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    RRB NTPC Test Series

    RRB NTPC Online Mock Test Series

    RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) is one of the biggest recruiters in India. If you dream to have a career with RRB, we will help you to have the right approach. Attempt our RRB NTPC Stage 2 test series with FREE tests and mock tests designed by our experts.

    The FREE test offered is based on the pattern of exam conducted on 17th January 2017 and mock tests will provide you the “exam oriented” online preparation. Our analysis of performance and personalized feedback will make you score higher than your peers.

    Try out our RRB NTPC Stage 2 test series and create history of your success!

    Exam Pattern


    RRB NTPC Stage 2 (Mains) Exam Pattern

    Subject No. of Question Duration
    Artithmetic Ability (Maths) 120 Questions 1 Hour 30 Minutes
    General Awareness
    General Intelligence & Reasoning

    Test type : Online Objective.
    Negative Marks : 0.33 for each wrong answer.

    Note : The test will be available in English and the language opted by the candidate.


    RRB NTPC Stage 2 (Mains) General Awareness Syllabus:

    Concepts of Economics/Budget


    History and Architecture


    Current Affairs: National/International events

    Awards and Honours


    Culture and Traditions

    Books and Authors

    Indian Railway Board

    Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environment and other concepts from science

    Computer Science(MS Office, Fundamentals of hardware and software, Internet and Web terminology etc.)

    RRB NTPC Stage 2 (Mains) Arithmetic Ability Syllabus:

    Number System:

    Natural numbers


    Rational and Real numbers

    Square roots

    Decimal, fractions

    Unitary method

    Time and distance

    Time and work


    Simple and Compound Interest

    Profit and loss

    Ratio and Proportion


    Elementary Number Theory- Division algorithm

    Fundamental operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

    Prime and composite numbers. Tests of divisibility by 2,3,4,5,9 a11.

    Multiples and factors. Factorisation Theorem. H.C.F. and L.C.M.

    Euclidean algorithm, Logarithms to base 10, laws of logarithms.


    Basic Operations

    Simple factors

    Remainder Theorem

    Polynomial theory

    Quadratic equations and solutions

    Roots and coefficients and relation between them


    Values of sin x, cos x and tan x, for x = 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°

    Simple trigonometric identities

    Use of trigonometric tables

    Heights and distances.


    Lines and angles

    Theorems on Congruency of triangles, similar triangles, Concurrence of medians and altitudes, Properties of angles, parallelogram, rectangle and square


    Area of different shapes

    Surface area and volume of cuboids

    Lateral surface and volume of cones and cylinders

    Surface area and volume of spheres.


    RRB NTPC Stage 2 (Mains) General Intelligence and Reasoning Syllabus:


    Decision making


    Relationship Concepts

    Coding and Decoding

    Statement & Conclusions


    Similarities & Differences


    Problem solving & Analysis

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