Staff Selection Commission (SSC) will conduct the JE paper-2 exam on 29th December 2019. This exam is conducted for the recruitment of Junior Engineer (JE) for Group-B post in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and surveying domain. The candidates need to go through the SSC JE Paper 2 important questions in order to fare well in the examinations. 

  • As per the latest notification, only the eligible candidate who has filled the application form February 1, 2019, to Feb 2019, 2019 are entitled to appear for this exam. 
  • SSC JE Paper 2 is conducted for the candidates who have qualified Paper 1 successfully. 
  • The SSC JE Exam is a two-tier process out of which the second exam is subjective where the subjective knowledge of a candidate is evaluated. 
  • There are three main segments in the SSC JE Paper - 2 which constrained of Part - A: Civil and Structural Engineering, Part - B: Electrical Engineering and Part - C: Mechanical Engineering.
  • This exam is conducted offline. 
  • Each paper will carry 300 marks and the candidate is allotted 2 hours for the exam. 
  • The question standard of this exam will be approximate at the level of civil or mechanical engineering. 
  • Go through the SSC JE Paper 2 Important Questions in order to know which are the important topics to study and the most expected topics in the exam.
  • The candidates appearing for this exam should have proper knowledge and understanding of the subject in order to obtain good marks.

SSC JE Paper 2 Mock Test

SSC JE Paper 2 Mock Test

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Questions for Civil and Structural Engineering 

Civil Engineering - In this part the candidate needs to deal with the topic like building material, soil mechanics, transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, and environmental engineering. To score better in this part we have provided below some of the SSC JE Paper 2 important questions for Civil Engineering. 

1. What is the principal constituent of argillaceous rocks?

Ans: Clay

2.What is the term used when a brick is cut into two halves longitudinally? 

Ans: Queen Closer 

3. Which constituents of the cement harden first upon the addition of water? 

Ans. Tri-calcium Silicate

4. What is Shingle? 

Ans. Disintegrated Laterite 

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Topics for Civil Engineering

  • Chemical and Physical properties of building materials
  • Glossary of technical terms related to costing and valuation unit of measurement 
  • Important topics on surveying include principals of surveying, chain surveying, compass traversing, local attraction, plane table surveying, and adjustment of the theodolite. 
  • Important Topics on soil mechanics include phase diagram, the origin of soil, the specific gravity of soil grains, degree of saturation, grain size distribution curves and their uses. 
  • In Hydraulics focus on fluid properties, measurement of flow, hydrostatics, and Bernoulli’s theorem and its application
  • Irrigation Engineering - Here you will focus on 211 effects of irrigation, methods and type of irrigation, measurement of rainfall - hydrology, rain gauge, evaporation, and infiltration. Also, study water requirement of crops, time factor and crop ratio. 
  • In transport engineering focus on important topics like cross-sectional elements, types of pavements, geometric design, design of flexible and rigid pavements, pavement maintenance and highway drainage system. 
  • In environmental engineering focus on the supply of water, distribution of water, sewerage system, sewage treatment, and surface water drainage. 

Structural Engineering

In this part, the candidate should emphasize the structural part. Here are some of the important topics which you should go through in order to prepare better for this part. 

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Topics for Structural Engineering

  • Emphasize the theory of the structure - Here you need to focus on the important topic like bending movement, elasticity constants, cantilever, and over-hanging beams, Movement of area and Movement of inertia for circular section, channel and compound sections, and Torsion of circular section. 
  • Steel Design - construction of steel columns and plate girders. 
  • Concrete Technology - Here you need to emphasize topics like cement aggregates, the importance of water quality, mix design, workability, compaction, quality control of concrete and maintenance of the concrete structure.
  • RCC beams and design and relevant topics to this like flexural strength, bond strength, design of double-reinforced beam, bond strength, and topics on retaining wall. 

SSC JE Online Coaching

SSC JE Online Coaching

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Questions for Electrical Engineering 

In this part, the candidate needs to be well aware of the electrical components. You need to have good knowledge about circuit law, magnetic circuit, AC Fundamentals, measurement and measuring instrument, etc in order to obtain good marks in this part. To score better in this part we have provided below some of the important SSC JE Paper 2 important questions for electrical engineering. 

1. What dimensional quantity is used for heat transfer calculation? 

Ans. Biot Number 

2. Name the term that is used for the process of heat transfer from a hot body to a cold body without intervening in the straight line and without intervening medium? 

Ans. Radiation 

3. Heat is transferred in an electric bulb by? 

Ans. Radiation 

4. An assumption made in Fourier’s law is that the heat flow? 

Ans. Is in steady-state through a solid medium in one dimension 

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Topics for Electrical Engineering

  • Have a thorough basic concept on topics like inductance, resistance, capacitance and voltage power. 
  • Memorize the Kirchhoff‘s circuit law and theorem on a simple circuit solution.
  • Magnetic circuit and topics relevant to it like concepts of flux, reluctance, magnetic calculations for conductors and concept on the different electromagnetic configuration. 
  • Extension and range of measurement and measuring instrument. 
  • Fundamentals of AC like the average value of altering waves, Representation of sinusoidal waveform, tank circuit, and polyphase system. 
  • The concept of electrical machines like basic principals of DC motors, construction, speed control, methods of motor braking, and speed control of induction motor. 
  • Electrical energy and its efficient utilization. 
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the working of various electronic devices like transistors, and P N Junction diodes. 
  • Costing and estimation of the lighting scheme and relevant IE rules. 
  • Distribution, generation, and transmission of the power from different sources and their cost calculation. 

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Questions for Mechanical Engineering

This is the third and the final subjective part of the SSC JE Paper-2 exam. In this part, you need to emphasize on the topic like thermal engineering, production engineering, the theory of machine and its design, and engineering mechanics. To score better in this part we have provided below some of the important SSC JE Paper 2 important questions for mechanical engineering: 

1. An electrolytic capacitor is made to provide? 

Ans. A large value of capacitance 

2. During the discharge of a battery? 

Ans. The voltage of the cell decreases 

3. What is the highest efficiency of the battery? 

Ans. Watt Hour Efficiency

4. The materials having low retentivity are suitable for making? 

Ans. Temporary magnets 

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Topics for Mechanical Engineering 

  • Strength of Materials and Engineering Mechanics 
  • Definition of machine and theory of machine design 
  • Properties and law of thermal engineering
  • The different topics related to production engineering and classification of skill.

The candidate needs to go through the above-mentioned suggestion in order to obtain good marks in the exam. Moreover studying and solving problems of each of the subject paper will help you to qualify the exam with good marks.

SSC JE Paper 2 Important Questions