Students who have completed a bachelor's degree in law can pursue Judicial Services. The judiciary exam happens all around India differently in each state. The notification of the West Bengal Judiciary has been released recently with 26 vacancies. The exam date is very likely to be held on October 11, but waiting for confirmation. Here are some tips and information that will help all the applicants that want to take part in the exam. 

West Bengal Judiciary Preparation Tips 2021

  • There are three stages in the West Bengal Judicial selection process such as Prelims, Mains, Personality Test. Candidates need to qualify all of these stages to be eligible for the final selection 
  • Make sure to know the Judiciary Exam Syllabus in detail before starting the West Bengal Judicial Service Exam Preparation. It is very important for students to know all the topics of mains and prelims
  • For the Judiciary exam, candidates have to understand all the important topics very well for the preparation. This post contains all the topic-wise preparation details for both the Prelims and Mains exam

rajasthan Judiciary Online Coaching

rajasthan Judiciary Online Coaching

West Bengal Judiciary Prelims  Preparation 2021

The Preliminary Examination consists of objective type questions in one paper. There are a total of 200 multiple choice questions in the Prelim exam. Each of the questions offers 1 mark and candidates need to finish the test of 200 numbers in the time duration of 2.5 hours. 

Subjects Marks
English Composition 30
General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Test of Reasoning 40
Personal Law 10
Laws of Evidence 20 
Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Penal Code 20 
Civil Procedure Codes 20
Indian Constitution 20
Law of Limitation 20 
Law of Contracts and Torts 20

The English Composition part of the examination will contain parts like antonyms, vocabulary tests, synonyms, phrasal verbs, idioms, and phrases. Candidates have to use words that are the same but have different means along with qualifying or appropriate words. Candidates can expect the standard of the paper to be the same as the Law graduation from a recognized university. Download West Bengal Judiciary Syllabus PDF.

West Bengal Judiciary Mains Preparation 2021

The Mains Examination contains a total of eight compulsory papers and three other papers as optional subjects. Candidates can choose the optional subject from a list of subjects. Both the subjects of compulsory and optional sections hold 100 marks each. Candidates will get three hours of duration to complete the exam. Here is the list of compulsory and optional papers are given below for having better West Bengal Judiciary Exam Preparation. 

Compulsory Subjects 

  • English Composition, precis writing, essay
  • Bengali/Hindi/ Nepali/Urdu/Santali composition, translation from English to Bengali/Hindi/ Nepali/Urdu/Santali and essay 
  • Civil Procedure Code
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs 
  • Law of Contracts and Torts 
  • Indian Evidence Act
  • Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Penal Code
  • Transfer of Property Act 

Optional Papers

  • Hindu Law
  • Muhammadan Law
  • Indian Law relating to Companies and Insurance
  • Jurisprudence and principles of legislation 
  • Partnership Act
  • Principles of Equity including the Law of Trusts and Specific Relief
  • The Indian Constitution and Constitutional Law
  • Law of Limitation and Law of Prescription 

The exam standard of the law paper will be equivalent to the LLB Degree of Calcutta University. Candidates need to answer all the answers in either Bengalis or English except the language papers and there are directions given in the question papers. 

Indian Contract Act - Candidates need to gain knowledge of all the basic concepts, this section is easily manageable with basic reading. All concepts of different case law need to be covered in the examination preparation. In the exam preparation, make sure to take a look at some of the important case laws. The definition of words or terms like Legal, Voidable, Illegal, Void, agreements, and others need to be well understood. Take the help of the illustrations and examples for WBPSC Civil Judge Exam Preparation.

Civil Procedure Code (CPC) - Candidates need to read all the topics mentioned in the contract. Make sure to study the 1-25 section as they are very important. Also, 1-10 and 27-37 order numbers are well known being the core area of CPC preparation along with WBPSC Judicial Service Exam Preparation. Apart from them, important sections are 60,61,35,35A,33,34,38,39,40,45,50,55,57,60,28,31, many questions are also asked from the Section 80,81,82, and others and they are known to be very important. These are the most important sections among all, but studying all of the sections is better for the WBPSC Civil Judge Exam Preparation.

Indian Evidence Act - just like every other topic, having a basic reading of topics and knowing the basics of the environment. Some of the Important sections that students need to give extra attention are 1-32, 101-146, 136, and others. For having a very good WBPSC Civil Judge Exam Preparation. 

Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Penal Code - Get familiar with the basic definitions like charges, complaints, Inquiry, investigation. While other sections are ok to have a basic read, candidates need to have in-depth knowledge after 154 Section, 190-210, and others. For the Indian Penal Code, some important sections are 34, 35, 149, and others. Also, having a good look at section 320 will help very much. Read all the illustrations for having a better West Bengal Civil Judge Exam Preparation. 

Tips for the West Bengal Judiciary Exam 

  • One of the most important strategies is to be quick in the exam hall and complete all the questions in 3 hours
  • Candidates need to improve their writing skills, which is very crucial for the exam
  • Take the help of daily newspapers, Legal Journalism, and others learn new words and translations
  • Candidates who want to score more marks need to follow the question papers of previous years. They are very important and helpful to provide some valuable information
  • For the translation part, keep in mind to write a minimum of 300 words for each paper

How to Present the Answer Paper 

  • You will get an A4 sheet of paper in the examination for writing answers 
  • All the answers need to be written in 16 lines 
  • Along with all the four sides of the sheet, the border needs to be left along
  • Practice as much as you can to avoid any type of mistakes and make the handwriting as much neat as you can
  • Having good handwriting will help very much to fetch more marks in the exam

How to Answer 

  • Candidates need to follow the instructions given in the question paper. Avoid writing it in your own language
  • Make sure to make a two-column table to tabulate the asked differences of two sections
  • Express your own opinion when only the question is asked to discuss or elaborate 
  • Keep in your mind to stay within your word limit for answering questions, 400-500 words is the maximum limit of a question of 10 marks
  • Candidates need to illustrate, judgments, and others explain pother meaning about the question when it asked to explain
  • Make sure to check the exam sheet very well before submitting and try to be as much neat as possible, especially in the Mains exam

West Bengal Judiciary Exam Books 

When it comes to preparation, nothing is more important than books. There are some best books out there for the WBPSC Civil Judge Exam Preparation that can help you to score high in the exam. Some important books that can help you to get the best score are given below for the exam preparation. These judiciary books have many topics detailed that will help the candidates to learn them very well and get good marks in each of the subjects. 

  • West Bengal Judicial Services (Preliminary Examination), The Complete Preparation Manual 
  • Ray's Guide to Multiple Choice of Questions & Answers for Judicial Service (Preliminary Examination) by S.Ray 
  • UPKAR'S West Bengal PSC Judicial Service Preliminary Examination by Dr. Lal & Mishra
  • Solved Papers of Judicial & Other Law Competitions by Dr. P.K Pandey 
  • West Bengal Civil Service Examination, Judicial Preliminary by A. Bhattacharya 
  • WBCS General Studies, A Complete Manual 2019
  • Crack - WBCS, Practice Book (Prelims) 
  • Singhal's Multiple Choice Questions for Judicial Service Examination, Chapter-Wise, and Topic-Wise 


How are the previous year question papers play a crucial role in the WBPSC Civil Judge Exam preparation? 

The last year's question paper will help you to know the question format, typ[e of questions, the difficulty of the exam. You will be able to know what are the questions that you need to not prepare very much as it came in the last year. 

How many stages are there in the West Bengal Judiciary exam process? 

There are three stages in the exam that you need to pass in order to get your name on the final list. The stages are the Preliminary exam, Mains Exam, and Personality Test. 

How to improve the current affairs part of the exam? 

You can take the help of newspapers and different journals to gain knowledge about a huge collection of current affairs. 

How many vacancies are there for the West Bengal Judiciary 2020? 

West Bengal Judiciary is recruiting for a total of 26 positions this year for the civil judge position. 

What are the topics that are crucial in the West Bengal Judiciary exam? 

Some of the most crucial topics are General Knowledge, the Constitution of India, the Indian Evidence Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Constitution of India, and others.