IBPS holds six positions in the SO IBOS recruitment exam, namely: agricultural field employee, marketing employee, information technology officer, law officer, field agent Human and personal resources and Rajbhasha Adhikari. Many candidates often ask for the IBPS SO job profile and salary structure of these SO IBPS positions.

In this article, we give you all the details about IBPS SO Salary and job profile.

Head of IT SO IBPS: salary and work profile

IT managers manage central bank system software (CBS) maintenance, data maintenance, network security, internet and mobile banking, digital transactions and other technical issues, and more.

Many have claimed that the pay structure of the IT manager of IBPS SO was as follows:

Basic payment: 23700-980 (7) - 30560 - 1145 (2) - 32850 - 1310 (7) - 42020.

Also, the IT manager receives other benefits, such as the Dearness allowance, the housing allowance, the special allowance, and so on. This wage structure is almost comparable to that of the IBPS PO. You can get information about these missions by clicking on the link below.

IBPS SO 2019: salary, pay, work profile, promotion policy.

IBPS SO Mock Test Series

IBPS SO Mock Test Series

IBPS SO Agriculture Field Manager: salary and job profile

The Head of Agriculture is responsible for assessing agricultural loans and promoting rural finances. He or she also performs inspections for the loan penalty. The head of the agricultural sector also draws up reports on debts, loans, etc. In addition to coordination with other organizations working on the development of the rural economy.

The salary structure of a farmworker is comparable to that of an IBPS OP, that is.

Basic payment: 23700-980 (7) - 30560 - 1145 (2) - 32850 - 1310 (7) - 42020.

He is also entitled to other benefits and allowances, such as an appreciation for the kindness, rent allowance, special allowance, etc.

IBPS SO Law Officer: salary and professional profile

A court official works in the legal department of a bank. They generally manage legal matters for the bank. The agent also participates in the preparation of legal documents and the verification of legal documents. The salary of an IBPS SO legal agent is almost the same as that of other IBOS SO agents for which it was previously available.

Human Resources / Human Resources Manager IBPS SO: salary and professional profile

The human resources/personnel manager of IBPS SO manages the employee database, their performance and also carries out induction processes. It also manages various promotional programs

and policies, as well as recruitment processes. The salary of a human resources/personnel manager at IBPS N / A is comparable to that of another employee.

IBPS SO Rajbhasha Adhikari: salary and professional profile

IBPS NA Rajbhasha Adhikari often translates and examines many essential documents. He also gives language seminars for bank staff training. The salary structure of IBPS Senior Officer Rajbhasha Adhikari is also comparable with the other IBPS Senior Officer positions mentioned above.

IBPS SO Online Coaching

IBPS SO Online Coaching

IBPS SO Marketing Manager: salary and professional profile

The marketing agent mainly manages marketing and promotional activities. The marketing agent is often responsible for conceptualizing and designing advertisements to promote the bank's message to the masses. The agent usually has to develop marketing strategies and business plans to increase sales. The basic payment of a marketing manager is also comparable to that of the managers of the IBPS operating system. In addition to the basic salary, a marketing agent also receives other subsidies and benefits.

Official scale one results in GIC 2019: The General Insurance Corporation (GIC) published the official scale result 1 2019 on its official website. With the publication of the outcome, it is waiting for the candidates who have taken the GIC Scale 1 Assistant Manager exam. From now on, all of these candidates can view the results of the official GIC 1 on the 2019 scale available on the official website of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC): gicofindia.com.

The GIC Officer exam, on a scale of 1 2019, was held on 5 October 2019 in a total of 25 interview centres.

IBPS SO Online Coaching

IBPS SO Online Coaching


When will the Notification be released for IBPS SO 2020?

IBPS will be releasing IBPS SO Notification on November 7, 2019.

What is the salary of an IBPS Specialist Officer?

The basic pay of IBPS SO is Rs.23700 in the pay scale of 23700-980(7)-30560-1145(2)-32850-1310(7)-42020

When can I start filling the application form for IBPS SO 2020?

You can start filling the application form November 6, 2019.

When is the last date to fill the IBPS SO Application Form 2020?

The last date to fill the IBPS SO Application Form is November 26, 2019.

When is the IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2019?

The IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2019 is conducted on December 28 & 29, 2019.

When will the Admit Card be released for IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2019?

IBPS will release the admit card for IBPS SO Prelims before 10 days of the exam.

How many vacancies are there in IBPS SO 2020?

As the exact vacancy is not yet released, but there is more than 1500 vacancies expected in IBPS SO 2019.

How many posts are present under Specialist Officer?

There are 6 posts present under Specialist Officer which include IT Officer, Agricultural Field Officer, Rajabhasha Adhikari, Law Officer, HR/Personnel Officer, Marketing Officer.

What is total of vacancies for Marketing Officer?

As the exact vacancies are not yet released, however there is an expected vacancy of 302 for Marketing Officer post.