The Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted to authenticate candidates hoping to work as a government teacher in Uttar Pradesh. UPTET Preparation Tips will help candidates in making taking the right approach for preparation, prepare with the right study material and use the Best Books for UPTET.

  • As per the UPTET Eligibility Criteria, candidates in the age group of 18 to 35 years can apply for the exam. 
  • Preparation for the Teacher Eligibility Test can be completed in weeks with the right strategy and study material to learn from. 
  • Candidates can make use of the Topic-wise UPTET Best Books mentioned in this post to prepare for the exam thoroughly. 
  • UPTET Syllabus covers topics like Child Development, Mathematics, Language (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu), Environmental Studies, Science & Social Science

UPTET Preparation 2019

The UPTET Exam is conducted in 2 Papers:- Paper 1 is for Classes 1 to 5, Paper 2 is for classes 6 to 8. Important Success Strategies for UP Teacher Eligibility Test have been mentioned below. Make use of these UPTET Tips & Tricks to Crack the exam in one go. 

1) Focus on Your Strengths: Try and focus on your strengths first, perfect what you already know so there is no margin for error. Once you have mastered your strong points, start working on your weak areas. 

2) Mock Test: Attempt multiple UPTET Mock Tests in order to effectively prepare for the Teacher Eligibility Test. 

3) No Negative Marking: As there is no negative marking in the Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test, candidates are free to attempt all questions in the paper. Even if unsure, it is advisable to write any relevant information on the asked topic. 

UPTET Preparation Tips: Important Topics

The important section-wise topics & UPTET Preparation Tips have been mentioned below in detail. 

UPTET Important Topics & Preparation tips for Child Development & Pedagogy

This is section is very crucial and can be a bit challenging. It is essential for the applicants to prepare for this Pedagogy and child development thoroughly. Following are the important sections in the Pedagogy and child development:-

  • Concepts of Learning
  • Best Teaching Activities
  • Understanding Diverse Learners (Backward, Mentally, Retarded)
  • National Curriculum Framework 2005 and Teaching Learning

Candidates should focus on understanding concepts rather than learning word to word. 

 UPTET Preparation for Language Section 

Go through the following important topics to prepare for the Language Section of the Teacher Eligibility Test. 

  • Teaching Comprehension
  • Communicative Approach to Language Teaching
  • Language Difficulties and Disorders
  • Unseen Prose and Passage

UPTET Preparation Tips & Important Topics for Mathematics 

Even though the syllabus for the Maths section is vast but the level of difficulty in the UPTET is easy to moderate. Important topics have been mentioned below - 

  • Place Value, Comparison, Fundamental mathematical operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.
  • Fractions
  • Profit & Loss, Simple Intrest 
  • Problems of Teaching. Error analysis and related aspects of learning 
  • Algebra & Geometry 

UPTET Preparation for Environmental Studies

Uttar Pradesh Teaching Eligibility Test has a section for Environmental studies in Paper 1. Here, this study is referred to the family structure, relationships, social segregation, and social abuse. Important topics in this section have been mentioned below-

  • House Building, Consumer Protection
  • Festivals
  • Common Diseases
  • Family Personal relationships, nuclear and joint families
  • Conservation of Species
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Renewable and Non – Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Importance of Environmental Studies

UPTET Science Preparation Tips 

The Science section tests candidates in General science topics. This section is available in Paper 2 of UPTET. Important topics in the science section are- 

  • Microorganism
  • Innovation and Cognitive Evaluation
  • Force and Motion Heat Light and Sound
  • Solar System
  • Chemical Substance
  • Nature & Structure of Science Natural Science Understanding the Science Method of Science Teaching

Preparation for Social Studies in UPTET

  • Social Science tests candidates in History, Geography, Social & Political Life. Important topics in this section are
  • Ancient India
  • Prominent Kings and Queens
  • Colonialism and Tribal Societies
  • Nationalist Movement
  • Agriculture
  • Human Environment
  • Water
  • Understanding Government Structure & Democracy 

UPTET Best Books for Preparation 

Make use of the Best books to prepare for UPTET Paper 1 & Paper 2. This list of best books has been handpicked by experts, provide clear and descriptive explanations on all important topics.

UPTET Best Books for Paper 1

UPTET Preparation

UPTET Best Books for Paper 2

UPTET Preparation

Download the Best preparation books for Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test Paper 2 from the links mentioned below. 

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