The SSC MTS Recruitment 2019 is being conducted to fill for 7099 vacancies. Paper 2 Exam has been succesfully condcuted on 24th November 2019. In this page, candidates can get complete information regarding the SSC MTS Exam Analysis for the previous year as well as SSC MTS Exam Analysis Today.

  • As the SSC MTS Paper 2 is a descriptive exam, it is conducted in offline mode.
  • The examination is conducted for 50 marks and the total time duration to complete the exam is 30 minutes. 
  • In this post, candidates can know the detailed analysis of the paper which will help in preparation. 
  • The Paper 2 exam was of Moderate Level Difficulty.
  • Based on the difficulty level of paper and the student's review, we have finalized the expected SSC MTS Cut Off for the Paper 2 exam.

SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam Analysis 2019

Staff Selection Commission has conducted the Paper 2 exam for MTS in one single shift on November 24th, 2019 in various exam centers across India.

  • The SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam is qualifying in nature and the qualifying marks in Paper 2 is 40% for Unreserved category while it is 35% for all Reserved categories. 
  • Candidates had to write a short essay/letter in English or in any other language that is included in the 8th schedule of Constitution

SSC MTS Paper 2 Shif Timings 2019

Subject Total Marks Time Duration Exam date Exam Timings
SSC MTS Paper 2 (Descriptive Paper)  50 30 minutes (40 minutes for scribe candidates) 24th November 2019 11:00 AM - 11:30 PM

Important SSC MTS Descriptive Paper Questions

As there are very few days left for the exam, it is suggested for all candidates to prepare from previous year exam questions that are listed below. 

Essay Topics from Previous Year SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam

  1. Write an essay on Education & Life
  2. Essay on Rainy Season
  3. Mobile Phone: A Boon or Bane
  4. Essay on a cricket match and your idea about it
  5. Write an essay on the duties of the Indian Citizens

Letter Writing Question from Previous Year SSC MTS Descriptive Paper

1. Formal Letter

  • Write a complaint letter to the Electricity Board for impaired electricity supply
  • Write a letter to the Librarian regarding book management

2. Informal Letter

  • Write a letter to your dad seeking his permission to visit Jaipur
  • Write a letter to your friend inviting him to visit during summer vacation.

SSC MTS Paper 1 Exam Analysis 2019

  • August 16, 2019: The SSC MTS paper on August 16, 2019, held an easy to moderate level of difficulty. Questions were very familiar. Also, the students said it was easily doable. The candidates can click on the following links which are given for each shift and check the questions that appeared in the paper for different shifts.
  • August 14, 2019: The SSC MTS Exam that had taken place on August 14, 2019, held a moderate level of difficulty if we combined it for all the shifts. For every shift that is taking place, candidates are emphasizing more on the previous year question papers which have helped them in doing more and more attempts in the paper. 
  • August 09, 2019: The SSC MTS Exam on August 09 Shift-1 has successfully taken place in the exam centers. The candidates conveyed that the exam held easy to moderate level of difficulty. But the overall paper was easily doable. Given below are the overall good attempts as well as the difficulty level of the paper (overall).
  • August 08, 2019: SSC MTS Exam successfully conducted on August 08, 2019. The exam was of Moderate level difficulty, read more about the Good attempts in the exam, questions asked & complete review. 
  • August 06, 2019: The SSC MTS Shift-1 on August 06, 2019 has successfully taken place. According to the candidates, the exam held easy to moderate level of difficulty. Candidates who are getting ready for shift-2 must check the questions asked in shift-1 which are given below.
  • August 05, 2019: The two shifts for SSC MTS on August 05, 2019 had taken place successfully. Students' remarks conveyed that the exam was not a lot difficult. Candidates have told that the previous year papers proved a huge help. Students can click on the links given below in order to check the questions asked and details section-wise analysis of all shifts.
  • August 03 & 04, 2019: The exam did not take place on August 03 & 04, 2019 in any region. 
  • August 01, 2019: The exam took place in three shifts of SSC MTS on August 01, 2019. There were no difficulties or hardships found in the paper according to the candidates who appeared in the exam. The links for shifts given below has all the questions that were asked in the paper and the difficulty level section-wise.

Check Detailed Shift-wise analysis for SSC MTS (All Shifts) from the table below:

SSC MTS Analysis Shift 1 SSC MTS Analysis Shift 2 SSC MTS Analysis Shift 3

SSC MTS Questions Asked - August 09, 2019 (All Shifts)

  • Which article is related to the right to personal life and liberty? (A-Article 21)
  • Name of Common Salt? (A-Sodium Chloride)
  • 1 question related to the period in which Ostriches were first found in India
  • 1 question related to the Properties of the sound wave
  • Who was awarded Grand Collar of the State of Palestine for the year 2018? (A-Narendra Modi)
  • Where is Kandla Port located? (A-Gujarat)
  • 1 question related to the Railway budget which was merged from 2017-18
  • The lion-tailed macaque also known as ___, is an Old World monkey endemic to the Western Ghats of South India? (A-The Bruh)
  • In which country Summer Olympics 2020 will be held? (A-Japan)
  • Who is the president of Indian overseas bank? (A-K Swaminathan)
  • Synonyms of Resemble
  • Synonyms of Remember
  • Atomic symbol of lead? Pb
  • Who built sheesh mahal Patiala? (A-Maharaja Narinder Singh)
  • Who wrote the Book "Revolution 2020"? (A-Chetan Bhagat)
  • When was the first Earth Summit held?
  • Who is the HRD minister of India? (A-Ramesh Pokhriyal)
  • Who was the president of India at the time of emergency in 1975? (A-Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed)
  • Khadar soil is-? (A-new deposits of alluvium soil on the floodplains)
  • 1 question on Green Revolution
  • Anandmath is written by - (A-Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay)
  • Folk dance of Haryana? (A-Swang)
  • Swati Singh is associated with which sports? (A-Indian weightlifter)
  • 1 question on fairs of Himachal Pradesh
  • In which year Pranab Mukherjee won Loksabha elections? (A-2004)
  • Ramsar convention related to-? (A-Wetland conservation)
  • Who attacked Somnath Temple? Mahmud Ghazni
  • One who thinks he can easily cheat or befool others-(A-Fraud)
  • Idioms- At one's wit end- (A-confused or perplexed)
  • Union Territory is mentioned in which Part of the constitution? (A-Part VIII)
  • Synonym- Aroma- (A-Scent)
  • What is the source of Bhagirathi river- (A-Ganga)
  • Spelling- Anniversary
  • Spelling- Committee
  • Who is the current Defense Minister? (A-Rajnath Singh)
  • Full form of MoU- (A-Memorandum of Understanding)
  • Number of members in a drafting committee of the constitution (A-7)
  • Who is the CEO of Nokia? (A-Rajiv Suri)

SSC MTS Shift 1 Exam Analysis for Tier 1 - August 09, 2019

The Shift 1 of SSC Multi-Tasking Exam held Easy to Moderate level difficulty. The below-mentioned table conveys of an idea regarding the Good Attempts in the exam as well as the difficulty level of the paper. 

Subject Good Attempt Difficulty Level
English Language 20-23 Easy-Moderate
Reasoning Ability 20-23 Easy
Quantitative Aptitude 15-19 Moderate
General Awareness 19-20 Easy-Moderate
Total 74-84 Easy-Moderate

SSC MTS Shift 1 Exam Analysis for Tier 1 - August 8, 2019

The Shift 1 Multi-Tasking Exam was of Moderate level difficulty. The below-mentioned table gives an idea about the difficulty level of the paper and Good Attempts in the exam. 

Subject Good Attempt Difficulty Level
English Language 20-22 Easy-Moderate
Reasoning Ability 22-23 Easy
Quantitative Aptitude 15-17 Moderate
General Awareness 17-20 Easy-Moderate
Total 74-82 Easy-Moderate

SSC MTS Shift 1 Exam Analysis (Tier 1) August 06, 2019

The following table has been mentioned with an idea of a number of good attempts for every section. Also, section-wise analysis has been updated elaboratively:

Subject Good Attempt Difficulty Level
English Language 20-23 Easy-Moderate
Reasoning Ability  23-24 Easy
Quantitative Aptitude  17-19 Moderate
General Awareness  18-20 Easy-Moderate
Total  81-86 Easy-Moderate

SSC MTS Shift 2 Exam Analysis (Tier 1) August 05, 2019

The good attempts have been mentioned in the table below for SSC MTS shift-2 for August 05, 2019:

Section Level Good Attempts
General Intelligence Easy 23-24
General Awareness Moderate 18-20
Numerical Ability Moderate 18-19
English Language Easy-moderate 21-22
Overall Easy-moderate 80-85

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019: Section-wise Analysis of Shift 1 (August 05, 2019)

The following table has been filled up with an idea of a number of good attempts for every section:

Section Level Good Attempts
General Intelligence Easy 23-24
General Awareness Moderate 18-20
Numerical Ability Moderate 17-19
English Language Easy-moderate 21-22
Overall Easy-moderate 79-85

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019

The candidates are advised to download their SSC MTS Admit Card a week before the examination in order to avoid any errors or discrepancies later.

The candidates can check all the SSC MTS Exam Analysis All Shifts of all days on this page. The respective links have been updated in this article for the SSC MTS Exam.

  • SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam Analysis consists of all four sections- English, GK, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. SSC MTS Exam Analysis of SSC MTS 2019 provides students an idea of the questions which were asked in the paper. Also, the difficulty level of the exam is well-understood
  • Depending on the SSC MTS Answer Key, the students can evaluate the number of questions answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Candidates must know how to manage time and solve the maximum possible number of questions in 90 minutes.

What do students say about the SSC MTS Exam?

The remarks and the comments of the students once they're out of the exam are updated in this section of this post. Read the following for last year analysis information:

  • English section was easy to moderate level of difficulty
  • Reasoning section was easily doable by the students
  • GK Section was neither easy not difficult
  • The Quant Section, too, was of moderate level of difficulty

SSC MTS Shift Timings & Schedule

The candidates can check the shift timings below mentioned in the table:

SSC MTS Exam Dates 2019  

SSC MTS Shift Timing Details  

Shift-1   Shift-2   Shift-3  
August 02, 2019 Reporting Time: 07.30 AM Entry Closing: 08.30 AM Exam Time: 09.00-10.30 AM Reporting Time: 11.30 AM Entry Closing: 12.00 PM Exam Time: 12.30-02.00 PM  Reporting Time: 02.30 PM Entry Closing: 03.30 PM Exam Time: 04.00-05.30 PM 
August 03, 2019  Reporting Time: 07.30 AM Entry Closing: 08.30 AM Exam Time: 09.00-10.30 AM Reporting Time: 11.30 AM Entry Closing: 12.00 PM Exam Time: 12.30-02.00 PM Reporting Time: 02.30 PM Entry Closing: 03.30 PM Exam Time: 04.00-05.30 PM 
August 04, 2019 Reporting Time: 07.30 AM Entry Closing: 08.30 AM Exam Time: 09.00-10.30 AM Reporting Time: 11.30 AM Entry Closing: 12.00 PM Exam Time: 12.30-02.30 PM Reporting Time: 02.30 PM Entry Closing: 03.30 PM Exam Time: 04.00-05.30 PM 

Questions Asked in SSC MTS 2019

There are many questions which have been repeated in the shifts of SSC MTS on August 02, 2019. Check the following to know the same for each subject, separately:

SSC MTS GK Questions Asked 2019

  • Who was the First PM of Pakistan?
  • Who won the 100 m race recently?
  • First biosphere reserve?
  • One question based on Pin Valley National park
  • One question on the committee on fundamental duty
  • 1 ques from polity related to finance commission
  • Who elects chief justice of India?
  • How many zeroes are there in factorial 37?
  • Who was the first woman IAS officer? (A-Anna Rajam Malhotra)
  • Who was given Vyas Samman 2018 to?

Prepare from 500 GK Questions for SSC

SSC MTS English Questions Asked 2019

  • Antonym of Humility
  • Cloze Test based on Sanitization
  • Synonym of courage
  • Idioms & Phrases - 'To be extremely bold'
  • Synonym of Chide
  • Antonym of Fluctuate
  • One word substitution of Fatal
  • Cloze Test on Deforestation
  • Synonym of Intensity

Check How To Crack SSC MTS English Section

SSC MTS Reasoning Questions Asked 2019

  • There were no questions from the matrix
  • 576::676::?
  • 36::109::25::?
  • No questions were there from Directions
  • 7::35::8::?
  • Diagram of Lawyer, Painter & Singer
  • Circular Seating Arrangement Facing in Center

Best SSC MTS Reasoning Preparation

SSC MTS Maths Questions Asked 2019

  • If the perimeter of the square is given then what is the area of a circle inscribed inside a square?
  • If the volume of a cube is given and the volume of a cuboid is 175 cms less than the volume of the cube.
  • Formula Based time & work question
  • Formula Based Question on Simple Interest
  • SinA-1/SinA+1=?
  • The height of the cuboid is given. Find the base area of the cuboid?
  • What is the value of 162+172+182.....252?
  • Formula Based Question on Pipes & Cistern Direct
  • An article is sold at INR7650 after two successive discs-15 & 25%. Find M.P?
  • Who has won a maximum grand slam?

Take Free SSC MTS Mock Test & strengthen your preparation in order to crack the exam.

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019: Section-wise Analysis of Shift 1 (August 02, 2019)

The following table has been mentioned with an idea of a number of good attempts as well as the time allotted for every section:

Subject Good Attempt Time
English Language 22-24 25
Reasoning Ability 20-22 25
Quantitative Aptitude 20-23 25
General Awareness 19-22 25
Total 75-95 90

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2017

Section  Level  Good Attempts 
General Intelligence  Easy  18-20 
General Awareness  Moderate  13-14 
Quantitative Aptitude  Easy  15-19 
English Language  Moderate  16-18 
Overall  Easy-Moderate  62-71 

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Previous Year - Questions and Answers

Given below are the students’ queries related to exam analysis for SSC MTS 2017:

Ques. How many questions are asked in SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam?

Ans. There are 100 MCQ type questions asked in SSC MTS Tier 1. The exam has questions separated into different sections. They are segregated in particular subjects in accordance with the following exam pattern:

  • General Awareness- 25 questions
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning- 25 questions
  • Quantitative Aptitude- 25 questions
  • English- 25 questions

Ques. What is SSC MTS Exam?

Ans. SSC MTS is a national level competitive exam which is held by the Staff Selection Commission in order to recruit Multi-Tasking Staff in several different departments of the central government, offices, and ministeries.

Ques. What is a good score in SSC MTS?

Ans. The good score for SSC MTS 2019 will be defined better once the exam has taken place and the SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2019 will be driven out.

The minimum qualifying marks for every post varies as per the SSC MTS Cut off for that post. The students with a score of 62+ in SSC MTS 2019 must get the desired position and will qualify for the examination.

Ques. What was the difficulty level of SSC MTS 2017 Tier 1 exam? What is the overall SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2017?

Ans. SSC MTS exam was held successfully in 2017, so, it did not take place in 2018. As per the SSC MTS Exam Analysis, the exam was easy to moderate level of difficulty.

  • The most difficult section in the exam was Quant/ Maths
  • The overall difficulty level was moderate
  • The students had managed time with a common strategy to prevent lengthy questions and solving the direct solution-based questions in lesser time.

Given below is the detailed SSC MTS Exam Analysis for Tier 1:

Section Difficulty Level Good Attempts
Reasoning Easy 19-23
General Knowledge Moderate 16-19
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate 15-18
English Comprehension Easy-Moderate 15-18


When is the SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam Conducted?

The SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam will be conducted on November 24, 2019.

In how many shifts is SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam conducted?

SSC MTS Paper 2 is conducted in one shift i.e., from 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

Is SSC MTS Paper 2 an online or offline exam?

SSC MTS Paper is an offline exam i.e., it is a descriptive exam.

How many subjects are included in MTS Descriptive paper?

There are only essay or letter writing questions asked in SSC MTS Paper 2 exam.

What is the total time duration to complete SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam 2019?

There is 30 minutes time for completing SSC MTS Paper 2 Exam 2019.

For how much marks is SSC MTS Descriptive Paper Conducted?

SSC MTS Descriptive paper is conducted for 50 marks.

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