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Java 8 (1Z0-808)

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About JAVA 8 programmer Exam :

JAVA 8 programmer exam, also referred as 1Z0-808 Certification exam is one of the most sought after exam by those who are serious about making a decent career as it gives an edge when compared to peers. The certification ensures that you are well versed with tricky aspects of JAVA & hence are well equipped to handle job interviews and practical implementation.

Exam Details : 1Z0-808

Duration of Exam : 150 minutes

Number of Questions : 70

Passing Score : 65%

Exam Format : Multiple Choice

The important topics that needs to be brushed up before attempting exam is as follows :

  1. JAVA Basics
  2. JAVA Data Types
  3. Operators and Decision Constructs
  4. Arrays - Creation and Usage
  5. Loop Constructs
  6. OOPs Concepts
  7. Methods and reconstructs
  8. Working with Inheritance
  9. Exception Handling
  10. File I/O
  11. Multi-threading
  12. Collections
  13. Working with Selected Classes from the JAVA API
  14. JDBC

What is the best way to prepare for for OCAJP &/ or OCPJP?

  • The first step to prepare for any exam is to have basics in place! This holds true for Oracle certifications as well. Get hold of the best books around JAVA, clear your basics and build strong concepts. Remember, concepts in exam is equivalent to laying foundation of a building, deeper the foundation (concepts), stronger the building.
  • Practice - No matter how confident you are with your basics, you can fare well only when you have enough hours of practice to back you up! The certification tests you in practical implementation of technical knowledge you have gained. Simply reading from books wont suffice. We have one of the best JAVA 8 dumps money can buy. Professionals who have attempted our 1Z0-808-dumps bear the testimony of the fact we are one of the best institute with world class simulators based on latest Oracle certification pattern. You would know you are in safe hands once you attempt our tests.
How do I know I am good to give certification exam?

Practice, practice & practice! Once you are able to score well beyond passing percentage, you know you would be able to easily navigate through the actual certification exam. The next question that crops us is what is a good score in simulator? Well, based on our student's performance and our experience, if you consistently score 20% & more above the passing marks, you are good to go with the actual certification exam.

Well I am scoring well in JAVA 8 (1Z0-808) dumps and simulators, what is the next steps for me?

Well, congratulations first! Now go ahead and register yourself for the exams. You can directly register with Oracle or good new is that we have coupons/ vouchers at a discounted price just for you! Whats more is that you can use the coupons for any of the certification exams by Oracle .


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