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AILET PG Exam Day Instructions 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 19, 2023


Summary: With the AILET exam around the corner, the authorities of NLU Delhi have released the AILET exam day instructions 2023 that must be followed strictly by every student taking the examination. We advise you to read through and understand the AILET PG Exam Day Instructions 2023 to avoid any last-minute surprises. 

AILET exam day instructions 2023 can be quite similar for both undergraduate and post-graduation exams. The AILET PG exam day instructions 2023 notification was released online on 27 November 2022. 

This notification has important instructions to be followed by students appearing for the exam. We advise you to spend a few minutes reading all the instructions so you do not face any issues on the day of your examination. 

AILET PG Exam day instructions PDF is attached to the article for your reference. 

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AILET PG Exam Day Instructions 2023 Notification

AILET PG 2023 will be held on 11 December 2022 in various test centres in major cities across India. The exam will be for 1 hour and 30 minutes starting at 11 AM.

The AILET PG Exam Day Instructions 2023 PDF is attached below for your reference. 

AILET PG Exam Day Instructions 2023 - Detailed Timings

Have you ever had a dream where you are extremely late for an examination?

Well, suppose you don’t want that to become a reality; understanding the examination's timing is crucial so that you don’t come late to the examination or misinterpret the total time available for writing the exam.

To avoid any problems, you must come to the examination venue at least by 9:45 AM.

Even if you are late, you will be given 15 minutes after the commencement of the exam, after which you will not be given entry under any circumstances.

Time Events
10:00 AM Entry of Candidates inside the Test Centre, Covid Scanning
10:30 AM Entry of Candidate to the Examination Hall/ Room
10:45 AM Distribution of transparent Sealed Envelopes containing Question Booklets and OMR Response Sheets and announcement of important instructions by the invigilators
11:00 AM Long Bell – Commencement of Entrance Test
11:15 AM No candidate shall be allowed to enter the Examination Hall/Room after this Bell
11:30 AM Short Warning Bell-Completion of 30 Minutes
12:00 Noon Short Warning Bell-Completion of 60 Minutes
12:20 PM Short Warning Bell
12:30 PM Long Bell – Completion of the Entrance Test

Instructions Regarding OMR Response Sheet And Answer Booklet

We might see some students who use whiteners or gel pens on an OMR sheet; you are advised not to do that. 

Here are some instructions that you need to follow while using your response sheet and answer booklet. Here are some AILET PG Exam Day Instructions 2023 to follow while filling out the OMR sheets. 

  • You must only use a black or blue ballpoint pen to write details like the roll number on your OMR response sheet and answer booklet. You must use a black or blue ballpoint pen to shade the circles.
  • Sign and enter other details like roll number and booklet number in the provided space.
  • The test paper has two (2) sections (A & B). Section A will consist of two parts for a total of 75 marks: 
    1. Part 1 - English language (25 questions; 1 mark each) (25 marks)
    2. Part 2 - Legal reasoning (25 questions; 2 marks each) (50 marks). 

Section B will be evaluated only for those candidates who secure at least 50% marks in Section-A.

Section B will have ten questions from different branches of law. The candidates must answer two (2) descriptive questions for 75 marks.

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The total marks are 150

  1. The test paper will be in English.
  2. The right answer must be circled to the right response in case of an MCQ. Incomplete circles, multiple entries will be considered ‘wrong’.
  3. There will be 12 pages in the Answer Booklet for answering descriptive questions (Section B). Note that additional sheets/ answer booklets will not be provided, and candidates should write their answers carefully.
  4. The candidate must handle the OMR Response Sheet carefully and not fold, wrinkle, tear or staple it.
  5. The Admit Card is provisional, subject to the verification of eligibility.

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AILET PG Exam Day Instructions 2023 - Items Allowed Inside the Exam Hall

Candidates are allowed to carry only the following items to the Examination Hall/ Room:

  1. Blue/ Black Ball Point Pen
  2. Admit Card
  3. Any valid Photo I.D. Proof and photographs
  4. Transparent Water Bottle
  5. Face mask and sanitiser
  6. Analogue watches

Any kind of communication devices like mobile phones or any electronic gadgets like Digital watches, Bluetooth earphones, Pagers, Health bands, and Calculators will not be allowed.

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AILET PG Mock Tests

AILET PG Mock Tests

Some other examination guidelines and instructions for AILET PG 2023

  1. As the OMR Response Sheet is carbonized, you can keep the second page (carbon copy) of the OMR Response Sheet and keep it with you for reference, along with the used Question Booklet.
    The first page of the OMR Response Sheet (Original) and Answer Booklet must be submitted to the invigilator at the end of the Entrance Test.
  2. A second blank OMR Response Sheet will not be given. Only in exceptional cases, which the Observer approves, the entire Sealed Plastic Envelope containing the Question Booklet, Answer Booklet and OMR Response Sheet shall be replaced. 
  3. No clarifications will be addressed while the test is going on.
  4. You can carry out rough work on the space provided at the end of the Question booklet and not on your answer booklet or OMR sheet.
  5. Reach the Test Centre well in time before 1 hour to identify the Seating Place in the Seating Plan displayed and avoid crowding at a particular location at the Entrance Test Centre.

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It is better to understand all the instructions thoroughly to avoid complications or other problems during the examination day.

While exam preparation is important, it is also important that everything goes well on the day of the examination to avoid stress and give your exam confidently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, calculators are not allowed in the AILET exam under any circumstances.

Getting to the AILET exam centre at least an hour before the test is crucial. By doing this, you can avoid chaos and rush to the centre.

The exam will start at 11 AM and you will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the examination. The exam will promptly end at 12.30 AM.

Only analogue watches are allowed in the exam. Any kind of smartwatch, digital watch or health band is not allowed inside the exam hall.


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