IBPS SO Prelims Mock Tests

(2 Total Tests)

IBPS SO Prelims Free Test (IT Officer, Agriculture Field Officer, HR/Personnel Officer and Marketing Officer)

150 Questions
125 Marks
120 Minutes
Score: - -

IBPS SO Prelims Free Test 02 (IT Officer, Agriculture Field Officer, HR/Personnel Officer and Marketing Officer)

150 Questions
125 Marks
120 Minutes
Score: - -

IBPS SO Prelims Mock Test 2020

(1 Total Tests)

IBPS SO Prelims Free Test (IT Officer, Agriculture Field Officer, HR/Personnel Officer and Marketing Officer)

150 Questions
125 Marks
120 Minutes
Score: - -
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IBPS SO Prelims Mock Test Plans & Packages

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Is it possible to take the IBPS SO Online Test Series Offline?

Yes certainly! After downloading the PDF format of the IBPS SO marketing free mock test, you can give the test offline several times.

How difficult is the online exam for IBPS SO prelims mock test?

The difficulty levels of the IBPS SO prelims mock tests are temperate. The questions are chiefly based on the current IBPS syllabus and its exam patterns.

How long does it take to give the feedback or the results of the IBPS SO Mock test?

The candidates can expect the test results along with the solution right away after submitting the papers of the IBPS SO mock test. Occasionally it might take a few more times to process and display the results.

Can I re-attempt the IBPS SO prelims online free mock test to enhance my skills?

Obviously you can! As the questions are available to be downloaded in the PDF format, you can retake the test again and again.

What is the last date of registering for the IBPS SO marketing officer mock test series?

This particular information is mentioned on the individual package, but, to acquire it, you need to proceed with the registration.

Is it possible to edit the answers while attempting the free online mock test for IBPS SO prelims?

The candidates can edit the answers during the free online mock test for IBPS SO prelims. For that, they need to visit the Mark and Review option in order to edit their answers accordingly.




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IBPS SO Mock Test Series 2020

Enhance your preparation for IBPS SO by taking up IBPS SO Mock Test Series that is designed based on the latest exam pattern. Along with daily preparation, it is suggested to take up IBPS SO Test Series regularly so that you can analyze your preparation levels. There are a lot of advantages in taking up IBPS SO Online FREE Test Series which include 

  • The IBPS SO Test Series let you experience the real-time exam environment
  • You can analyze your preparation levels and know where you are going wrong and also in which area you are weak.
  • As there are numerous IBPS SO Free Test Series available, each candidate can utilize them and be well prepared for the exam.
  • The questions in the IBPS SO Online Test Series are prepared by experts in the respective subjects as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus.
  • In the IBPS SO Free Mock Test Series, there is a detailed analysis report sent after completion of the test which lets you know your mistakes.
  • Make a list of these mistakes and improvise on them.

As there are very few days left for the exam, enhance your preparation for IBPS SO Prelims Exam, by following certain preparation tips by experts

  • Make a proper study plan
  • Read each and every topic one by one every day
  • Note down important points during studying so that it will be helpful during revision
  • Take up IBPS SO Test Series on a weekly basis to analyze your preparation
  • Go through the detailed report received after attempting the IBPS SO Online Test Series to know your mistakes.
  • Solve previous year question papers to know which type of questions can appear in the exam
  • You can also estimate the difficulty level of the paper.

The exam encompasses three selection phases: Prelims, Mains, and interviews. After successfully qualifying all of the stages, the candidates could relish the prestigious job positions of the I.T Officer Law officer, Agricultural field officer, Marketing Officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, and HR officer.

IBPS SO Mock Test holds an essential role in terms of encouraging the students and enhancing their preparations for the prelims and mains for IBPS SO.

  • The dates of the IPBS SO prelims are set on 26th and 27th of December 2020 and the mains are scheduled on 30th January 2021 by the authority in charge
  • The IBPS SO admit card for prelims and mains are anticipated to release respectively on December and January
  • Every Indian candidate on and above 18 years are eligible to sit in the exam

IBPS SO Online Preparation Methods: IBPS SO free mock test

The aspirants who are willing to undertake the online IBPS SO examination ought to be familiar with the online preparation procedures. Through attempting the online IBPS SO mock test series, solving last year exam papers, and following the newest exam patterns, one can fruitfully acquire his/her goal of cracking IBPS SO examinations.

The medium of the language in which the papers are set is English. Thus, to get flexible with it and to catch the exam-like vibe, the candidates are advised to take on the IBPS SO Prelims mock tests in English instead of Hindi.

The IBPS SO marketing mock test can be ideal to cross-check your preparation when the exams are near. It not only guides you about the exam pattern but also increases your speed to carry out the online exam. Moreover, the report that is generated after submitting the exam paper, integrates solutions of the faulty answers in a simple and comprehensible way.

Regular practice of the IBPS SO online mock test can assist you to work on your weak point and make you mentally contended enough to execute the online test without uneasiness.

Understanding IBPS SO Exam Pattern

According to the latest IBPS SO exam pattern, the online prelim test comprises 3 segments including Reasoning, English Language, and General Awareness carrying a total of 125 marks. The entire exam is needed to be solved within 2 hours.

In terms of the mains, the candidates need to solve a total of 60 questions in the section of professional knowledge within 45 minutes.  Candidates appearing for the Rajbhasha Adhikari requires executing 45 questions for objective and 2 for descriptive (total marks 60) within 60 minutes. 

Benefits of IBPS so mock test in exam preparation

  • Saves time: When you take on the IBPS SO Prelims mock test online instead of walking into the institutions for preparation, much of your time is saved allowing you to give your entire focus on studying.
  • Improves time managing skill- By attempting the online mock test, you can count in your speed and improve it accordingly to do better in prelims and mains.
  • Enhances ability- With the IBPS SO mock test prelims; you will get the opportunity of detecting your weaker points and recover it efficiently.
  • In-depth analysis- The IBPS SO prelims online free mock test provides the candidates with detailed explanations, analysis, and tips from the toppers of every question to help you get the best exam preparation while at home.

Salient features of IPBS SO Mock Test

  • It incorporates unabridged exams for IBPS SO including 15 prelims and 5 mains
  • The candidates can even opt for downloading the PDF of the monthly current affairs
  • Your submitted papers are checked and analyzed by the toppers
  • The generated reports contain solutions to the incorrect answers
  • It even allows you to take the free monitoring sessions from professionals