IPMAT 2022 Cut Off Analysis Indore

Author : Prasant Pandey

Updated On : November 3, 2023


As you know, IPMAT Indore's results have been declared recently. And you need to understand the IPMAT Indore Cut-Off Analysis for better reference for the IPMAT 2023 exam.

You might have heard a lot of new things about the paper itself. There were many surprises in the paper, results, and cut-off.

If we systematically analyze this, we can be well informed about what can possibly happen in the IPMAT 2023 exam.

The paper has been showcased on the official website for students preparing for the next IPMAT exam.

IPMAT Indore 2022 Results Overview

  • 840 (309 | 76 | 238 | 134 | 53 | 30) students from all the respective categories were shortlisted for Personal Interviews.
  • IIM Indore released the Response Sheet and the Answer Key to the Q paper in just 5 days.
  • Students could calculate their sectional &total marks.
  • They allow a 2-day window to raise the objection to any Q @Rs.2000. IIM Indore reviewed& accepted only 1 objection from the QA (MCQ)section & allotted +4 marks to those who attempted it& had marked the correct option.
  • Shortlisted candidates were declared exactly after 2 weeks.

IPMAT Indore Cut-Off Analysis

After the declaration of IPMAT results, we are headed for the cut-off. Here you can check out the cut-off marks and cut-off percentage for IPMAT Indore 2022-

Section No. of Questions Total Marks Cut-off % Cut-off Time limit
QA-SA 15 60 20 33.33% 40 mint
QA-MCQ 30 120 43 35.8% 40 mint
VA-(MCQ/SA) 45 180 112 62.22% 40 mint

ipmat results

ipmat results

IPMAT Indore 2021 Cut-off VS IPMAT Indore 2022 Cut-off

Now the important part of the article has many things to offer to the students. Here we will be comparing the cut-off analysis of IPMAT 2021 to the current IPMAT 2022.

To aid the preparation for IPMAT 2023, you must understand how the cutoff differs in each coming year and what impact it will have on your overall rankings.

Section No. of Questions Total Marks Cut-off Cut-off % Time Limit
QA-SA 15 vs 10 60 vs 40 20 vs 16 33.33% vs 40% 40 mint vs 30 mint
QA-MCQ 30 vs 20 120 vs 80 43 vs 21 35.8% vs 26% 40 mint vs 30 mint
VA-(MCQ/SA) 45 vs 30 180 vs 120 112 vs 70 62.22% vs 58% 40 mint vs 30 mint

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Clearly, in the table, you can see the difference in the cut-off marks in both years. The same is expected for the 2023 exam as well.

So you will have to prepare according to the increased cut-off, and probably, if the pattern changes a bit, the cut-off will be highly affected and will increase by a high number.

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IPMAT Indore Cut-off Analysis Explanation

Cut-off Marks

From the table, it is clearly visible that-

  • The cut-off for SA in 2022 increased from 16 to 20, which is an increase of 4 marks in total. Wherein the total number of questions increased from 40 to 60.
  • The cut-off for MCQ in 2022 increased from 21 to 43, which is an increase of 22 marks in total. Wherein the total number of questions increased from 80 to 120.
  • The cut-off for VA in 2022 increased from 70 to 112, an increase of 42 marks in total. Wherein the total number of questions increased from 120 to 180.

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Cut-off Percentage

The percentage of the cut-off, however, has a different story to reveal-

  • The cut-off percentage for SA in 2022 decreased compared to 2021, i.e. 33.33% vs 40%. A decrease of a total of 6.66% is visible.
  • The cut-off percentage for SA in 2022 increased compared to 2021, i.e. 35.8% vs 26%. An increase of a total of 9.2% is visible.
  • The cut-off percentage for SA in 2022 increased compared to 2021, i.e. 62.22% vs 58%. A slight increase of a total of 4.88% is visible.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Other Factors

As the number of questions increased, the time limit for attempting them eventually increased. So, the total marks for the questions also increased according to the number of questions.

Keeping these factors in mind, you must be prepared for any change in the exam pattern, as it might be a probability. Even if it does not change, the overall cut-off marks for the exam might increase due to factors like-

  • the number of students appearing for the exam.
  • the number of students clearing the cut-off marks and
  • the number of seats available for admissions.

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