Staff Selection Commission has released the SSC CPO Notification 2020 for filling in 1564 vacancies of different posts like SI, ASI, CAPF, BSF, etc. To ease out your preparation, we have provided the SSC CPO GK Questions 2020 here. Candidates can gear up their preparation with the help of these GK questions.

  • As per the latest news released by the commission, the Paper 1 exam is scheduled to be held from 29th September to 05 October 2020. Candidates can start their preparation well in advance to score good marks in the exam.
  • General Knowledge is one such section in SSC Exams which includes various topics like Finance, Indian Economy, current affairs, etc.
  • Knowing the SSC CPO Important Questions will help the candidates to focus on the specific types of questions and part of the syllabus which hold more value in the exam.
  • To ease your preparation, we have provided SSC CPO GK Questions and Answers PDF. Candidates can view or download the PDF and start their preparation accordingly.

SSC CPO GK Questions 2020

The Syllabus for General Knowledge and General Awareness will be designed to check the knowledge of the candidates related to the latest updates about the environment, World, Society, Current Events, New Progress of the Nation and World, etc.

  • Candidates who are appearing for the exam are suggested to go through the SSC CPO Study Notes which include all the important GK topics that will appear in the exam.
  • Enhance your preparation by practicing various General Knowledge questions from the previous year's papers.
  • Most of the questions asked in the exam include topics like Finance, Indian Economy, current affairs, etc.
  • Candidates need to allot a minimum amount of time on a daily basis for reading newspapers and monthly magazines.
  • The best way to improve your General Knowledge is by solving SSC CPO Previous Question papers. This will also help candidates to know the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Also, start practicing different types of questions from SSC CPO General Awareness Books PDF available online.
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SSC CPO GK Important Topics for Paper-1 Exam

Candidates preparing for the CPO Exam can download the SSC CPO GK PDF and start preparing all the important topics of the General Awareness. Following SSC CPO Preparation Tips provided by experts would help definitely to crack the exam in the first attempt.

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Let us have a look at the important topics of SSC CPO GK Questions.

Current Affairs Politics History
Sports (Focused on Cricket) Indian Dance Forms & their States Books & Authors
General Chemistry India& World Geography Economics
Biology Art&Culture General Physics

SSC CPO GK Questions and Answers 2020

It is very important to have good preparation in current affairs and you can practice the SSC CPO important questions pdf from previous years and from mock tests. Go through the below GK Questions with answers for SSC CPO 2020 Exam.

Q) The main job of a CPU is to

A) carry out program instructions, process data, and information

Q) Which river is called the “national river” in India?

A) Ganga

Q) ‘International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women’s is observed to

A) 25 November

Q) When is the International Women's Day observed?

A) 8 March

Q) The poison of honey bee is

A) Acidic

Q) National Environmental Engineering Research Institute is located at

A) Nagpur

Q) Which Constitutional Amendment gave precedence to the Directive Principles of State Policy over Fundamental Rights?

A) 42nd

Q) Who was the first Indian lady to preside over the Congress?

A) Annie Besant

Q) The administrative consequence of the Revolt of 1857 was the transfer of power from

A) East India Company to the British Crown

Q) Seawater can be purified by the process of

A) Distillation

Q) Which current is responsible for increasing the temperature of Western Europe?

A) North Equatorial current

Q) In which vertebrate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood gets mixed?

A) Amphibian

Q) Birds usually have a single

A) Ovary

Q) EEG records the activity of

A) Brain

Q) Vijay Stambha at Chittor was built by

A) Rana Kumbha

Q) The threat of global warming is increasing due to the rising concentration of

A) Carbon dioxide

Q) Which Amendment of the Indian Constitution inserted the two words—“Socialist” and “Secular” in the Preamble?

A) 42nd

Q) Two stones of different masses are dropped simultaneously from the top of a building

A) Both the stones reach the ground at the same time

Q) Where is the Bangabandhu stadium?

A) Dhaka

Q) DRDO came into existence in

A) 1958

Q) The total value of goods and services produced in a country during a given period is

A) National income

Q) Which one of the following statements is correct?

A) Bad money drives good money out of circulation

Q) Which of the following contains a high content of lead?

A) High octane fuel

Q) One of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. Jantar Mantar is situated at?

A) New Delhi

Q) The deficiency of Vitamin B causes

A) Beri-beri

Q) What is the full form of NATO?

A) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Q) Who was the first woman in the world to scale the Mount Everest?

A) Junko Tabei

Q) Which of the following is not a Financial Regulator?


Q) Which one of the following does not belong to the chain of communication?

A) Telephone

Q) Write the expansion for NASA

A) National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Q) What is an amendment to the Constitution?

A) Any change in Constitution

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SSC CPO GK Questions Asked in Paper-1 2019 Exam

  • One question from the periodic table.
  • Who is the CJI of India?
  • SAARC Secretary-General?
  • how many places/cities from India included in UNESCO heritage
  • One question based on the article.
  • Nobel prize in economics?
  • The highest melting point of which metal in the pure state?
  • Which of the following Governor-General divided courts as High Court & Supreme Court?
  • The rank of India in the World press freedom index?
  • One question from Carbon Dating
  • Battle of Buxar?
  • Questions related to folk dance.
  • One question from Brics summit
  • President gives his resignation to whom?
  • Capital of Cambodia?
  • Who as the Nawab of Bengal in 1756?
  • Which authority operates the PM Vay Vandana Yojana?
  • Which of the following script is related to Mumbai?
  • 2 question related to folk dance
  • 1 question from eastern India
  • One question related to the gram panchayat
  • Maximum age to be eligible for atal pension yojana
  • When does the Solar Eclipse occur?
  • Konsi situation banti hai
  • 3 questions from history
  • Sutkotda is situated in which Indian state?
  • 3 question related to famous personalities
  • Bharat Ratan Award in 2019 is not related to which of the following persons?

SSC CPO General Knowledge and General Awareness Books

As per the experts, preparation from the right SSC CPO Books will help candidates to better succeed in the exam. Here, we have assembled a list of best books for the preparation of the GK section of the SSC CPO 2020 Exam. 

Check the table below to know the best books for General Awareness and General Knowledge preparation.

Book Name Author
GS Set For General Competition KD Campus
Lucent’s General Knowledge  Lucent Publication
Manorama Yearbook Mammen Mathew

How to attempt the SSC CPO GK Section?

General Knowledge section covers topics like History, current events in the country, current affairs all across the country, general science, geography, economics, and politics. To score good marks in this section, candidates can follow the simple tips mentioned below.

  • First and foremost read the newspaper every day to know all th happenings around the world on a regular basis.
  • Daily watch news at least for one hour and read both National & International Updates.
  • Attempt as many SSC CPO Mock Tests as possible on a daily basis. It will help test your preparation level.
  • Go through basic concepts of Science that include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Candidates are advised to solve the General Awareness Quiz on a daily basis and doing this will help increase your confidence levels.


What are topics need to be prepared for the SSC JHT GK Section?

The Syllabus for General Knowledge and General Awareness will be designed to check the knowledge of the candidates related to the latest updates about the environment, World, Society, Current Events, New Progress of the Nation and World, etc. The important topics that are needed to be prepared for the SSC JHT GK Sections as follows:

  • Current Affairs
  • Politics
  • History
  • Sports (Focused on Cricket)
  • Indian Dance Forms & their States
  • Books & Authors
  • General Chemistry
  • India& World Geography
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Art & Culture
  • General Physics

What is the eligibility for the SI exam?

The SSC CPO Eligibility Criteria has 2 important factors- Educational Qualification and Age Limit (Age Relaxation as per the norms).

Educational Qualification- Candidates must have th Bachelor's Degree from any recognized University or Institute.

Age Limit- The age limit of the aspirants must be in between 20-25 years.

How to prepare for Daily Current Affairs?

Current affairs is one of the most dynamic topics. To boost your current affairs part, go through newspapers on a daily basis and important information like names of people and places in news, names of receivers of various awards, etc. And also, keep an eye on the national BUDGET regularly. Follow our  page to know the latest updates on the happenings around the world.

How can I better prepare for the General Awareness section?

As General awareness is one of the most important and dynamic sections, you need to pay more attention to current affairs, static Gk and general science to score well in the exam. Allot a minimum amount of time reading newspapers and monthly magazines on a daily basis.

Is there any interview in SSC CPO?

There is no Interview for SSC CPO Exam. Paper-I and Paper-II are objective in nature whereas the Physical Standard Test (PST)/ Physical Endurance Test (PET) is the exam which is to test the Physical Strength of the candidate. Candidates have to qualify in both Paper-I and Paper-II to secure a job.

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