The Union Cabinet has recently approved the setting up of a National recruitment Agency for conducting NRA CET 2020-21 to recruit eligible candidates for Group B and Group C posts in different government organizations like SSC, RRB, and Banking. This post takes you through a detailed explanation about what are the advantages and disadvantages of NRA CET 2020. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of NRA CET 2020-21

In order to offer an efficient, uniform, and transparent way of the exam, the government decided to conduct a combined entrance exam. Hence, it is common that there will be advantages as well as disadvantages for students appearing for the entrance test. Candidates must note that the NRA CET Syllabus will be the same for all the exams conducted by SSC, RRB, and Banking.

  • NRA CET will be conducted in 12 different languages. So every candidate from different parts of the country will get an equal opportunity to apply for the exam.
  • Each district will have an exam center so that candidates no need to travel to other states. It will reduce their travelling cost.
  • Following the NRA CET Preparation Tips provided by experts will help candidates to enhance their preparation and better succeed in the exam.
  • Here, we have provided the advantages and disadvantages of NRA CET 2020-21. Candidates can go through all the details before filling up the online form.

What is NRA CET?

Before we proceed with knowing the Pros and Cons of CET, let us understand the exam and exam conducting authority. The National Recruitment Agency is an independent specialized organization responsible for conducting NRA CET for 10th Pass, 12th pass, and graduate candidates in order to screen candidates for further stages of the selection process. SSC CGL, RRB NTPC, SSC CHSL, SBI PO, IBPS PO are some of the Exams Included in NRA CET. The NRA Common Entrance Test is the replacement of preliminary exam in SSC, RRB, and Banking exams. 

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Advantages of NRA CET 2020

This is definitely one of the most common doubts in all aspirants. Each candidate wonders about what are the benefits of appearing for the NRA Common Eligibility Test. So, let's get to know about the benefits of the CET for candidates.

Refined Process of Recruitment

Currently, there are more than 20 recruitment government agencies across India. Every year more than 2.5 crore - 3 crore candidates appear for various government exams codnucted by SSC, RRB, and Banking. The majority of the candidates would want to appear for multiple government examinations but the process is so huge that it is tough to apply for different examinations. Thus, the common eligibility test resolves all these by applying to various exams at one place and appear for all these exams easily.

Application Process

This is definitely one of the great advantages to appear for NRA CET 2020. Generally, there are various government exams conducted in a year for various sectors. Students need to fill multiple applications for different posts and jobs. This is very hectic and also time-consuming. Thus, all these issues will be resolved while applying for NRA CET. If applied one time and filled the applications, candidates can appear for multiple examinations. 

Huge Application Fees

The fee structure varies for each examination. To overcome all these, the government came up with the idea of introducing one single examination i.e., NRA CET. When candidates are applying for NRA CET, there is only a one-time payment of a fee that is applicable for all examinations. Candidates can appear for various exams by just paying once. 

Ease of Acess to Exam Centers

As per the announcement, the authorities have decided to design examination infrastructure in 117 aspirational districts. This will help candidates in the rural region also to apply for the exam easily. Also, motivates students from far living regions to take up such government exams with lesser cost and easier process.

Multiple Medium of Exam

Currently, the agencies are conducting the exams in English and Hindi only. But, the NRA decided to conduct the exam in a total of 12 languages. So, this is great news for candidates who are studying in regional languages. 

3 Years Validity of Score

The CET score will be valid for 3 years from the date of the result declaration. Candidates can utilize this scorecard and apply for various government and private organizations. This is definitely good news for all aspirants who are wondering about what are the advantages of NRA CET. 

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Multiple Number of Attempts

Unlike other government exams, CET can be attempted any number of times unless the candidate fulfills the eligibility criteria. So, ensure not to miss the chance of applying for the Common Eligibility Test 2020. 

Freedom to Schedule Test & Choose Exam Center

Yes, you read it right. Candidates can schedule their test and choose their exam center whenever they wish to. Based on the availability of the exam center, candidates can take up the exam easily. Previously, the exam conducting authorities had to announce the exam date and it would get postponed due to various circumstances. But, now the process is very smooth and easier for candidates. 

Save Time on Travelling

Instead of travelling to various regions when applied to more than one exam, you can just appear in one place for all exams. So, it is a big relief for all candidates who had to travel far distances to appear for multiple government examinations. 

Disadvantages of NRA CET for Candidates

Apart from the advantages, there are a few disadvantages with NRA CET. Check out the disadvantages explained below:

Unorganized Syllabus

The NRA will be conducting the Common Eligibility Test for various government sectors i.e., RRB, SSC, and Banking. We know the subjects in the prelims exam are not the same for all three. But, NRA has announced the same syllabus for all three sectors which would be difficult for RRB as they don't have English in their syllabus. Students find it difficult to read and understand the topics. Hence, NRA must come with a solution to this issue. Though students can apply for other government organizations, however students interested in Railways need not read English mandatorily. 

Only One Chance in a Year

Previously, students were attempting SSC, RRB, and Banking separately. If they didn't perform well in SSC, they would prepare for RRB and appear for it. Also, if they couldn't do well in RRB, they would appear for banking. But, now the situation is, if a student appears for NRA CET and gets less score, then he or she needs to wait for an entire year to take up the exam again. This is quite an annoying issue. Every student would put in all his/her hard work but couldn't get good marks and need to wait another year to score better. 

Delay in Exams

Currently, the exams conducted by RRB have been delayed. More than 1 crore candidates have applied for RRB NTPC and RRB Group D which had to be concluded in 2019, however until now there is no information about the exam date. The exam schedule has been changing. So, there is confusion in the candidate's mind that whether they will get a refund of the fee amount paid previously or what would be the situation. There are many candidates who are waiting for the exam to be commenced. 

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