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Will NTA Reduce Domain Subject for CUET 2024? Check Here!

Author : Prasant Pandey

Updated On : July 25, 2023


Summary: After the completion of CUET, reports of many glitches and inconsistencies in execution led NTA to take action and correct them in the upcoming CUET exam. Does this mean, You will be able to select fewer courses? Or The number of test centres will be reduced? To get the answers, go through the complete article.

NTA Chief Vineet Joshi has confirmed that major changes will be made before the execution of CUET 2024.

However, the exam of CUET was conducted successfully last year, but there were many glitches seen in the exam, and also, the dates had to be postponed multiple times. Due to complaints from many students and critics, the decision to form a special committee had been formed led by the Vice Chancellor of Punjab University to erase the possible mistakes for the upcoming CUET exam.

So the final decision is yet to be declared, but here is a glimpse of what are the possible changes for CUET 2024.

Limited Course Selection

CUET 2024 was a big entrance test, and with a high number of applicants, the competition level of this exam would be very high. This will indirectly push students towards coaching institutes.

Thus the decision to limit the combination will balance the overall number of combinations and also manage different merging CUET syllabus.

According to the CUET 2024 exam, students could choose any combination of subjects. Out of 33 Language and 27 domain-specific subjects, students were allowed to choose a total of 9 subjects. This led to a total of 45000+ unique combinations.

Probably this year, in CUET 2024, students opting for commerce will be allowed to choose 3-4 subjects rather than 61 subjects.

So the CUET 2024 will have less number of total combinations of subjects and hence will be less hassle for the NTA.

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Limited Exam Centers

Another major change in the CUET 2024 exam would be the removal of a high number of exam centres.

Yes, you heard it right; due to the high number of exam centres for CUET 2024, there were many delays and postponements of specific examinations.

NTA aims to provide a better exam environment by setting up its own exam centres or using computer tablets.

In order to cut down the chance of malpractices like cheating in the examination, NTA will also reveal their exam centres to the students as close to the exam day as possible.

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cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Will CUET be Conducted Twice?

National Education Policy governs the multiple attempts of any competitive examination.

Ideally, the CUET must follow the JEE Mains Calendar.

  • The first part of the CUET exam should be conducted around January, which is well before the board exam.
  • The second part of the examination should be conducted in April, just after the board exams are over.

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cuet mock test

cuet mock test


As NTA Chief Vineet Joshi said, CUET 2024 was a bonus exam for all aspirants. Limiting the subject combination will be the best option for operating CUET in balance. These changes were necessary for avoiding the chaos and eliminating the glitches from CUET 2024.

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