How to Prepare for Translation for Judiciary Exams

In every state Judiciary Exams, you have a question paper based on Translation. This paper mainly tests your proficiency, knowledge and skill in the state language. Most of you might be confused about this paper and worried about how to score good marks. 

To help you understand how to prepare for the translation paper, this post shall provide tips and tricks curated by the product Head Shubham Upadhyaya at Judiciary Gold (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for judiciary exams).

Preparation Tips For Translation For Judiciary Exams 2021-22

Those studying in English medium might find difficulty translating to Hindi, and those in Hindi medium face difficulties translating to English.

Before you begin with the preparation for translation, the following are the two things that you need to remember.

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  • Make sure to select your targeted state. You need to select your state such that you wish to get posted in that state for building your career in Judicial Services. Also, ensure that the state you are applying for includes translation subject or not.
  • Next is understanding the type of translation Questions asked in the Judiciary Exam. For instance: in Madhya Pradesh, you get one-liner questions translating English to Hindi or Hindi to English.

In UPPCS, the questions are based on paragraphs that need to be translated from English to Hindi or vice versa.

Thus, choosing the state lets you be clear about which type of questions you need to prepare for the mains exam. 

judiciary mock tests

judiciary mock tests

Recent Trends of Translation Paper in Various Judiciary Exams

  • Understand the trend of setting the question paper for Translation in various state Judicial Services Examinations.
  • Over the years, the translation question paper includes questions based on legal terminologies. Earlier, the question paper had just translated paragraphs from Hindi to English or English to Hindi. 
  • Hence, it is essential to focus on legal terms and understand them better for easy translation.
  • Solve as many questions as possible from the previous year's papers to know the type of translation questions asked and the difficulty level.

How to Ace Translation Paper in Judiciary Exams?

As per the new trend, the translation paper includes legal terminologies. So, wondering how to study for translation? The main trick to ace translation for Judiciary Exams is to learn from the Diglot edition.

These Judiciary Exam Books shall include translation of legal terms in both languages: English to Hindi and Hindi to English. 

  • Build a habit of creating your own legal glossary that includes legal terms from the respective state Judiciary exams.
  • This gives you an idea about the translation of terminologies in English and Hindi while revising. 
  • Prepare subject-wise dictionary which includes terms from Civil Law, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law.
  • The translation subject has paragraphs or phrases from legal topics; hence it is important to understand legal terms.

Practice Translation

  • Other than reading law subjects, bare acts and other subjects, it is advised to practice translation for at least 1 hour daily.
  • Utilise this time for developing the glossary or revising the dictionary that you have prepared before.
  • Try to translate sentences in your mind when you come across any good ones.
  • Also, make sure to read 5-10 new English words regularly. In this way, you can improve your vocabulary.

Sample Translation Questions for Judiciary Exams

Here are few translation passages and one-liners picked from previous year question papers of various Judiciary Exams. 

Practice them to enhance your preparation for upcoming judiciary exams.

Question 1 

Question 2

Translate the following Hindi Passage into English


How can I improve my vocabulary to solve translation Questions in Judiciary Exams?

Reading daily newspaper and learning 5-10 new words will help improve your vocabulary to solve translation Questions in Judiciary Exams.

How are previous year Question Papers useful in preparing for the Translation for Judiciary Exams?

It will help you to learn more about the type of questions asked  and the difficulty level of the test. Also, you can improve your speed, performance, and knowledge about the type of topics asked in the exam.

Is there any recommended newspaper to improve my English vocabulary?

One can read any good newspaper for while preparing for English subject. Usually, The Hindu is preferred by judiciary exam aspirants due to its precise and concise articles.

How can I test my translation skills for judiciary Exams?

Attempting mock tests regularly will help you test your translation skills and improve in weak areas.

Can I prepare for Translation Paper without coaching?

It completely depends on your capability. If you are finding it difficult to understand concepts, then it is suggested to take up coaching. Through the best Judiciary Exam coaching, you can crack the exam with high score.