. Out of 110, 92-97 is considered a good attempt. 
  • General Knowledge included 9 static GK, 4 Current Affairs, and the remaining were MP GK. 
  • Some questions were based on famous personalities. 
  • Computer Knowledge included questions from basic concepts. There were questions based on abbreviations and the latest trends.
  • This is the first time, in English, there were questions from One Word substitution a new pattern was followed. The level of difficulty was easy to moderate. 

Over the previous years, the preliminary exam has been moderate to difficulty level.

You shall be shortlisted for the Mains exam upon qualifying prelims above the MP Judiciary Cut Off. 

There are three stages included in the MP Judiciary Recruitment: Prelims, Mains, and Interview. You need to clear each stage with a minimum cut-off score to be eligible for further selection. 

MP Judiciary Syllabus

MP Judiciary Syllabus

Previous Year MP Civil Judge Exam Analysis

To help you understand the MP Judiciary exam better, we have explained the analysis of the previous year's exam here.

By going through this analysis, you can

  • Understand the difficulty level of questions
  • Know which type of questions can be asked
  • Know which topics are repeated many times
  • Focus on highly important topics
  • Estimate the time required for attempting these questions.

Let us understand the MP Judiciary Trend Analysis to know about the difficulty level below:

  • Over the years, by comparing previous year's papers, we observe that the difficulty level of Procedural law subjects is high. Hence, you must ensure to prepare in-depth for these subjects. 
  • There are more practical questions asked in the exam. The MP Judiciary Exam difficulty level is high compared to other state Judicial exams.
  • Less weightage of local laws in prelims and mains exam. 
  • Every year there are more registrations, and hence the difficulty level is high. Thus, you must prepare in such a way that you can answer any tricky question asked in the exam. 

Check: MP Civil Judge Exam Solved Papers

Level of Difficulty

As we observe the comparison of cut offs below, the cut-off marks have decreased over the years.

As the difficulty level increased, the cut-off marks decreased. 

Year Cut Off
2017 131 out of 150
2018 121 out of 150
2019 118 out of 150

Previous Year MP Civil Judge Questions Asked

These are a few sample questions to help you prepare for the examination. 

Q. A lease of immovable property from year to year or exceeding one year can be made only-

  1. Before Notary
  2. Executed before Magistrate
  3. The agreement made by the parties
  4. By a registered instrument

Q. A promise to pay a time-barred debt is-

  1. Not enforceable
  2. Enforceable at the discretion of the debtor
  3. Enforceable
  4. None of these

Q. When the agent contracts without disclosing the name and existence of his principal, in such 2 cases on knowing the principal, the third party may file a suit against-

  1. Principal alone
  2. Agent alone
  3. Either agent or principal or both 
  4. None of these

Q. Under M.P. Accommodation Control Act, 1961, which one of the following is not a member of the family?

  1. Married Sister 
  2. Grand Father
  3. Brother
  4. Brother’s son

Check: MP Judiciary Exam Preparation Tips 2022

Q. The Standard Rent shall be fixed for tenancy of-

  1. 6 months
  2. 11 months
  3. 12 months
  4. No limit

Q. Which of the following Revenue Authority does not confer with the revisional powers under the M.P. Land Revenue Code 1989?

  1. Board. Of Revenue.
  2. Settlement Commissioner.
  3. Settlement Officer.
  4. Sub-Divisional Officer.

Q. In which case section 27 of the Indian Evidence Act was held to be valid under Article-14 of the Constitution of India?

  1. Ashok Kumar Vs State of U.P.
  2. Natthu Vs State of U.P.
  3. State of U.P. Vs Deoman Upadhyaya 
  4. Moh. Inayathulla Vs State of Maharashtra

Q. ‘A’ finds a valuable ring, not knowing to whom it belongs. ‘A’ sells it immediately without an attempt to discover its owner. ‘A’ is guilty of an offense under section............of the Indian Penal Code,

  1. 403 
  2. 379
  3. 406
  4. 384

Q. Which of the following means the same, “a person with whom one shares a private matter, trusting them to not repeat to other”?

  1. Confident
  2. Confidant 
  3. Spy
  4. Detective

Check: How to Read Bare Acts for Judiciary Exams 2022?

Frequently Asked Questions

MP Judiciary Syllabus is undeniably tough and lengthy. Thus, the aspiring candidates might require seeking the guidance of the experts. It will further help to frame out the topic precisely. Moreover, much of your time will be saved as you do not need to make notes of your own. It, in turn, will give you enough time to concentrate more on your lessons. However, if you are confident enough about your solo studying strategy and read the landmark cases in several subjects, then you would not require to join any coaching class to crack the MP Judiciary exam.
Having a profound general knowledge and a decent grasp over the current affairs is very crucial for qualifying the preliminary exam of MP judiciary. For enriching your general knowledge, you might choose to read the newspaper known as The Indian Express on a daily basis. On the other hand, for improving the area of current affairs, you can follow The Hindu. However, you can also rely upon the online videos on current affairs.
As per the notification, the candidate should be a citizen of India and the age limit for the candidates to apply for this exam is between 21 years to 35 years. The candidate should hold a graduation degree of LLB of 3 years or 5 years of duration.
The candidate will get a salary between Rs. 27700/- to Rs. 44770/- after including all the allowances.
The Madhya Pradesh judiciary examination is conducted in 3 phrases – Prelims, Mains, and Personality test. Prelims examination is of 150 multiple choice questions, and the mains examination contains 4 papers for 100 marks each.

The High Court is yet to announce the Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Cut Off 2023.


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