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Sample Question For Olympiads

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What are Refund & Return policies?

There is no provision for order cancellation. Toprankers reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts or other consideration in select circumstances at its sole discretion.

What is The National e-Olympiad Series?

The National e-olympiad Series is a National Level Online Test Series of 6 different olympiads namely for Accounts, Economics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Law and Post 12th Aptitude Based Entrance Exams for all the students who are in 11th or 12th standard and these olympiads are open for all streams students

Why should I write these tests?

The National e-Olympiads Series is one of its kind series which is going to be conducted for the first time across the country where you get a chance to test yourself in various areas on National level like your National level rank in Accountancy, Economics, Applied Mathematics, Core Mathe matics, Law Preparations and Post 12th Aptitude Exams Preps. Also you stand a chance to get Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals with Certificates from the National Level Top Ed-Tech Brands like Top Rankers, Legal Edge, Super Grads, CommercEdge and Math Edge and lots of exciting prizes worth Rs.11,00,000, Cash Prizes upto 25,000. In addition to this, participation certificates are also there for everyone.

How can I register for these tests?

To register, visit

When it is going to be held?

i. National Applied Mathematics Olympiad - 18th Sept. (1pm-3pm)

ii. National Mathematics Olympiad - 18th Sept. (1pm-3pm)

iii. National Accounts Olympiad - 19th Sept. (1pm-3pm)

iv. National Aptitude Olympiad - 19th Sept. (4pm-6pm)

v. National Economics Olympiad - 20th Sept. (1pm-3pm)

vi. National Law Olympiad - 20th Sept. (4pm-6pm)

Are these tests FREE?

No these tests are paid. You will be charged ₹50 per test

When will the results going to be announced?

23rd September on TopRankers Portal and you will get the results on your registered mobile number.

Can I write all the tests?

Yes, you can appear in all the Olympiads in which you want to.




Aarushi Shrivastava This is i think just an attempt to mint money in the name of taking competitive subject based olympaid and with attractive prizes recognition, so annoying to trust you all while being cooperated with such highly reputed coaching institutes like legal edge and others please do something either resolve the issues that appeared during the tests or retake these test again the other sections of economics were not taken when i clicked on proceed and the test was submitted do refund money if you can't take tests with proper suitables. Big mistake and waste of time and money!!!
Namira Liyakat Sawant The Experience of the exam was awesome the like the way the exam was take it was needfull for me i wasnt thought my answer will be correct but let see and early waiting for result to declare i havent given my test for prizes but i have given test for increasing my knowledge thanks to TOPRANKER team for ur support.. and also thanks for given me chance to seat in exam.
Shikha lodhi Felt good after attempteing todays test ☺
MD Sahil Only able to attempt one section.
Amanpreet This was awesome exam i ever given.It boost my mind. I feel realy good👌👌👌
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