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Understanding Idioms and Phrases for Management Exams

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 8, 2023


Summary: Idioms and Phrases are integral sections in the top management exams. Those who prepare for this are known to give tough competition to their counterparts. Hence, we suggest preparing those idioms that have been asked previously. 

Idioms and phrases are prominent topics that must be covered for acing the management exams. Usually, this section accounts for around 4 to 5 questions which helps increase the score. Hence, experts suggest studying idioms and phrases from day one of the exam preparations. 

A plethora of idioms and phrases should be at your fingertips during the exams. However, out of those, some are asked in the examination regularly. Read along this page to learn about the top idioms and phrases for the upcoming management exams. 

Idioms and Phrases for Management Exams

If you are aspiring for the upcoming management exams, then you should be well versed with the idioms relevant to the exams. The following table consists of the important phrases and idioms that are asked in the top management exams like CAT, MAT etc. 



Ant in Your Pants

To be excited, anxious or nervous

Cat Nap

A short sleep

Cat’s Got One’s Tongue

One who does not speak due to shyness

Clam Up

One who becomes quite suddenly

Dropping like Flies

Dying up Quickly

Dog Days

Very hot days

Eager Beaver

A person who is enthusiastic

Have a Cow

Get extremely upset

Hold your horses

Directly from the original source

Riding a High Horse

Arrogant and Unyielding mood

Look a gift horse in the mouth

Find a fault with the gift that is received

Pig Out

Eat a lot of something

In the dog house

In trouble with another person

Until the cow comes home

For a very long time

Black Sheep

An odd member of the group

Dark Horse

A candidate who wins unexpectedly

A bull in China’s shop

A person who inflicts damage


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