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Topper Strategy to Crack IPM Rohtak 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : December 1, 2022


Summary: Cracking the IIM entrance test is tough; imagine being a topper! Yes, you heard it right. Here we have a full interview session with an IIM Rohtak topper. How he prepared for the exam and what challenges he faced during that. 

Every student appearing for JIPMAT does follow a guided strategy believing it will help them crack the exam. However, most of them still fail to do so. This is because of slight differences, not with the strategy or the study plan they follow but with the level of determination and consistency they involve in it.

Every one of you, opting for IIMs, dreams of topping the exam and clearing the personal interviews with excellent marks. So what exactly do you need to do to reach that level? 

Well, Aditya Sarda is here to answer all your questions. Stay tuned and know all the details of how he topped the JIPMAT exam and what strategies he followed.

Let's Have A Look At The Glimpses Of The Interview

Rahul Vaswani is a product head of SuperGrads, a branch of Toprankers that coaches students for entrance exams like IPMAT, JIPMAT, SET, NCH MCT, and many more. 

Here he is the interviewer for Aditya Sarda, an IIM Rohtak student who cracked IPMAT Rohtak with flying colours.

Rahul: First of all, Introduce yourself and your journey for IIM.

Aditya: Hi, everyone; my name is Aditya Sarda. I'm currently at IIM Rohtak. I was a Commerce student in 11th and 12th, so I was constantly looking for courses I could take. I found IPM and saw that the curriculum was good and very varied, which immediately grabbed my attention.

Rahul: How was your journey after you joined the crash course from SuperGrads?

Aditya: In 11th I did not study hard, but after reaching 12th, I seriously began to study for the exams. As the exam closed in, seriousness increased. Accordingly, I joined the crash course at Supergrads, which was fabulous. With boards, it could not have been possible to crack the exam, but the crash course helped a lot. 

Rahul: So let’s hear what your section-wise strategy was, as many wants to know it.

Aditya: So, about LR, the questions are fairly easy, but they need a lot of practice. Quantitative aptitude is fairly difficult, we need a lot of practice, and without it, it’s impossible to crack. You need to cover at least 40-50 sums per day. For verbal, if your reading is good, you can easily ace the subject. I was not so good at vocabulary, but even without that, it was possible to crack the exam. 

Rahul: How did IPM Astra mock test series help you, and how were you solving the Questions? Were you doing the analysis part also?

Aditya: I gave 1 mock per day, one-day IPM Rohtak mock, and another day IPM Indore mock. IPM Astra was amazing the analysis, correctional analysis, and solutions all helped a lot. Mocks are the essential part; they helped me reduce the pressure. I would rather say I cleared the exams based on mocks only.

Rahul: How did SuperGrads help you in the Interview preparation journey?

Aditya: When I was selected for the Interview, I had no idea what they would ask. It is very difficult to anticipate what to prepare for the interviews. So during the mock preparation, I was given a schedule and asked to read about various daily topics. After 2-3 mock interviews, I figured out what to read about in a particular topic. SuperGrads mocks were very helpful for me. GK and Current affairs are the toughest things to keep in mind. So begin your preparations from November at least. So you will be well aware of the six months of current affairs.

Rahul: Even after lots of preparation, D-day is always different, so how did you behave on that day? What special did you do at Rohtak’s interview that you didn’t do at Indore’s interview?

Aditya: Both the interview experience was a bit different; at Rohtak, they asked me questions about my hobbies, while at Indore, they directly jumped to GK and then academics. I could answer the questions fairly easily at Rohtak as I was prepared for them. 

Rahul: You have been through the journey that still thousands of students only aspire to. So what advice would you give to students still preparing and wishing to get into IIMs?

Aditya: On the day of your exam or the Interview, keep your worries and tension aside. Just keep the attitude “ jo hoga wo dekha jaega”. Even during the first two mocks, I was also very nervous, but eventually, I coped with the formula. During the interview at IIM Indore, I was desperately trying to get into the college, so pressure hit me automatically, and as soon as I slipped one or two questions, I got nervous. Thus after that, the decline in the way of the interview came in.

The ultimate formula would be You-Anxiety= Your best efforts. 

Rahul: Few tips that would you love to share with your fellow mates aspiring for IIMs?

Aditya: During my 11th, I cleared all the basics, and in my 12th, I was already prepared from the paper's perspective, not from the perspective of the topic. During that time, I had already figured out topics at which I was strong and weak. I used to focus on the strong topics first. This helped me increase my efficiency towards the questions that I didn’t know. 

And the most important tip is - Practice is the only key to success. You can also attempt VA and SAT these will help you improve your reading ability drastically. 


This interview lets us know many amazing facts that would help you clear IIMs easily. Aditya cleared the entrance easily, and the tips he shared are worth giving your time for. As he mentions, SuperGrads has a well-scrutinized series of mock tests that you can easily avail at our website and start your practice immediately. 

For further help, you can also join our top-ranked batches for the best guidance and learning for IPMAT. I hope you will soon be IIM alumni and clear the exams with flying colours.

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