The first-morning shift of the RBI Grade B Exam has been conducted. Here is the  RBI Grade B Shift 1 Exam Analysis with all the detail about the questions asked in the exam of each section, difficulty level, good attempts of the exam.

  • The level of the exam will be declared once the RBI Grade B Shift gets complete.
  • The overall question paper is "Medium Level".
  • The Reasoning Ability Section of the exam is difficult than the other subject.
  • However, most of the questions were asked by the General Awareness Section of the exam.
  • The exam will be Bilingual (Hindi and English Both) except for the English Language Section of the exam.
  • Candidates will complete the RBI Grade B Exam Analysis for all the shifts of the exam with all the detailed information.
  • There are 5 options for each question. Candidates have to choose any one from them to give the answer.
  • Candidates have to give the penalty of 0.25 (1/4) marks for each incorrect answer from the correct one.

RBI Grade B Shift 1 Analysis 2019

Know the difficulty level and the good attempts for each section of the exam for Shift 1 of RBI Grade B Exam-

Subject Difficulty Level Good Attempts
General Intelligence and Reasoning Difficult 26-32
General Awareness Moderate 46-54
Quantitative Aptitude Easy 18-22
English Comprehension Moderate 21-24
Total 200 128-144

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis

RBI Grade B Shift 1 Analysis 2019 for Numerical Ability

The number of questions asked in the exam from the numerical ability section of the exam and the list of a few questions asked in the exam-

  1. 100000,20000,4000,800,160, ?- 32
  2. 16,17,21,30,46, ?- 71
  3. 16,8,8,16,?,512- 64
Topic Number of Question
Approximation 05
Arithmetic 10
Bar Graph 5
Number Series 5
Bar Graph 5

RBI Grade B Shift 1 Analysis 2019 Reasoning Ability

The list of the question and topics asked in the exam in Shift 1 for reasoning section of the exam-

Topic Number of Question
Inequality 03
Floor Arrangements 05
Puzzle 22
Scheduling 15
Logical Reasoning 10
Blood Relation 05
Circular Arrangements 05
Coding-Decoding 04
Linear Seating Arrangement 05
Miscellaneous 05

RBI Grade B Shift 1 Analysis English Language 2019

Here in the following table candidates get to know the number of questions asked in the English Language, also, the list of the question asked in the exam-

  1. In the RBI Grade B Shift 1 exam, there are 2 questions asked from the Reading Comprehension-
  • "Banishing poverty through banking"- 09
  • "Effort of Climate Change on Bees"- 05
Topic Number of Question
Reading Comprehension (2 Ques) 14
Sentence Improvement 05
Error Spotting 05
Cloze Test 06
Word Exchange 04
Identify the incorrect pair 4-5

RBI Grade B Shift 1 Analysis for General Awareness 2019

Check the topic-wise number of questions asked in the exam and also the list of the question asked in the General awareness section of the exam-

Topics Number of Questions
Current Affairs 55-60
Static GK 20-25
Economy 5-6
  • Pakyong is located at- Sikkim
  • Rudra Sagar lake is located at- Tripura (Meghalaya)
  • Lakshmi Vilas Bank is set to be merged with which company- India Bulls Housing Finance Ltd
  • Who has appointed the first Lt Governor of Ladakh- Radha Krishnan Mathur
  • Where was SCO Summit 2019 held- Tashkent (Uzbekistan) Rajnath Singh represented it from India
  • Winner of Japan Open tennis Tournament-Novak
  • Khalifa International Stadium is in which country- Doha
  • Which mutual fund has renamed as Nippon India Mutual Fund- Reliance Mutual Fund
  • what will be the venue of next G-20 Summit in 2020 – Riyadh Saudi Arabia (21 -22 Nov 2020)
  • who is the director of the gully boy- Zoya Akhtar
  • The captain of Bangladesh
  • Who has launched the project "Netra"- ISRO
  • Union rail minister Piyush Goyal is the member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha from which state-
  • The theme of world teachers day 2019- Young Teachers the future of the profession
  • Helsinki is the capital of which country- Finland

1)Credit saison HQ - Bangalore
2)laxmi Vilas Bank HQ - Chennai
3)IAEA HQ - Vienna
4)UN habitat HQ - Nairobi
5)lalji Tandon Gov - MP
6)Largest solar park - Gujarat
7)Largest Solar park in SE Asia- Vietnam
8)SFB capital - Rs 200 cr
9)Nobel in Chemistry for - Lithium ion battery
10)Nobel to Peter - Physics
11)Japan Open - Novak Djokovic
12)Pakyong airport - Sikkim
13)India Maldives Ekuverin - Pune
14)Rohit4Rhino - animal planet
15)Rajnath Singh sco meeting - Tashkent
16)G20 summit next - S Arabia
17)PV Sindhu - Visa
18)Rudra Sagar Lake - Tripura
19)Ladakh Lt Gov - RK Mathur
20)Muni bond - SEBI
21)Social Stock Exchange - SEBI
22)Piyush Goyal Constituency - Maharashtra
23)Ratapani Tiger Reserve - MP
24)PCA award - Ben stokes
25)Nirmala Sheroron banned - Athletics
26)Ewaste - Bhopal
27)Cooperative bank Merger - Kerala
28)Industry 4.0 railways - IIT kanpur
29)lessons Life taught Me - Anupam Kher
30)Beijing Winter Olympics mascot - Bing Dwen Dwen
31)apache Helicopter mfg by - Boeing
32)World Hindu Economic Forum - Mumbai
33)WEF meeting 2020 - Davos
34)World Teachers Day theme - young Teachers: The Future of the Profession
35)international Day of the Girl Child theme - "GirlForce: Unscripted and unstoppable"
36)Chang Thang exercise - Ladakh
37)PSU disinvestment NITI Ayog and - DIPAM
38)Reliance insurance now - Nippon India Gen Insurance
39)Courageous journalism award
40)Greta Thunberg - Sweden
41)Finland - Helsinki
42)Dr Trivedi - Nephrologist, kidney specialist
43)World Migrant Stock first rank - India
44)MOHFW National Nutrition survey with - UNICEF
45)Sabse Pahle Life insurance
46)gully Boy director - Zoya Akhtar
47)Vikram Sarabhai Library - IIM Ahmedabad
48)5th World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy" - Pune
49)Max clean railway stations in Swacch Rail survey
- Rajasthan
50)India offers $ 236 mn additional credit to Mongolia for building oil refinery
51)India is set to increase its public health spending to 2.5 % of (GDP) by 2025
52)Book titled “150 Years of Celebrating the Mahatma the South African Legacy”, by Fakir Hassen launched in South Africa
53)Article 15 - Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth
54)Sarah Taylor - England
55)UNESCO anthology - Guru Nanak Devji
56)Operation Him Vijay - Arunachal Pradesh
57)edgar chagwa lungu - Zambia
58)Sports women - Bahrain
59) world population to increase by 2%-
60) pnb merger with United Bank
61) robotic arms icici
62) express FD axis
63) pla army china
64) Goa and Madhya Pradesh adventure
65) youth parliament-delhi 66) niti aayog, ATL, unicef
67) Idbi-9300-rdcap
68) netra -isro
69) IAAF -doha
70) NeAC inagurated - Delhi
71) cotton conference - geneva
72) kaleshwaram-telangana
73) UNCCD chair-India
74) emissions trading -Gujarat
75) sister state USA -gujarat

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis 

RBI Grade B Good No. of Attempts 2018 - Shift 1

Know the Complete Shift 1 Previous Year Analysis for RBI Grade B from the below details of each section separately-

RBI Grade B Prelims Exam Analysis - No. of Good Attempts
Section No. of Qs/Marks Good Attempts Difficulty Level
General Awareness 80 45 - 50 Moderate to Difficult
Reasoning Ability 60 35 - 40 Moderate to Difficult
English Language 30 17 - 20 Easy to Moderate
Numerical Ability 30 15 - 18 Moderate
Overall 200 105 - 115 Moderate

RBI Grade B Exam Review for Numerical Ability

Topic Number of Question
Quantity I and Quantity II 05
Profit & Loss 02
Discount 01
Time & Distance 01
Wrong Number Series 05
Partnership 01
Data Interpretation (tabular and bar graph) 10
Mixtures & Allegations 01
Interest 01
Boat & Stream 01
Percentage 01
Geometry 01
Train Problems 01

Questions Asked in Numerical Ability

Number Series - Find the wrong term in the following series.

27 34 51 75 107 147 195

10 4.5 3.5 5 16 122 1904

800 678 579 494 434 385 349

1 12 120 960 5780 23040 4608

5 7 11 19 35 68 131

Train Problems - Two trains A and B traveling in the same direction with a speed of 72 km/hour and 96 km/hour, respectively. Train A crosses a pole in 54 seconds. Find the length of train B.

RBI Grade B Phase I Exam Analysis for General Awareness

This section was of a moderate level. The current affairs questions were asked mostly from June and July months. A few questions were also asked from the August month's current affairs. 2 - 3 questions were asked from Static GK.

  • Vidyadhar Bhattacharya is the architect of which city?
  • The first nuclear bomb was dropped on which place
  • If the repo rate increases, then what will be its effect on the economy?
  • Who is the author of the book titled 'Hit Refresh'?
  • Financial Literacy Week
  • 1 question related to SLR rate
  • What is the full form of NPCI?
  • What is the full form of CVV?
  • What is the full form of RISE?
  • 1 question related to Samoli district, UP.
  • Where is the headquarter of AIIB?
  • Who is the head of the National Register Committee?
  • Meeting held in February 2018 on Stress and Asset Management was headed by?
  • Which tax does not come under GST?
  • What is the full form of SIDBI?
  • Which country imposed Import Duty Tax on India in Steel & Aluminium industry?
  • When is MSME day celebrated?
  • India's first heritage city?
  • Hima Das, who recently won the Gold medal, belonged to which state?
  • 1 question based on Livelihood and Water Security
  • Where is the headquarters of ICAN?
  • World Environment Day 2018 was hosted by which country?
  • Jallikattu game belongs to which state?
  • Ayushmaan Bharat Scheme related to what?
  • Recently, India signed a pact on Civil Aviation pact with which country?
  • Who is known as Metro Man?
  • What is the full form of SCOTUS?
  • 1 question based on Saffir-Simpson scale
  • Kirana Gharana belongs to which state?
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange is based in which country?
  • Manav Thakkar is related to which sports?
  • Where is the Salarjung Museum located?
  • 1 question related to National Biopharma Mission
  • Priority sector lending limit increases in a metropolitan city up to?
  • Where is Buddha Mountain located?
  • 1 question related to S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile
  • Name the person who climbed Mt. Everest twice.
  • RBI Allow __ rising share up to 51% in IDBI.
  • Name the famous Sarod player of India
  • 1 question related to fertilizer subsidy
  • The first woman to climb and successfully reach the peak of Mount Everest in 5 days
  • 1 question related to RBI policy
  • Which is the cleanest city of India according to the latest survey?
  • Who is the author of the book titled 'Our Trees Still Grow In Dehra'?
  • The book titled 'Bangalore Tiger' is based on which company?
  • Where is the headquarters of INTERPOL?
  • Where is the headquarters of the Arab League?
  • Which is the last country to join BRICS?
  • Which is the most visited destination (country)?

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis

RBI Grade B Prelims Exam Analysis for Reasoning Ability

Topic Number of Question
Box Puzzle 05
Year Based Puzzle 05
Linear Seating Arrangement 05
Square Seating Arrangement 05
Scheduling puzzle 05
Blood Relations 05
Distance & Direction 05
Data Sufficiency 05
Inequality 05
Coding & Decoding 05
Alphabet 02
Statement & Assumptions 04
A Course of Action 03

Questions Asked in Reasoning Ability

Single Row Linear Seating Arrangement - Seven Friends Ram, Raghu, Rashi, Roohi, Rushita, Rosy and Rohan are sitting in a row from left to right facing North direction. Their Professions are Doctor, Lawyer, Student, Poet, Activist, Minister and Accountant not necessarily in the same order. Rashi and Rohan are sitting adjacent to each other. Ram is an Activist but neither sits at extreme corner nor adjacent to Doctor. Raghu is a Poet but does not sit adjacent to the doctor. The doctor is sitting fourth left to Rushita who is Lawyer. An activist does not sit between Lawyer and Doctor. Rosy is sitting to the immediate right of Ram. Minister sits between Lawyer and Poet. Neither Rohan nor Rashi is Minister. The accountant sits at an extreme corner.

Square Seating Arrangement - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are sitting around a square table such that four of them sit at each corner and remaining four at the center of each edge of the table. The ones who are sitting at the corners face towards the center while the rest face away from the center. The persons sitting at the center of edges have different choices of colors among Black, Green, Maroon, and Blue while the persons sitting at the corners have a liking for different drinks Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and Fruity. D likes Pepsi and is not an immediate neighbor of B who likes Black color and sits to the immediate left of the one who likes Sprite. C sits to fourth to the left of the one who likes Fruity. One who likes Coke is not an immediate neighbor of B. A and E are facing away from each other (in the same line of sight) and E doesn’t like Maroon or Green. G sits third to the left of F who likes a drink but not Sprite. The one who likes Green or Maroon doesn’t sit between D and F.

Box Puzzle - 5 boxes with 5 different colors have to be arranged one above the other. The question was -

5 Boxes P, Q, R, S and T of 5 different colors Blue, White, Yellow, Blue and Pink not necessary in the same order are kept in stack one above to another. Two boxes are placed between the R and White boxes. One box is placed between R & S. Two boxes are placed between Yellow and Blue box. The yellow box is placed between one of the positions above Blue Box. Yellow box does not place at the top-most position. As many boxes placed between White and Blue and as between T and Pink.

Year based puzzle - 7 persons born in 7 different years and working in 7 different companies

Scheduling puzzle - 9 persons working in 9 different companies, and the number of projects completed by each person was given.

Floor based puzzle - 7 People of different age live on 7-floor building with different age of each person.

Meaningful Word - One word was given and you have to find a meaningful word from 1st, 5th, and 6th alphabets of the given word.

Alphabet problems - How many such pairs of letters are there in the word 'LANGUAGE' each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?

RBI Grade B Exam Analysis 16th August 2018 for English Language

Topic Number of Question
Reading Comprehension - 3 Sets (1 passage based on optimistic and pessimistic point of view, 1 passage was based on Chinese and Taiwanese currency) 15
Cloze Test 05
Sentence Connectors 05
Error Spotting 05


How can I prepare for reasoning fro RBI Grade B?

First of all, candidates must know the full reasoning syllabus for the exam to prepare for any particular topic. Next, candidates can take the help of free mock test series and the preparation tips to prepare for the exam. Click Here to get the complete information.

What is the time duration for the 1st shift of exam?

The RBI Grade B Shift Timings are the same for all the shifts of the exam. The time duration for the exam will be of 120 minutes (2 Hours). Candidates have to manage their time for a total of 200 questions asked in the exam.

Can I crack RBI Grade B in 1 week?

It is difficult to clear the exam if someone is preparing a few days or a week ago before the exam, as it is the high-level exam among another exam of banks. Candidates can score well by practicing free mock tests or with the help of a last-minute strategy to clear the RBI Grade B 2019. Click here for Tips & Tricks.

How do I clear my grade B RBI exam?

There is the minimum marks which applicants have to score in each section of the subject namely- General Awareness, Numerical Ability, English Language, and Reasoning Ability. The candidate who score according to the RBI Grade B Cut Off each section are eligible for the Phase 2 RBI Grade B Recruitment.

What is the Shift Timing for RBI Grade B Shift 1 Exam 2019?

The RBI Grade B Exam will be conducted in 2 shifts n 9th November 2019. The shift timing for Shift 1 is 10:15 AM-12:15 PM. The reporting time is 09:15 AM before the exam. Candidates are suggested to reach the exam center before 30 minutes of reporting time. Click Here to Know the RBI Grade B Shift Timings.

Where are RBI Grade B officers posted?

The RBI Grade B Officers will be posted in any of the regional offices of RBI situated in 31 cities of the country and a Central Office of Reserve Bank of India located in Mumbai. Get the complete RBI Grade B Recruitment detail Here.

What is the starting salary of RBI Grade B officer?

The starting salary of the officer of the Reserve Bank of India starts from basic pay of Rs. 35,150/- p.m. in the scale of Rs. 35150-1750 (9)-50900-EB-1750 (2)-54400-2000 (4)-62400 applicable. The employees of the RBI also get the various allowances like-  Dearness Allowance, Local allowance, House Rent Allowance, Family Allowance, etc. Click Here to Know the Complete Detail about the RBI Officers Salary.

How many stages are there to get selected in RBI?

Candidates have to clear 3 stages to be a part of Reserve Bank of India- Prelims (Phase 1), Mains (Phase 2), and Personal Interview. Click Here to Know Complete RBI Grade B Selection Process 2019.

What are the good attempts for each section of RBI Grade B Shift 1?

The good attempts will be calculated on the basis of the number of questions from which candidates get the idea that the number of questions they solved in the exam is enough to score well in the Prelims exam or not. Click Here to Know Complete RBI Grade B Exam Analysis 2019.

What is the difficulty level of the shift 1 exam of RBI Grade B 2019?

The difficulty level of the exam is based on the level of the number of questions asked in the exam in each section. Mostly, the General Awareness Section is the toughest among another subject. You can take the reference to the previous year's exam analysis to know the level of the exam more clearly. Click Here to Check Previous Year Shift 1 Exam Analysis.

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