The National Recruitment Agency is going to conduct the NRA CET Exam to shortlist candidates for Group B and Group C posts in different government organizations. Candidates appearing for the exam must be aware of the complete syllabus to better succeed in the exam. To help candidates, we have provided a detailed subject-wise Common Eligibility Test Syllabus in this post.

NRA CET Syllabus 2021

The syllabus of the common eligibility test includes four sections: English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Awareness. Before starting the preparation, it is important for candidates to go through the detailed syllabus as it will help them to know all the important topics from the exam point of view and plan their preparation accordingly. 

  • The NRA CET syllabus of the quantitative section covers topics like number system, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, fundamental arithmetic operations, etc.
  • To score good marks in the reasoning section, candidates have to focus more on topics like Coding and Decoding, Non-Verbal Series, Syllogism, Data Interpretation, and Sufficiency, etc. Therefore, opting for the NRA CET Online Preparation would definitely help candidates to know how to plan their preparation that covers all these topics.
  • In this post, we have provided the subject-wise NRA Common Eligibility Test syllabus. Candidtes can view or download the syllabus PDF and start their preparation accordingly for the upcoming exam.

NRA CET Exam Syllabus in Hindi

NRA Common Eligibility Test Syllabus 2021

According to the syllabus and exam pattern of the existing SSC, IBPS, and RRB exams, it is expected that the common eligibility test syllabus 2021 includes four subjects: General Intelligence & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, General Awareness. The  NRA CET syllabus is the same as the syllabus of SSC, RRB, and IBPS exams. Let us have a look at the detailed syllabus of the common eligibility test from the post below.

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NRA CET Exam Syllabus 2021

In this section, candidates are tested for vocabulary and grammar skills. Hence it is important to focus on topics like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, spot the error, improvement of sentences, active voice, passive voice, etc to crack the section easily. Go through the table below to know all the important topics that need to be prepared under the English section.

Basics of English Language Vocabulary
Grammar Sentence structure
Spot the Error Fill in the Blanks
Synonyms Antonyms
Active/Passive Voice of Verbs Conversion into Direct/Indirect Narration
Comprehension Passage Spellings/Detecting Miss-Spelt Words
One-Word Substitution Cloze Test
Para Jumbles Idioms and Phrases
NRA CET English Expected Questions

Go through some of the expected questions of English from the syllabus of the Common Eligibility Test. Candidates are advised to take up English Quiz regularly to improve their vocabulary and grammar skills. 

Error Spotting

Q) The new inner ring road in Hyderabad (1)/ is a bane to the commuters (2)/ as it is estimated to reduce (3)/ the travelling times by up to 50% (4)/ No error (5).

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4 e) 5

Q) The confederacy rested (1)/ upon the tribes ostensibly, (2)/ but primarily (3)/ at common gentes (4)/ No error (5)

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

e) 5

Idioms & Phrases

Q) There is no cut and dried method for doing this.

a) Simple

b) Honest

c) Readymade

d) Understandable

Q) Hold your horses for a moment while I make a phone call.

a) Be patient

b) stay out

c) Be quiet

d) wait

Fill in the Blanks

Q) The flash of the torch .......a cobra

a) Exposed

b) Displayed

c) Disclosed

d) Revealed

Q) It was his......that led him to penury

a) Flamboyance

b) Arrogance

c) Extravagance

d) Ebillience


Q) Select the synonym of Bristle

a) Thorn

b) Tranquil

c) Friction

d) Sleek

Q) Confuse

a) Explicate

b) Perplex

c) Mix

d) Divert


Q) Castigated

a) Approve

b) Rate

c) Flay

d) Drub

Q) Deliberate

a) Judge

b) Imprudent

c) Cogitate

d) Argue

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NRA CET Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 2021

Questions are designed to test the aptitude skills of the candidate. Most of the questions are asked from topics like number systems, fundamental arithmetical operations, algebra, geomey=try, mensuration, etc, Hence, candidates need to start their preparation well in advance to cover all the topics NRA CET Syllabus of the quantitative section.

Number System Computation of Whole number, decimal & fractions, the relationship between numbers
Fundamental arithmetical operations Percentages, ratio and proportion, square roots, averages, interest (simple & compound), profit & loss, discount, partnership business, mixture & allegation, time & distance, time & work
Algebra Basic algebraic identities of school algebra and Elementary surds (simple problems) and Graphs of linear equations
Geometry Familiarity with elementary geometric figures and facts: Triangle and its various kinds of centers, congruence and similarity of triangles, circle, and its chords, tangents, angles subtended by chords of a circle, common tangents to two or more circles
Trigonometry Trigonometric ratios, complementary angles, height, and distances
Mensuration Triangle, quadrilaterals, regular polygons, circle, right prism, right circular cone, right circular cylinder, sphere, rectangular, parallelepiped, regular right pyramid with triangular or square base
Statistical charts Use of tables and graphs: histogram, frequency polygon, bar diagram, pie chart

NRA CET Quant Expected Questions

Candidates preparing for the NRA CET are advised to attempt the Quantitative Aptitude Quiz to improve their time management skills and problem-solving skills. Here, we have provided some important quant questions for Common Eligibility Test. Practicing these questions will help candidates to improve their speed and accuracy.

Speed, Time & Distance

Q) Walking at 3 km/hour, Pintu reaches his school 5 minutes late. If he walks at 4 km/h he will be 5 minutes early. The distance between Pintu's school from his house is

a) 1 1/2 km

b) 2 km

c) 2 1/2 km

d) 5km

Q) A boat goes 8 km an hour in still water but takes twice as much time in going the same
distance against the current. The speed of the current is

a) 2 km/hr

b) 4 km/hr

c) 3 km/hr

d) 5 km/hr

Compound Interest

Q) The compound interest on a sum of Rs. 5000/- at 8% per annum for 9 months when interest is compound quarterly is?

a) Rs. 300

b) Rs. 300.12

c) Rs. 306.04

d) Rs. 308

Q) What is the compound interest (in Rs) on a principal sum of Rs. 2800 for 2 years at a rate of 12% per annum?

a) 687.18

b) 634.46

c) 712.32

d) 568.68


Q) The edge of an ice cube is 14cm. The volume of the largest cylindrical ice cube that can be formed out of it is?

a) 2200

b) 2000

c) 2156

d) 2400

e) None of the above

Q) A rope makes 125 rounds of a cylinder with a base radius of 15cm. How many times can it go-round with a base radius of 25cm?

a) 100

b) 75

c) 80

d) 65

e) None of the above

Number System

Q) The number 323 has

a) three prime factors

b) five prime factors

c) two prime factors

d) no prime factor

Q) The least number that should be added to 2055 so that the sum is exactly divisible by 27 is 

a) 28

b) 24

c) 27

d) 31

Mixtures & Allegations

Q) The cost of three different varieties of rice A, B, and C is Rs. 20/kg, Rs. 25/kg and Rs. 30/kg respectively. If A, B, C are mixed together in the ratio of 2: 1: 2, what will be the cost of mixture per kg?

a) Rs. 75

b) Rs. 25

c) Rs. 30

d) Rs. 125

e) Rs. 100

Q) A mixture contains water and milk in a ratio of 3: 5. If 4 litres of water and 5 litres of milk are added to the mixture, the ratio of water and milk becomes 2 : 3. What is the quantity of water in the final mixture?

a) 11 liters

b) 12 liters

c) 8 liters

d) 10 liters

e) 9 litres


Q) If x is an acute angle such that Tan (4x – 50°) = Cot ( 50° – x), then the value of x would be?

a) 60

b) 45

c) 50

d) 30

Q) If cosec 9x= sec 9x (0<x<10), what is the value of x?

a) 9°

b) 3°

c) 5°

d) 6°


Q) If 3.352 – (9.759 – x ) – 19.64 = 7.052, then what is the value of x?

a) -6.181

b) 13.581

c) 33.099

d) 39.803

Q) If 2x – 2(4 – x) < 2x – 3 < 3x + 3; then x can take which of the following values?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5


Q) The average revenues of 9 consecutive years of a company is Rs 68 lakhs. If the average of the first 5  years is Rs 63 lakhs and that of the last 5 years is Rs 75 lakhs, find the revenue for the 5th year?

a) Rs 80 lakhs

b) Rs 76 lakhs

c) Rs 78 lakhs

d) Rs 74 lakhs

Q)The average revenues of 7 consecutive years of a company is Rs 71 lakhs. If the average of the first 4 years is Rs 66 lakhs and that of the last 4 years is Rs 78 lakhs. What is the revenue for the fourth year?

a) Rs 81 lakhs

b) Rs 77 lakhs

c) Rs 79 lakhs

d) Rs 75 lakhs

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NRA CET General Intelligence & Reasoning Syllabus 2021

The questions are asked from both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Candiadtes have to focus on topics like analogy, symbolic operations, number analogy, trends, semantic series, number series, figural classification, critical thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, word building, etc to score good marks in this section.

Check the table below to know all the topics from the NRA CET Syllabus of the general intelligence and reasoning section.

Analogies Alphabetical and Number Series
Similarities and Differences Space Visualisation
Visual Memory Non-Verbal Series
Coding and Decoding Mathematical operations
Relationship Concepts Syllogism
Jumbling Venn Diagram
Data Interpretation and Sufficiency Conclusions and Decision Making
Semantic Analogy Analytical Reasoning
Figure Classification Directions
Statement – Arguments and Assumptions Punched Hole/Pattern-Folding & Unfolding
Critical Thinking Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence Word Building
Social Intelligence Input-Output

NRA CET General Intelligence & Reasoning Expected Questions

Candidates need to apply their logical skills to answer the general intelligence & reasoning questions. Attempting the Logical Reasoning Quiz regularly will help enhance your logical skills and attempt the reasoning questions easily in the upcoming exam.

Seating Arrangement

Q) Six family members Pankaj, Gopi, Chetan, Dinesh, Akash and Vyom are standing around a circular table. Gopi is between Vyom and Chetan. Pankaj is between Akash and Dinesh. Vyom is to the immediate right of Dinesh. Who is opposite to Dinesh?

a) Pankaj

b) Chetan

c) Vyom

d) Gopi

Q) P, Q, R, S and T are sitting together. T is at one extreme end. P is the neighbor of T and is third to the left of Q. Who is fourth to the right of T?

a) P

b) T

c) Q

d) S


Q) Statement: Aggressive animals can be trained with care and affection to behave as the occasion demands.


I. Trained dogs cannot be aggressive.

II. Animals are always aggressive unless care and affection are given to them.

a) Both I and II follow

b) Only I follow

c) Only II follows

d) Neither I nor II follows

Q) Statement: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Conclusions :

I. All are friends in good times.

II. Enemies in bad times are not friends.

a) Neither conclusion I nor II follows

b) Only conclusion I follow

c) Only conclusion II follows

d) Both conclusions I and II follow

Logical Reasoning

Q) Y, T, O, J,?

a) G

b) E

c) F

d) D

Q) If today is Thursday, then what day of the week will it be after 147 days?

a) Monday

b) Sunday

c) Saturday

d) Thursday



a) VWX

b) STU

c) UVW

d) RST

Q) Tiger: Tigress:: Bull:?

a) calf

b) Ox

c) Buffalo

d) Cow

Blood Relations

Q) R is the sister of M who is the brother of H. D is the mother of K who is the brother of M. How is R related to D?

a) Sister

b) Daughter

c) Mother

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

Q) Pointing to the lady in the photograph, Seema said, “Her son’s father is the son-in-law of my mother”. How is Seema related to the lady?

a) Sister

b) Mother

c) Cousin

d) Aunt

e) None of these

General Intelligence

Q) Vineet is taller than Raman but shorter than Jyoti. Sumit is the shortest. Deepak is taller than Sumit but shorter than Raman. Who is the tallest?

a) Jyoti

b) Raman

c) Vineet

d) Deepak

Q) There are five boys P, Q, R, S and T standing in a line. Q is taller than T but shorter than P. S is shorter than T but taller than R. Who is the shortest?

a) S

b) R

c) T

d) P

NRA CET General Awareness Syllabus 2021

The general awareness questions are designed to test the candidate's general knowledge and its application to society. Candidates must be aware of questions based on history, India and its neighbouring countries, geography, culture, general policy, and scientific research as they are also tested on the knowledge of current affairs. Here is the NRA CET syllabus for the general awareness section.

Current Affairs of National and International Importance Games and Sports
Art and Culture of India Economic Scene
Monuments and Places of India General Science
Indian and World History Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India and World
Indian Polity and Governance General Scientific and Technological Developments
United Nations and other important World Organisations Environmental Issues Concerning India and World at Large
Basics of Computers and Computer Applications Common Abbreviations
Flora and Fauna of India Indian Economy
Famous Personalities of India and World Flagship Government Programs

NRA CET GA Expected Questions

To score good marks in this section, candidates must be aware of all the issues happenings around the world on a daily basis. Try to attempt at least one General Awareness Quiz daily to test your preparation levels. Candidates can check some of the expected questions from the General Knowledge and General Awareness section.


Q) What is the FDI limit for Civil Aviation?

a) 49%

b) 0.51

c) 1

d) None of the above

Q) Who is the current road, transport, highways, and shipping minister (as of 26 February 2018)?

a) Jairam Ramesh

b) Manohar Parikkar

c) Nitin Gadkari

d) Jayant Sinha


Q) Name the recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award, 2019 for Trade and Industry (Food Processing).

a) Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati

b) Narsingh Dev Jamwal

c) Harvinder Singh Phoolka

d) Vallabhbhai Vasrambhai Marvaniya

Q) Tennis player Somdev Kishore Devvarman was awarded 2018?

a) Padma Bushan

b) Bharat Ratna

c) Padma Vibhushan

d) Padma Shree


Q) Which among the following is the name given to the cursor for the computer language ‘LOGO”?

a) Robot

b) Frog

c) Spider

d) Turtle

Q) Which of the following was used as circuitry for the first generation of computers?

a) Vacuum Tube

b) Transistors

c) Integrated circuits

d) Microprocessors


Q) Who discovered Pluto?

a) Jim Maxwell

b) Tim Heynman

c) Myne Ketteborough

d) Clyde Tombaugh

Q) In terms of size, Venus ranks no. in our Solar System.

a) 5

b) 6

c) 7

d) 8


Q) Who was the first ruler of Pala dynasty?

a) Gopala

b) Vivyanathan

c) Dharmapala

d) Bhaskaran

Q) Who was the trusted General of the Mughal emperor Akbar?

a) raj Todar Mal

b) Man Singh I

c) Birbal

d) Tansen

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NRA Common Eligibility Test Preparation Tips 2021

Candidates preparing for the CET exam can follow the simple tips and techniques provided below by our experts.

  • Before starting the preparation, go through the complete exam pattern and syllabus in and out.
  • Then, prepare a proper preparation strategy that covers all the topics as per the latest syllabus.
  • Start with easy topics and later move to tricky topics. This will help increase your confidence levels.
  • Candidates are advised to follow daily Current Affairs to stay updated about all the happenings around the world. This will help score good marks in the GK section.
  • Try to learn at least 15-20 new words and use them in your daily life.
  • Allot at least 2-3 hours to learn Quantitative Aptitude as it is considered to be the most challenging section of the paper.
  • Prepare your own notes that include all the important formulas and concepts as this will help during your revision.
  • Solve previous year question papers to know the difficulty level of the paper and type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Take up SSC, IBPS, and RRB NTPC Mock Tests regularly to increase your speed, time management skills, and problem-solving skills.
  • Reading the newspaper regularly will help improve your grammar & vocabulary.

Best Books for NRA CET 2021

To help candidates, we have assembled some of the best books for the preparation of the NRA common eligibility test syllabus 2021 in the table below.

Book Name Author
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Revised Edition R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal
Objective General English by S P Bakshi Arihant
Elementary and Advanced Mathematics Kiran Prakashan
Manorama yearbook Manorama
Lucent’s General Knowledge (English and Hindi) Lucent’s
Fast track objective arithmetic Rajesh Varma
How to crack test of Reasoning Jaikishan

NRA CET Exam Pattern 2021

It is expected that the NRA CET exam pattern will be as same as the pattern of the SSC, IBPS, and RRB exams. 

  • There will be 25 questions from each section and each question carries two marks.
  • The exam paper consists of 100 questions for a total of 200 marks
  • The Time duration of the exam is 60 minutes.
Subjects Number of Questions Maximum Marks Time Duration
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25 50 60 minutes
General Awareness and General Knowledge 25 50
Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
Language (English, Hindi, etc.) 25 50
Total 100 200


What is the expected NRA CET Syllabus 2020?

The NRA CET Exam is expected to have questions from the following four subjects:

  • General Awareness
  • General Intelligence & Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English

Will the CET Syllabus is the same for all the levels of the exam?

The NRA CET Syllabus for all three levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) is expected to vary depending on the level of difficulty. However, there is no official notification regarding the Common Eligibility Test Syllabus.

Who will prescribe NRA CET 2020 syllabus?

The National Recruitment Agency will prescribe the syllabus for Common Eligibility Test 2020. Candidates are advised to check the official notification for more updates on the CET syllabus.

What are the important topics that need to prepared for the English section of the CET exam?

As per the NRA CET Syllabus, candiadtes can prepare the topics like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, sentence correction, one-word substitution, para jumbles, close test, idioms & phrases, etc to score good marks in the English section.

What is the importance of CET Syllabus 2020?

The CET syllabus will let candiadtes get a fair idea about the type of questions asked from each topic. Candiadtes are advised to be thorough with the syllabus of the Common Eligibility Test before starting the preparation.