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May 24 CUET Exam Analysis 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : May 26, 2023


CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Chemistry: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 3)

Coming to the domain subjects for the CUET slot-3 session in Chemistry, the following topics appear in the paper.

Topics Number of Questions
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 4-5
Biomolecules 3-4
D and F Block Elements 4-5
P Block Elements 3-4
Coordination Compounds 5
Organic Compounds containing nitrogen 3-4
Chemical Kinetics 4-5
Alcohol, Phenol and Ethers 3-4
Surface Chemistry 3-4
Electrochemistry 3-4

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Physics: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 3)

The number of questions and respective topics that appeared in Physics paper is as follows: 

Topics Number of Questions
Current Electricity 3-4
Electromagnetic inductions and Alternating currents 2-3
Semiconductor 3-4
Electrostatics 5-6
Optics 7-8
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism 2-3

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for History: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 2)

Questions were asked on the following topics: 

  • Description of Deva Raya
  • Panchatantra
  • Jhansi Rani book
  • Sudharshan lake
  • Story of Archaeology
  • Balva Patthar
  • Agrahara
  • Jotedars
  • Chronology questions
  • Passage on the spinning wheel, Sanchi Stupa
  • Krishna Deva Raya
  • Mughul Emperor

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Political Science: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 2)

Political science questions were asked on the following topics: 

  • Bernier
  • Preservation of Sanchi Stupa
  • First spinning 
  • Rio Summit
  • First Education Minister
  • End of Congress system
  • Sunset law
  • Harapan Civilization
  • Congress Lahore Session

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Sanskrit: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 2)

On Day 4 (shift 2), the Sanskrit paper for CUET (UG) 2023 was on the lines that were simpler to moderate. From the student's experience, it can be inferred that the questions were straightforward and moderate degree of difficulty. Important subjects included.

  • Reading comprehension: 3 passages - 15 questions (A few questions were tricky)
  • Word Meaning: 6-7 questions
  • Phrases and meaning: 5-6 questions
  • Translation: 3-4 questions

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Fine Arts: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 2)

The Final Arts paper had a difficulty level of "moderate-high". 

  • Names of painters, Years related to paintings
  • Paintings associated with which painter and place
  • Similar questions were related to Sculptures
  • Questions related to the commercial act

CUET General Test Paper (May 21, 2023)

CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for English: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 1)

Day 4 English paper was moderate in difficulty level compared to the other 3 days. 

  • 15 questions from 3 reading comprehension were asked based on topics - Solar energy, Government Policies, Poem
  • 5-6 questions were asked in the active-passive session
  • 4 Idioms were asked in the form of Match the following
  • No questions were asked from direct-indirect questions
  • 4-5 questions were asked from sentence rearrangement
  • 1 question was asked based on the adjective
  • 1 question was asked from the foreign language section
  • 3-4 questions were asked from the spotting errors section
  • Questions from modals also appeared in slot 1 English paper

CUET Current Affairs and GK Analysis (May 22, 2023)

Safe Attempts for English on Day 4

37 questions out of 40 is a good number of questions to have attempted for this session of the exam.

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CUET Exam Analysis 2023 for Political Science: May 24 (Day 4; Slot 1)

  • The political science paper was easy, and all questions appeared from the NCERT textbook. 
  • Chronology questions about the UN president and important dates were asked. 
  • Match the following questions
  • Planning commission questions were asked from BJP Congress separation, energy conservation act, Shimla agreement etc
  • Martian and Council of Europe organization-based questions had appeared.

Safe Attempts for Political Science on Day 4

39 questions out of 40 is a good number of questions to have attempted for this session of the exam.


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