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CUET History Important Topics 2024: List of Important History Events

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 7, 2023


History is an important part of the CUET exam, and it carries a decent weightage around the questions asked in the exam.

The topics to cover in the History section are vast and can confuse students a lot.

We have cumulated some important topics for the History section based on the CUET syllabus and keeping in mind the CUET exam pattern.

Even if you have been preparing for the CUET exam for more than a year or for only one month, you can easily cover the History section just by revising these topics. If you want to know more about the preparation strategy from scratch for the CUET exam, make sure to check the article.

CUET Important History Topics 2024

The important topics for History part are mentioned in this articel and you can easily make a note of them. However if you want to take a deeper dive into the topics you can check out this video-

Indian History Part I

Following the chapters mentioned in Part I of Indian History we will step-wise cover each chapter. Here we will mention all the important topics that you need to cover in order to excel in the examination.

Ancient History

All the important topics in the Ancient history part of Indian history is mentioned below-

  • Important sites and locations
  • Significance of various sites
  • Sites and related archaeologists
  • Director Generals of ASI
  • Important books written by archaeologists
  • Important timelines and points
  • Information mentioned in boxes and maps
  • Important years

Magadh Empire

All the important topics in the Magadh Empire history part of Indian history is mentioned below-

  • Details about Magadh empire and King Ashoka
  • Ashokan Inscription,location and details
  • Mahajanapadas and their capitals
  • Ruling classes and their location
  • Important literature and details about coins
  • Important terminology and scripts
  • Timelines and important points

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All the important topics in the Mahabharat's history part of Indian history is mentioned below-

  • Details related to Mahabharata and its critical edition
  • Important Sanskrit terms-Jnati,vamsha,etc.
  • Rules,types,forms of marriages
  • Non-Kshatriya Kings and their details
  • Rulers and their dynasty
  • Important literary works

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Sanchi & Amravati

All the important topics in the Sanchi and Amravati's history part of Indian history is mentioned below-

  • Information related to Sanchi, Amravati and archaeologists
  • Thinkers and their countries
  • Teachings of Buddhism and Jainism
  • Literary work and their languages
  • Important sites and their locations

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Indian History Part II

Medevial History

All the important topics in the Medevial history part of Indian history is mentioned below-

  • Travellers their country, books,years and important detail
  • Starting of Bhakti and Sufi traditions,years, locations,important personalities and their messages.
  • Growth of Sufism - Khanqahs and Silsilas
  • Important books and authors
  • Kabir,Guru Nanak, Mirabai, Shankaradev
  • Discovery of Hampi, important kings and leaders
  • Important battles and their years

Vijaynagar City

All the important topics in the Vijaynagar City's history part of Indian history is mentioned below-

  • Officers under Mughal rule
  • Provincial administration
  • Safavids and Qandahar
  • The Ottomans-Pilgrimage and Trade
  • Land Revenue System -Zamindars,fifth report
  • Santhals,Deccan Riots Commission
  • Important events and their years
  • Revolt of 1857-dates,leaders and their locations
  • Madras,Calcutta and Bombay presidencies

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Mughal Rule

All the important topics in the Mughal Rule's history part of Indian history is mentioned below-

  • European companies and their establishments
  • Mahatma Gandhi -Complete chapter is very important
  • Provincial election of 1937
  • Making of Constitution - Complete chapter


Apart from these important topics you need to practice as much as possible. Do previous year's question papers, mock tests and any question you can get your hands on. For mock tests, you can easily obtain that from best online mock tests series by SuperGrads.

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