Synonyms and Antonyms are very important topics in the English section for any competitive exams and other government exams. Candidates preparing for any government exams like SSC must be thorough with English Synonyms and Antonyms. Download the Free Synonyms and Antonyms PDF for enhancing preparation levels. Synonyms refer to the meaning of any given word whereas Antonyms refer to the opposite meaning of the given word. Apart from just exams, these Synonyms and antonyms are helpful in our day to day life. In order to improve the vocabulary and communication skills candidates must be good at the English Language. 

In most of the entrance exams and government exams, there is an English section. There are at least 3-4 synonyms and antonyms asked in any government or competitive exams. If you are finding these synonyms and antonyms difficult, then learn tips and tricks to attempt them correctly and score full marks. Also, we have provided free Synonyms and Antonyms PDF for SSC Exams in this post. 

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Synonyms Antonyms Questions

Candidates appearing for any competitive exams or any other government exams must practice the most commonly asked Synonyms and Antonyms Questions. Practice the below listed frequently asked synonyms and antonyms in competitive exams pdf to enhance your exam preparations.

Word Synonym Antonym
Abundant Plentiful, Ample Scarce, Sparse
Appeal Attract, Interest Bore
Elaborate Detailed, Inticrate Simple, Plain
Optimistic Bright, Promising Pessimistic
Boisterous Lively, Exuberant Quire, Restrained
Inept Incompetent, Unskilled Competent
Soothe Ease, Relieve Aggravate
Linger Stay put, Remain Vanish
Vital Essential, Crucial Unimportant

Download Free Synonyms Antonyms PDF Questions 1

Download Free Synonyms Antonyms PDF Questions 2

Synonyms Antonyms for SSC Exams

The Staff Selection Commission conducts various recruitment drives every year to fill in numerous vacancies in different departments of government organization and ministries. In all SSC Exams, there is an English section included in the exam pattern. Check out the below table to know the number of Synonyms Antonyms asked in SSC Exams.

Exam No. of Synomys Questions No. of Antonyms Questions
SSC CGL Tier 1 2-3 2-3
SSC CGL Tier 2 5 4-5
SSC CHSL 2-3 2-3
SSC CPO 2-3 2-3

How to Prepare for synonyms and antonyms for competitive exam pdf?

Check out the below-listed tips and tricks to attempt the synonyms and antonyms questions easily.

  • Try to learn at least 10 new English words every day. Know their meanings and understand it.
  • Make a note of these words and read them regularly. 
  • Check the opposite meaning of the words and make a not of it as well. 
  • Make shortcuts, tricks to make the learning of words easy, and try to use them in your daily life. It will improve your communication skills.
  • Solve as many as Daily English Quiz score marks easily in the exam and know which type of questions are asked.
  • During the exam, candidates must examine each option carefully before choosing the correct one.

Most Commonly Asked Synonyms Questions in Competitive Exams

Here are few most expected and most commonly asked Synonyms Questions and Answers. Practice them and be well prepared for any upcoming competitive exams.

Words Synonyms
Abandon Leave, forsake.
Abettor Accomplice
Abnegation Denial
Abridge Shorten, curtail.
Abundant Plentiful.
Behaviour Demeanour
Bereft Deprived
Bias  Predilection
Brutal Savage, cruel.
Callous Hard, cruel.
Calm Quiet, tranquil.
Carouse  Frolic
Casual Uncertain
Crescendo Escalation
Crusade Campaign
Cupidity Greed
Damage Loss, harm, injury.
Decorate Adron, embellish.
Deformity Malformation, disfigurement.
Earnest Serious, solemn.
Embargo  Barrier
Emergency Exigency
Esoteric Abstruse
Eternal Forever
Exceptional Unusual, rare.
Fascinate Charm, enchant.
Ferocious Fierce, savage.
Fiendish Cruel
Genuine Real.
Genre Category
Gigantic Colossal, great.
Guilt Sin, crime.
Guzzle Imbibe
Haughty Arrogant, proud.
Hazardous Dangerous, risky, perilous.
Humility Modesty, politeness.
Illiterate Unlearned, ignorant.
Imperious Authoritative, dictatorial.
Impertinent Impudent, insolent, shameless.
Incinerate Ignite
Jaded Tired
Jolly Jovial, merry.
Judicious Discreet, prudent.
Knavery Fraud
Laborious Assiduous, industrious.
Laconic Concise
Lament Grieve, mourn.
Lethargy Sluggishness
Maestro Genius
Magnificent Splendid, grand.
Marvellous Wonderful
Meagre Small.
Multitude Mass, Assembly, Gathering
Nauseous Loathsome
Nice Pleasant, agreeable.
Notable Remarkable, memorable.
Notorious Infamous.
Obliterate Destory, efface.
Obsolete Antiquated.
Ominous Threatening
Opportune Timely
Oracular Cryptic
Pal Buddy
Pandemonium Chaos
Pensive Thoughtful.
Perennial Permanent, perpetual.
Persuade Induce, urge.
Profligate Immoral
Quaint Queer, odd, singular.
Queer Strange, odd.
Questionable Doubtful.
Radiant Bright, brilliant.
Rational Logical
Refined Elegant.
Rejoice Delight.
Revile Abuse
Ruck Mass, Pile, Heap
Sacred Holy, consecrated, pious.
Satiate Satisfy.
Scanty Slender, meagre.
Splayed Spread
Synopsis Summary
Talkative Garrulous
Temerity Boldness
Temperate Moderate.
Thankful Grateful, obliged.
Ugly Repulsive
Urbane Polite, courteous, suave.
Urge Press, incite.
Vacillatge Waver
Venerable Respectable
Verbatim Exactly
Vigilance Watchfulness
Wealthy Rich
Wickedness Evil.
Wild Savage.
Yield Surrender.
Yielding Submissive.
Zeal Passion.
Zenith Top, summit.
  1. COERCE Pressure, Constrain, Push, Pressurize
  2. CHRONIC Persistent, Long-standing, Immedicable, Incurable
  3. GARRULOUS Loquacious, Talkative, Gossipy, Effusive
  4. TILT Lean, Tip, Camber, Slant
  5. INARTICULATE Mute, Dumb, Speechless, Incoherent
  6. INEPT Unskilled, Inexpert, Amateurish, Clumsy
  7. INDELIBLE Inerasable, stubborn, ingrained, unfading
  8. TRIUMPH Win, Victory, Conquest, Success
  9. DUBIOUS Doubtful, Uncertain, Unsure, Fishy
  10. ENTICE Allure, Lure, Attract, Entrap

Most Commonly Asked Antonyms Questions in Competitive Exams

Here are the most expected and commonly asked Antonyms Questions and Answers. Practice them and be exam ready.

Word Antonym
Acumen Stupidity, Ignorance
Abash Uphold, Discompose
Abortive Productive
Adjunct Separated, Subtracted
Ascend Climb Escalate
Axiom Absurdity, Blunder
Bleak Bright, Pleasant
Barrier Link, Assistance
Bleak Bright, Cheerful
Calamity Fortune
Comprise Reject, lack
Contradict Approve, Confirm
Carnal Spiritual
Clandestine Open, Legal
Conceit Modesty
Consolidate Weaken
Deceit Veracity, Sincerity
Deprive Restore, Renew
Docile Headstrong, obstinate
Eclipse Shine, eclipse
Endeavour Cease, quit
Fabricate Destroy, Dismantle
Feud Harmony, fraternity
Frivolous Solemn, significant
Gracious Rude, Unforgiving
Glory Shame, Disgrace
Hideous Attractive, alluring
Impenitent Repentant
Infernal Heavenly
Immunity Blame, Censure
Infringe Comply, Concur
Jaded Renewed, recreated
Justify Impute, arraign
Knell Reconstruction, rediscovery
Linger Hasten, quicken
Mandatory Optional
Molest Console, soothe
Nimble Sluggish, languid
Obstruct Hasten, encourage
Ominous Auspicious
Pacify Irritate, worsen
Precarious Assured
Restrain Incite
Remonstrate Agree, loud
Sacred Ungodly, Profane
System Chaos, Disorder
Solicit Protest oppose
Throng Dispersion, sparsity
Thrifty Extravagant
Urchin Creep, Knave
Veteran Novice, tyro
Wan Bright, healthy
Wile Naivety, honour
Yearn Content, satisfy
Zeal Apathy, lethargy
Zest Disgust, passive
  1. EXPANSION: The action of becoming larger or more extensive. Summary, Abridgement, Compression
  2. SCARCE: Especially of food, money, or some other resource)insufficient for the demand. Abundant, Plentiful
  3. ESCALATE: Make or become more intense or serious. Plunge, Shrink, Reduce 
  4. TENDER: Showing gentleness, kindness, and affection. Hard-hearted, Callous, Rough, Unsympathetic
  5. PARDON : Forgive or excuse (a person, error, or offence). Punish, Blame
  6. Exception: A person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule. Usual, Normal, Unremarkable
  7. AGONY: Extreme physical or mental suffering. Comfort, Delight, Diversion, Entertainment
  8. Eminent : (Of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere. Unimportant, Unknown, Inconspicuous
  9. FINITE: Limited in size or extent. Limited, Small, Endless
  10. REPRIMAND: A formal expression of disapproval. Praise, Commendation, Compliment