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Important Topics for CLAT PG 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 3, 2023


Summary: For the love of subjects, you can learn every topic in it. But from an exam point of view and with less time in hand, knowing what to study is a life-saver!

As we all know, CLAT PG test-takers have been increasing yearly, making the competition pretty tough.

To crack such a highly competitive entrance exam, you must understand what to study and what not to prioritize for the upcoming exam.

To help you, we have researched and analyzed the previous year's papers to know the number of questions asked from each topic. 

Take a look at the important topics for CLAT PG Exam 2024, alongside the weightage for each topic to ace your CLAT PG preparations 2024.

Important Topics for CLAT PG 2024

Knowing the syllabus is the first step towards preparing for the Common Law Admission Test for the LLM course. At the post-graduation level, the CLAT PG Syllabus mainly includes the subjects taught in undergraduate programs and other law subjects.

Like the UG pattern, the LLM exam will also include questions based on reading comprehension.

Check out the table below for the Important Topics for CLAT PG 2024.

Constitutional Law Family Law
Jurisprudence Company Law
Labour & Industrial Law Criminal Law
Law of Contract Property Law
Torts Public International Law
Administrative Law Tax Law
Environmental Law

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Subject-wise number of questions distributed in CLAT PG

From the syllabus above, let's check the number of questions from each topic that were asked in the previous year's papers.

CLAT PG important topics and a corresponding number of questions in 2020, 2021, and 2022 question papers are listed below. 

CLAT LLM Topics Number of questions CLAT 2020 Paper Number of questions CLAT 2021 Paper Number of questions CLAT 2022 Paper
Constitutional Law 50 36 28
Jurisprudence 20 6 12
Administrative Law 10 0 0
Family Law 10 12 10
Law of Contracts 0 18 14
International Law 10 18 12
Criminal Law 10 24 24
Labour Law 10 0 10
Environment Law 0 18 10

Prioritize your syllabus accordingly. 

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Subject-wise Important Topics for CLAT PG 2024

The CLAT PG Question Paper will have 120 objective-type questions; each question carries one mark, and the wrongly answered question will have a negative marking of 0.25 marks.

The reading comprehension passages are designed to test your ability to read and comprehend the issues discussed in the passage and your awareness of the issues addressed in the passage.

Check out the post below to know the important topics that must be focused on to secure good marks in the upcoming exam.

Important Topics for CLAT PG Exam 2024: Constitutional Law

The following are some of the important topics of constitutional law which will help you prepare for the CLAT PG Exam.

  • Basic & Salient Features of Indian Constitution/History/ Preamble, Citizenship, Doctrine of Basic Structure
  • Fundamental Rights- Article 12- Article 30, DPSPs & Fundamental Duties
  • Judicial power- organization of judiciary and the jurisdiction of SC of India
  • Legislative power- procedures and privileges
  • Freedom of inter-state and commerce
  • Impact of emergency on centre-state Relations
  • Federal idea- nature of Indian polity and cooperative federalism

Important Topics for CLAT PG 2024 Exam: Law of Torts

The following are some of the important topics under the Law of Torts for the CLAT PG exam.

  • Classification of torts
  • Trespass
  • Nuisance and Defamation
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Consumer Protection
  • Culpability for misstatements and recklessness

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

Important Topics for CLAT PG Jurisprudence 2024

The following are important concepts under the Jurisprudence for the upcoming CLAT PG exam.

  • Definition/outlook of the subject/Nature of Jurisprudence, Source of Law, School of Jurisprudence, Rights, Duties,
  • Power Liability
  • Person and Liabilities
  • Ownership and Possession
  • Corporate Liability
  • Theories of Punishment
  • Law and Morals
  • Contemporary Jurists & Recent Contemporary Concepts and Maxims
  • Hohfeld’s Legal Relation/ Jural Analysis

Important Topics for CLAT PG 2024 Exam: Law of Contract

  • The formation of a contract, its validity, discharge, and performance
  • Agency contracts
  • Insurance guarantee
  • Contract formation
  • Discharging of contracts
  • Quasi-contracts
  • Void, voidable, illegal contracts

Important Topics for CLAT PG 2024 Exam: Criminal Law

Check out the important topics under criminal law and enhance your CLAT PG exam preparation 2024.

  • General principles and definitions of criminal law
  • Punishments and exceptions
  • Liabilities
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Offences and defamation
  • Most important sections of the CrPC and IPC

Important Topics for CLAT LLM Exam 2024: Environmental Law

  • Outline of the Subject, The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974
  • The Environment (Protection) Act 1986
  • The National Environment Tribunal Act, of 1955
  • Indian Forest Act 1927, The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980
  •  The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
  • Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991
  •  International Environment Law

Important Topics for CLAT LLM Exam 2024: Public International Law

Practising CLAT PG Mock Tests will help you understand the type of questions asked on this topic.

  • Overview of the Subject
  •  Sources of International Law
  •  Relationship between Municipal and International Law, Treaties
  • International Organizations
  • Human Rights and International Law
  • Air and Space
  • Settlement of Dispute

Important Topics for CLAT PG Entrance Exam 2024: Administrative Law

  • Scope and Significance of Administrative Law
  • Rule of Law, administrative Actions- Meaning and Classifications
  • Principles of Natural Justice, Meaning, Nature, and need for administrative direction
  • Procedural and Adjudicatory
  • Liability of Administration
  • Administrative Discretion and Remedies
  • Administrative Direction to Quasi-Judicial and Statutory Bodies
  • Doctrine of Estoppel
  • Relationship between Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  • Emerging Trends in Administrative Law

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Important Topics for CLAT PG Entrance Exam 2024: Labour and Industrial Law

  • Industrial Relations Code 2020, Code on Social Security 2020
  • Code on Occupational Safety Health and Working Conditions 2020
  • Code on Wages 2020, Industrial Disputes Act
  • The Factories Act, of 1948
  • The Standing Orders Act
  • Analysis of Recent amendments made in Labour Laws and their leading cases

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