If you are preparing for the class 12 board exams, then making a proper preparation strategy is the most factor to score good marks in the accountancy subject. 

To help you out in making your own study plan, we spoke to experts at CommerceEdge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for board exams). They suggested the following tips that help you prepare a better Class 12 Accountancy Study Plan for the upcoming board exams.

How to Make a Study Plan for Class 12 Accountancy?

When studying accountancy, you can feel like a never-ending syllabus as it requires a lot of practice. A class 12 study is all about smart research. If you polish the basics, you are good to solve any problem quickly. 

Before making a study plan, it is important to go through the syllabus and its weightage as it will help you know the important topic of accountancy class 12.

Allocate at least 2 hours of your daily for studying accounts. If you are already well versed with any topic then give less time for that topic. Instead, concentrate on the topic you are weak.

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What is the Syllabus for Class 12 Accountancy?

It is important to go through the detailed Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus as it will help you know the important topics from the exam point of view. Check out the table below to know the units included in the class 12 accountancy subjects.

Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations Accounting for Partnership Firms
Accounting for Companies Analysis of Financial Statements
Cash Flow Statement Computerized Accounting

What is the 1-month study plan for class 12 accounts

The strategy that you need to follow while preparing a study plan for class 12 accounts is:

  • Study the basics- First, you will have to study the theory part, which contains all the accounting basics, the golden rule, and the modern concept. Study every definition and concept from the latest to clear the idea of every entry that you make. After you get details of the direct entry, only you will solve complex ones.
  • Solve problems practically- After you clear your concepts, apply them realistically and start with simple sums. Try to relate one entry with the other and notice the similarity in similar sums. Focus and attention is the key to understanding the concept of the full. Always go back to the theory to refer it to the sum.
  • Practice accounting on a computer- Try practicing the sums in a computer on a spreadsheet or tally to improve practical knowledge from stage one. It helps more in remembering the entries and better retaining the concepts. It also clears many doubts as to why we do a particular entry this way.
  • Solve a different variety of questions- Do not waste much time in a particular pattern of questions; try different combinations of Class 12 Accountancy Important Questions. When completed with simple sums, move to complex ones at the end of your lesson. Always challenge yourself. Do not settle down in your comfort zone; it helps you grow.
  • Solve last five-year board papers- Many questions come from the previous year's Class 12 Accountancy Question Papers. So make sure to solve every problem from there. Once you have solved it, write down your mistakes. Again after ten days, solve the question paper too to see if you remember your mistakes.
  • Solve sample question papers- For a perfect study plan for class 12 accounts; it is not enough to solve the previous year's question paper. It's equally important to solve suggested questions that are mentioned in Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers. These papers are made on prediction and importance. It also helps you understand the question paper format and the pattern that can be followed.
  • Attempt Mock Tests: Try to attempt at least 1-2 mock tests on a daily basis as this will help test your preparation levels.
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How to score 90+ in Accountancy Class 12?

  • Do not follow a particular book. Try to cover the sums from three to four books to avoid surprises.
  • The logic and definitions should be clear before starting practical sums; if it's not, seek help.
  • Memorize the basics after clearing the concepts, and if possible, use the writing down technique for learning.
  • Focus on understanding the particular questions to come in the exam, like comparative charts and analysis.
  • Prepare a formula sheet chapter-wise and try to understand them before learning as simple mugging won't help in the future. 
  • Prepare clean working notes even in practice so that you develop a habit of neat working. Working notes hold good marks in the exam; make sure to secure it.
  • Develop a habit of marking necessary entries with red pens. This habit helps in the exam time when there is very little time to revise the entire syllabus. It's like a note to your future self.
  • Always revise your notes, formulas, and vital points that were marked after every three to four days. It helps in retaining the information for a long time.

How to Study Class 12 Accounts in 7 days?

Accounting is the subject of the commerce field that can both be your strength and your weakness. If you give your 100% practice, it has a higher scope of getting good numbers than other subjects. Just stick to the study plan for class 12 accounts that you made and be efficient.

This subject requires serious commitment and interest in completing the sums in a short time. Seven days is also not less to perform adequately in the exam. It would be best if you studied seriously. Take help from different books while preparing notes and practicing sums. 

Go through the marking scheme for the last five years. By analyzing the marking method, you will understand the questions and the pattern.

Try to memorize important formulas and give serious attention to the repeated question and commonly made mistakes.


A study plan is important for class 12 accounts?

A study plan plays a very important role to get a high number in the exams. With the help of it, you will be able to distribute and plan all the topics for study very strategically to cover all the topics in time.

How to make a good study plan?

You need to distribute different topics based on priority and importance. Practice them quite often and strategically set a routine to cover all the topics in a limited time. 

Accountancy is difficult in class 12?

Compared to 11, class 12 account ns is far more difficult as some of the new chapters are added. According to many students, the questions often come from out of the syllabus. The new papers require more attention and formulas as well. 

How to score 100 marks in accountancy?

You will need to hone your skills very well to score 100 out of 100. Also, you will have to take the help of a study plan, weekly routine, monthly time table, following question papers of previous years, and many more. 

What is the ideal study hour for accounts for a class 12 student?

The study hours depend on the students, and it changes for every student. If you are not well prepared, then you will need to give more time to accounts than other subjects. Otherwise, a normal study routine will work fine to get a good score. 

What is the passing score in accountancy in class 12 CBSE?

To pass the accountancy in class 12, you will need to score a minimum of 33% score in project/practical, 33% marks in theory.