RPF Constable Exam Analysis 4th February 2019 Questions Asked

The 1st Shift Shift of RPF Constable Exam of 4th February 2019 is over. Exam Analysts at Toprankers, are here to provide a detailed analysis of the exam. This analysis shall help in evaluating your performance. You can even get an estimate of your score. All those who are yet to appear for the exam can find this analysis helpful too. The RPF Constable Exam consists of 3 sections - Numerical Ability, Reasoning, and General Awareness. The overall exam timing is 90 minutes and for every wrong answer, 1/3rd marks will be deducted. Explore the overall as well as sectional difficulty level, topic-wise weightage, no. of good attempts and Questions asked.

RPF Constable Exam Review Shift 1 – Good Attempts

The table below shows the safer attempts of RPF Constable Shift 1.

RPF Constable Good Attempts of the 1st shift, 4th February 2019
Name Of the Subject No. Of Questions Marks Difficulty Level No. Of Good Attempts
Numerical Ability 35 35 Moderate 25-27
Reasoning Ability 35 35 Easy to Moderate 24-28
General Awareness 50 50 Easy 25-34
Overall 120 120 Easy to Moderate 83-88

Overview of RPF Constable 1st Shift Exam - 4th February 2019

RPF Constable Exam Analysis 4th February Shift 1 – Mathematics

  • Questions on Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Speed & Time
  • Square & Square roots
  • Simplification
  • Mensuration
  • Age related questions
  • Average
  • Percentage
  • Number System

RPF Constable Exam Analysis 4th February Shift 1 - Reasoning

    To be Updated

RPF Constable Exam Analysis 4th February Shift 1 - General Awareness

  • Where does the process of Photosynthesis take place?
  • Where does RBC (Red Blood Cell) gets originated?
  • When was United Nations Organisation (UNO) instituted?
  • When is world water day celebrated?
  • Who was the first chairman of the Chhattisgarh Educational Committee?
  • At which place does the Sunlight remain for an extended duration?
  • Who is known as the Nightingale of India?
  • Who is known to be the chief cultural producer of Ancient India?
  • Durgapur Steel Industry was instituted with the help of?
  • When is National Consumer Day Celebrated in India?
  • When did the unification of Vietnam happend?
  • Which country does not follow democracy?
  • Where was ‘Antyodaya Yojna’ initiated for the very first time in India?
  • Where is the headquarter of the Asian Development Bank?
  • When did the Green Revolution started in India?
  • Where can we attain the maximum value of g?
  • Who invented electron?
  • Who instituted ‘Satyasodhak Samaj’?
  • What is the most prominently found substance in Pitch blend?
  • Heavy water is used for?
  • Red flower in the green light will appear to be of which colour?
  • Which is the smallest bone in the Human Body?
  • How does one get affected by Polio?
  • What did Mahatma Gandhi postponed after Chaura-Chauri incident?
  • Moti Temple in Agra was built in the reign of which Emperor?
  • Who was the first women ruler of Mediterranean India?
  • Which organ is affected by pneumonia?
  • How much time does it take for the sunlight to reach earth?
  • Who used Tank (Tope) for the first time in India?
  • After which incident did Ashoka turned into a follower of Budha?
  • Lord Buddha used to educate in which language?
  • Where is Kevladev National Park located?
  • Which planet has the shortest year and biggest day duration in the universe?
  • Where are aircrafts built in India?
  • Who is also known as ‘Kavi Guru’?
  • Fathometer is used to measure?
  • Which is the largest river in the world
  • Attempt the RPF Constable CBT Mock Test

    Tips for upcoming Shifts

    Go through the formula charts for the numerical paper. Revise on the current affairs of last 3 months.

    Keep all your documents such as; admit card & photo identity proof ready. The RPF Constable admit card is available for downloading in RPF Constable official site. Also, you can download the admit card in a single click through the link below:

    Download RPF Admit Card

    Keep visiting us regularly for more exam review and analysis of the upcoming day's analysis. We are sure that you have worked hard to clear the RPF SI and Constable Examination and hence, we are confident that your efforts will be rewarded. Just keep going!

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