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HSSC JE Exam Analysis 2019: Know Questions Asked,Difficulty Level & Good Attempts

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : February 28, 2022


HSSC JE Recruitment is going to commence soon. The HSSC JE Exam Analysis 2019 will provide the difficulty level, questions asked in all shifts & expected questions/topics in upcoming days and shifts of the HSSC Junior Engineer Exam.

  • The HSSC JE exam successfully conducted on 1st September 2019.
  • The HSSC JE Exam Analysis concluded that the exam was of "Easy to Medium" level difficulty. 
  • Candidates who went through the HSSC JE Previous Year Question Papers were able to answer most questions with ease.

HSSC JE Exam Analysis 2019

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission is conducting the recruitment for Junior Engineer & tests candidates on various topics.

  • The HSSC JE 2019 Exam was of "Moderate Level difficulty" based on HSSC JE Exam Analysis.
  • Haryana SSC tested candidates in General Studies, Reasoning, General Awareness, English, Aptitude, Civil & Electrical. 
  • The Reasoning section is considered to be scoring.
  • General Awareness section focusses on Current Affairs.
  • The HSSC JE Exam Pattern has been divided into 2 sections.
  • The written examination will be of 90 marks.

HSSC JE Questions List

Following questions were asked in the HSSC Junior Engineer exam on 1st September 2019

Question- As per IRC width carriageway for the single lane is-

(A) 7.0 m (B) 4.0m (C) 3.75m (D) 2.5m

Question- A number of doubled and 9 is added. If the resultant is tripled, it becomes 75. What is that number?

(A) 6 (B) 8 (C) 3.5 (D) None of these

Question- The setting action of cement is reduced by adding

(A) Alumina (B) Silica (C) Lime (D) Gypsum

Question- Which one of the following is not a federal nation?

(A) Britain (B) India (C) Spain (D) Canada

Question- The maximum value of friction force beyond which frictional force cannot increase and the body begins to move in the direction of force applied is called-

(A) Kinetic Friction (B) Limiting Friction (C) Angular Friction (D) Static Friction

Question- Which of the following rank is the supreme rank which will be awarded in the Indian Navy?

(A) Captain (B) Admiral (C) General (D) None of the Above

Question- We create our own tradition.............?

(A) didn't we? (B) don't we (C) do we (D) did we

Question- Choose the antonym of " VAGUE"

(A) Clear (B) hide (C) Faint (C) Cheep

Question- Fill in the blanks- The castle stood.............the lake.

(A) Among (B) Beside (C) Besides (D) Between

Question- SI Unit of Conductivity of material is-

(A) mho (B) ohm (C) Siemens/meter (D) ohmmeter

Question-  The ancient name of the river Markanda is-

(A) Yamu (B) Aruna (C) Chajju (D) Dohan

Question- The river which originates from shahpur village and meets chautanj river at a place called Ladwa, it is also known as river-

(A) Chautang (B) Rakshi (C) Dohan (D) Krishnavati

Question- In which district of Haryana, manganese is found-

(A) Mahendragarh (B) Hisar (C) Karnal (D) Gurgaon

Question- What is the present rank of India in terms of fish production in the world-

(A) India is the second-largest producer (B) India is the fourth largest producer (C) India is the largest producer (D) None of the Above

HSSC JE Exam Analysis: Important Topics

Candidates appearing for the examination must go through these important topics thoroughly. The topics mentioned below are frequently asked in the HSSC JE Exam.

Important General Studies Topics 

  • Environmental Issues like Disaster Management, Prevention and Mitigation Strategies & Sustainable Development.
  • Economic & Social Development of Haryana and India.
  • Indian Constitution, Political System, Governance and Public Policy.
  • India’s Achievements in Science & Technology.

HSSC JE Important Topics: General Abilities 

General Abilities section covers -  Logical Reasoning, English Language & General Awareness. Go through the important topics in all 3. 

Logical Reasoning Important Topics

  • Trigonometric ratio.
  • Time and distance.
  • Ratio and Proportion.
  • Profit & Loss.

HSSC Junior Engineer Important Topics in English 

  • Direct & Indirect speech.
  • Unseen passage.
  • Prepositions.
  • Types of sentences..

 General Awareness Topics for Junior Engineer Exam

  • Current Affairs
  • Sports, History
  • General Science

Important Topics for Civil 

  1. Environmental Engineering
  2. Soil Mechanics
  3. Structural Engineering
  4. Transportation Engineering

Important Topics in HSSC JE Electrical 

  1. Power Electronics & Drives
  2. Digital Electronics
  3. Control Systems
  4. Communication Engineering

Documents to carry to the HSSC JE Exam Center

Candidates must take the following documents to the examination center.

  1. HSSC JE Admit Card ( Original + Photo Copy)
  2. Voter’s Id card
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. Passport
  5. Colored photograph as uploaded on the Online Application form.

HSSC JE Preparation Tips

Candidates should go through the following preparation points to study for the exam

  • Reading an English newspaper every day will help in understanding grammar, improve vocabulary and Current Affairs.
  • Go through the above mentioned Important topics to prepare for the Logical reasoning section.
  • Candidates must prepare thoroughly for the Civil & Electrical important topics mentioned above.
  • Try to give as many mock tests as possible.

HSSC JE Exam Day Instructions

It is important for candidates appearing for the examination to be on their best behavior & follow the instructions by the Haryana Staff Selection Commission. Follow these guidlines when appearing for the Junior Engineering exam

  • Do not carry expensive jewelry, for example, mangal sutra, earrings, brooch, etc. (Candidate’s own risk)
  • Gold items like chains, rings, bracelets, etc should be avoided. Candidates are responsible for their own belongings in the exam center.
  • Pen drives or any kind of storage devices is strictly prohibited.
  • Don’t take any kind of Bluetooth devices/chargers/microphone/pager/earphones etc
  • Books/handbags/caps etc should not be carried inside the exam hall.
  • Paper Chits or any loose paper must not be carried inside the exam hall.
  • Mobile Phones/goggles/badge etc is not allowed inside the exam.
  • Camera or any other electrical device is prohibited


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