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Topper's Tips to Crack Odisha Judiciary

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 30, 2022


Are you an aspirant for the Odisha Judicial Services Examination? If yes, read through the post that will give you a complete insight about topper's tricks to crack the Odisha Judiciary exam, when is the right time to start your preparation, important topics from the exam point of view, and more.

So, what are you looking for? Dig into the post to know the short tricks that help enhance your preparation levels for the upcoming exam.

When to Start Preparing for Odisha Judiciary Exam?

Most of you might be thinking about when the right time to start preparing for the Odisha Judicial Services Exam? According to the toppers, you need at least one year of preparation to crack the exam.

However, each of you may have a different way of studying, and it also depends on how quickly you grasp things. So, it would be best if you plan your preparation as per your understanding and ability.

Also, read newspapers and magazines regularly to help you stay updated about all the happenings around the world and score good marks in the OJS exam.

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How to Start Preparing for Odisha Judiciary Exam?

The main Odiosha Judiciary examination preparation strategy is to focus on your goals and have a planned framework. You are advised to focus on your own preparation and have confidence in yourself.

  • Before starting your preparation, make sure to get a thorough understanding of the Judiciary Syllabus and exam pattern of the OJS exam.
  • After knowing the syllabus, create the best study plan that includes all the topics as per the syllabus.
  • In the OJS exam, most of the questions are asked from the Bare Acts. Hence, it is important to allocate at least 1-2 hours a day for preparing bare acts.
  • If you are already well versed with any topic, then give less time for that topic. Instead, concentrate on the topic you are weak.
  • Make sure to prepare your own notes while preparing the important concepts and topics. This will help during your revision time.
  • Try to solve as many questions as possible from the previous year papers as it will help improve your time management skills.

Rajasthan judiciary online coaching

Rajasthan judiciary online coaching

Toppers Tips To Crack Odisha Judiciary Prelims Exam

Toppers explained that you should know which areas are worthy of your time if you are preparing for the judicial services examination. This strategizing helps you to not only cover the syllabus but also to score better in exams.

You can opt for the reverse way to start preparing for the prelims examination, which means you should first prepare for the mains examination. In this way, you will be covering the prelims examination syllabus too.

Note down questions from the previous year's Judiciary Exam Question Papers, and make sure to practice those questions as part of your preparation.

Focus more on topics like the Constitution of India, Transfer of Property Act, Specific Relief Act, Code of Civil Procedure, Indian Penal Code as most of the questions are asked from these topics in the exam.

Most of you might find difficulties while preparing for the bare acts as there are so many case laws to remember. Hence, it would help if you went through the sections and makes notes. Then, revise it daily.

Toppers Tips To Crack Odisha Judiciary Mains Exam

Cracking a tough exam like the Odisha Judicial mains examination can't happen overnight. You should work hard, have patience, and stay focused till the exam.

  • It would help if you started preparing the mains examination by writing answers in a time-bound manner.
  • Try to write at least 2 to 3 questions daily from the previous year's papers.
  • Make a habit of writing comprehensive answers instead of writing long answers.
  • You can go through the experts' tips to know How to Write Answers for Judiciary Mains Exam.
  • Try to prepare model essays on probable topics and practice writing 2-3 essays per week.
  • Also, it would help if you practised a comprehensive test series. It will help increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Make a habit of reading newspapers daily as this will help you have a better grip on the English language.

Toppers Tips To Crack Odisha Judiciary Interview?

As per the toppers perspective, the interview round is not to check your knowledge regarding the law. It is to check your personality, manners, and behaviour.

Attending mock interviews will clear all your doubts and eliminates the fear of an actual interview. Also, you can follow Judiciary Interview Preparation Tips provided by experts to understand better how to give a short yet apt answer to the questions put up by the interview board.

  • Understand your strengths and weakness and try to work on them.
  • Prepare a list of FAQs that are commonly asked and revise them regularly
  • You can watch as many mock interviews as possible, as it will help improve your confidence levels.
  • You should always be ready with your greetings and a brief introduction about yourself which examiners usually ask as a first question.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will help you to learn more about the test format, the difficulty level of the test, and the weightage of each subject in the examination which will boost your speed, performance, and knowledge about the most sluggish topics and the least time-consuming topic so that their approach will conveniently cover up all the questions.

The best way to start the preparation of the Odisha civil judge examination is that you should follow the reverse mechanism technique i.e. you should start preparing for the mains examination after that automatically you will be covering the prelims syllabus also.
Make a study plan that covers all the topics as per the latest syllabus and start your preparation accordingly for the exam. Read all the definitions of bare acts and practice them without seeing them. Focus on the latest amendments of each and every act of  Syllabus to score good marks in the exam.
To avoid stress or any sort of panic during the exam, focus on what you know the best. Attempt the sections that you are confident about and start answering the ones you know the answers first.
If you do not want to sign up for coaching while preparing for the Odisha Judiciary Service Examination, then you must study harder. It is mainly because you won't be able to clear your doubts or practice with others if you do not take coaching. However, there are numerous candidates who pass the examination without coaching. 

You just have to be confident, practice time management, and evaluate what you are studying. You must also ask the opinions of your friends while doing the necessary preparations.


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