The Railway Recruitment Control Board has been set up by the Ministry of Indian Railways. It has two other wings the Railway Recruitment Board and Railway Recruitment Cells, which undertakes the examination of RRC Group D. Qualifying the exams; a candidate can secure a Group D staff job like Track Maintainer Grade-IV, Helper/Assistant, Assistant Pointsman, Level-I and others. Aspirants should follow RRC Group C Important Questions and topics to clear the Stage I of the examination.

RRC Group D Important Questions 2020

  • The Railway Recruitment Board and Railway Recruitment Cells conducts the examination and recruitment of the Group D staff in the Indian Railways
  • The RRC Group D examination is a two-stage examination, and by qualifying both the levels, a candidate can secure a job in the Indian Railways
  • RRC Group D is an online Computer Based Test (CBT) with multiple choice question formation.
  • The RRC Group D test has total marks of 200 and a time duration of 90 minutes with the exception of PWD candidates. 
  • The Stage I of RRC Group D comprises of four main sections like mathematics, General Science, General Intelligence and Reasoning and General Awareness on Current Affairs. 
  • RRC Group D General Science has topics like Physics, Chemistry and Life Science. 
  • RRC Group D General Awareness on Current Affairs has topics like Banking Awareness, Geography, and Current Affairs.
  • RRC Group D Mathematics has topics like Simplication, Statistical Estimation, and Algebra.
  • RRC Group D General Intelligence and Reasoning has topics like Venn Diagram, Puzzles, and Series.
  • 1/ 3rd marks are subtracted for each incorrect answer in the examination. 
  • Candidates preparing for RRC Group D exams need to follow and practice the important topics to get qualified.

RRB NTPC Recruitment

RRB NTPC Recuitment

RRC Group D Important Questions of Mathematics

The candidates need to sharp mental skills for the Mathematics Section, which is equally stimulating for the examinee. Problem-solving and analytical capability is also assessed in this section. Through proper conceptual strategies and practice, this section can be conveniently solved within minutes.

The aspirants need to contemplate on topics like Simplication and Elementary Statistics section from where majority questions are asked. The RRC Group D Important Maths Questions are mainly asked from topics like  BODMAS, Decimals, Pie Graph, Fractions and Percentage, Algebra, etc. The few questions are provided below with the solutions. 

Ques- Out of 11 persons, 10 persons spent Rs. 35 each for their foods. The 11th one spent Rs. 40 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. The total money spent by all of them was?\

Ans: INR 429

Ques- Find the value of (1 + (1/x)) (1 + 1/x+1) (1 + 1/x+2) (1 + 1/x+3) (1 + 1/x+4)?

Ans: x + 5/x

Ques- A seller mixes 25% palm oil to refine vegetable oil and then he sells the whole mixture at the price of vegetable oil. If the cost of palm oil be 50% of the cost of vegetable oil, what is the net profit percentage?

Ans: 11 (1 /9)

Find the value of question mark (?)

Ques- [23 ÷ (1/2)] – ?% of √5625 = 34 + [4 × (3/8) – (2/3) ÷ (4/27)].

Ans: 20

Ques- The least number that must be added to 8961 to make it exactly divisible by 84 is?

Ans: 27

RRC Group D Important Topics from Mathematics

  • Decimals
  • Fractions 
  • Number System
  • LCM and HCF
  • Square Root
  • Percentages
  • Time and Work
  • Time and Distance
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Profit and Loss
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Mensuration
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Calendar & Clock
  • Age Calculations.
  • Pipes & Cistern

RRC Group D Important Questions of General Science

The General Science topic entails the three major subjects Physics, Chemistry and Life Science from 10th standard CBSE Board. There are almost 25 questions from this section, and hence the subject holds weightage. General Science covers Astronomy and Space Technology, Computer and Mobile Technology, Invention and Discovery, Diseases, Nutrition, and others. The RRC Group D relevant questions for General Science are discussed below for the candidates.

Ques- Indane gas is a mixture of which gases?

Ans: Butane and Propane

Ques- Which one of the following diseases are not transmitted by tiger mosquitoes?

  1. Chikungunya
  2. Dengue
  3. Yellow Fever
  4. Japanese Encephalitis

Ans: Japanese Encephalitis

Ques- Pieces of camphor placed on the water move about rapidly. This is because of?

Ans: Surface Tension

Ques- Group of cells having a common origin and performing similar functions is called?

Ans: Tissues

Ques- As compared to pure water, a body in salty water will?

Ans: Sinks more

RRC Group D Important Topics from General Science

  • Physics 
  • Chemistry.
  • Life Sciences.

RRC Group D Important Questions of General Intelligence and Reasoning

The General Intelligence and Reasoning is basically meant for critical examination of creative thinking, inquiry, and informative skills of the aspirants. The structured question patterns require the candidates to solve the problem with logical prowess.

The weightage is given to topics like Puzzles, Series, Analogy and Venn Diagram. Candidates require to solve RRC Group D Important GA Questions which constitutes vital topics like problems on Venn Diagram, Inequality, Distance and Directions, Number Series, Alphabetic Series, Syllogism, Analogy, and others. Some of the important questions are given below.  

Ques- PQUT: WXBA:: LMQP: __? __.


Ques- Choose the odd one out.

  1. a) Ostrich
  2. b) Penguin
  3. c) Emu
  4. d) Owl

Ans: (d) Owl.

Ques- How many squares and triangles are there in the given figure?

Ans: 10 squares and 44 triangles.

Ques-One morning at 5 O’ clock, Vipul started walking with his back towards the Sun. Then, he turned towards left, walked straight and then turned towards right and walked straight. Then, he again turned towards left. Now, in which direction is he facing?

Ans: South.

Ques- Read the following statement carefully and answer the question:

K, L, M, N, O, P and Q are sitting in a circular table facing at the center and playing cards.

  1. O is a neighbor of K and N.
  2. Q is not sitting between P and M.
  3. P is sitting to the immediate right of K.
  4. L is second to the left of Q.

Ques- What is the position of P?

Ans- Second to the left of M.

RRC Group D Important Topics from General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • Analogies.
  • Classification.
  • Coding and Decoding.
  • Mathematical Operations.
  • Conclusions.  
  • Syllogism. 
  • Jumbling. 
  • Analytical Reasoning. 
  • Data Interpretation. 
  • Data Sufficiency. 
  • Venn Diagram.
  • Decision Making.
  • Alphabetical and Number Series.
  • Similarities and Differences.
  • Relationships. 
  • Directions. 
  • Statement and Arguments.
  • Statement and Assumptions.

RRB NTPC Recruitment

RRB NTPC Recruitment

RRC Group D Important Questions of General Awareness on Current Affairs

The General Awareness on Current Affairs is the GK part of this competitive examination. The section is indeed very scoring if aspirants keep themselves updated with the latest news and happenings around the country and world. 

The major GA topics incorporate the Miscellaneous segment, Current Affairs followed by Geography. Current Affairs segment vital topics deal with Defence News, Books & Authors, National Affairs, Government Schemes & Policies, etc. 

The Miscellaneous portion has topics Awards and Accolades, Banking Awareness, Committees and Recommendations, Sports, Environment, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and others. In Geography candidates and follow emphasis on chapters like Indian Geographical aspects like National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, etc. RRC Group D Important GA Questions are provided below. 

Ques- Which nation will become the ninth one to launch its National Registry of Sexual Offenders?

Ans: India

Ques- Who will be the first private tourist to travel to the moon on Space X Big Falcon Rocket?

Ans: Yusaku Maezawa

Ques- The Government recently proposed a merger of Bank of Baroda with which two banks?

Ans: Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank

Ques- Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the construction of the Product Pipeline Project with which country to transport diesel?

Ans: Bangladesh

Ques- Which Indian personality was inducted into the board of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)?

Ans: Subramanya Jaishankar

RRC Group D Important Topics from General Awareness on Current Affairs

  • Politics.
  • Sports.
  • Culture. 
  • Personalities. 
  • Economics.
  • Science & Technology.
  • Any other important topics.

The aspirants must prepare for RRC Group D Important Questions for Stage I to qualify the initial test. They can practice from mock questions papers to get an idea regarding the question type and pattern. The questions for the RRC Group D test must be relevant and related to the important topics. To get a job of Group D staff in the Indian Railways candidates must clear both the stages followed by document verification.

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