Life Insurance Corporation of India conducted the LIC Assistant Mains Exam in December 2019. It is a common question that arises in each candidate's mind about how does LIC calculated marks through normalization. In order to understand the process, go through a brief description of LIC Marks Normalization provided in this post.

  • LIC Assistant Exam is conducted in two shifts each day. The total duration of each shift is 1 hour with 20 minutes for each section.
  • LIC Assistant Result is announced and calculated on the basis of the normalised marks as per the formula given below
  • LIC Assistant Cut off (Official) is announced along with the result announced.
  • Candidates appearing for the exam can go through LIC Assistant Exam Analysis which helps to know the difficulty level, questions asked in the exam and also what are the good attempts.

What is LIC Marks Normalization?

LIC calculates the marks of all candidates appearing for the LIC Assistant Exam through the normalization process. As the examination is conducted in multiple shifts with the different difficulty levels of the paper, Normalization helps in balancing the scores to a common level. 

Why is LIC Normalization done?

LIC follows the method of Normalization to convert all marks into a standardized format to make it fair for all candidates appearing for the exam. It is done to evaluate the performance of all the candidates on similar exam parameters i.e. it aims to balance the difficulty level across different shifts of the exam.

  • The normalization is done following an assumption that in all multi-shifts examination, the distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all shifts.

How is LIC Marks Normalization Done?

The marks calculated using the LIC Normalization formula can be corrected up to 5 places of decimal. Here is the normalization formula used by LIC to calculate the candidate's final score.

LIC Assistant Mock test

LIC Assistant Mock Test


Can the Marks decrease after LIC Normalization?

Normalization is a process of balancing the scores of candidates appearing for LIC Exam in different shifts. As each may differ in the difficulty level, Normalization helps in adjusting the score. Hence, the scores can either increase or decrease. 

Does accuracy matter Normalization?

Accuracy does not matter in Normalization as the normalized mark is based on average marks, deviation in marks, difficulty level of the paper.

What is LIC Normalization score?

As the LIC Assistant Exam is conducted in different shifts with different difficulty levels, Normalization Process helps in balancing the marks. The scores that are derived after  the Normalization process is called LIC Normalized score.

Why is Normalization done in LIC Assistant Exam 2019?

The main reason for Normalization is to balance the marks secured by each student appearing for LIC Assistant Exam in different shifts.