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CUET Expected Difficulty and Cut-off 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 24, 2023


As soon as students got aware of the CUET 2024 exam date, they started asking questions on 'how difficult the paper will be?' or 'what will be the CUET 2024 Cut-off?'

So here we are going to discuss all of that in detail so that your doubts get cleared.

As CUET is being conducted for the first time, it will not be as difficult as other competitive exams.

But keeping in mind the seat intake and the number of students appearing for the examination, the cut-off marks can go higher than expected. For comparison, CUET 2024 will be tougher than the board exam but easier than JEE and other highly praised exams.

CUET 2024 Expected Difficulty

There are certain factors that will affect the difficulty level of the CUET 2024-

  1. The CUET Exam is conducted for the first time- Being its first time, NTA will be asking questions from within the topic mentioned. There will be no questions out of the syllabus; the questions can be directly related to the 12th board exam. It will mostly be a domain-based paper, and you may have noticed that in the mock solving session on our Youtube channel CUET Preparation with SuperGrads.
  2. The Bigger Challenge Will be MCQs- The challenge and the difficulty comes at the point that the paper is MCQ based, and there is negative marking for each wrong answer. During the exam, you will find it easy to attempt the questions as the answers will always look similar to each other; this makes it more likely to get a wrong answer.
  3. Number Of Applicants VS Number Of Seats- Around 10Lakhs students will appear for the CUET 2024 exam. And there are almost 70,000 seats available for intake, and many private institutes will take admissions based on CUET scores. So when there are so many seats available, the difficulty level of the exam will automatically be lowered.
  4. Admissions Into Top Universities- The main problem starts when you are aiming for top-notch universities. Even if you clear the cut-off marks, with so many applicants, it becomes tough to secure a good rank to be admitted into the top Universities. So the difficulty level for getting into the best colleges will definitely be tougher.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

When there is less number of applicants, the difficulty of the paper needs to be lowered, but when there are a high number of applicants, the difficulty of the exam gets high regardless of the difficulty of the paper.

So keep these points in mind and focus more on the General Test part, as it will carry the maximum marks in the exam. Your domain-based preparations are already done, and no matter what you have learned and what not, there is no need to repeat that again.

Practice as many mock tests as you can, and also purchase a series of CUET 2024 Mock Tests to aid your preparations.

CUET 2024 Cut-Off Marks

And coming to the second part, CUET 2024 cut-off marks, there are no official announcements regarding this. However, you can check CUET Cut-Off for a better insight into the estimated cut-off marks prepared by our expert faculties.

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

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