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QA / DI / LR


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QA / DI / LR


Sneha Batham

Language Skills

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English Language

English Language | Vocabulary Building Strategy
English Language | Vocabulary Building Strategy

Conducted On:

8th Aug 10:15 AM

Quantitative Aptitude

IBPS PO | Quantitative Aptitude | Averages
IBPS PO | Quantitative Aptitude | Averages

Conducted On:

6th Aug 09:00 PM

Logical Reasoning

IBPS PO | Verbal Reasoning | Puzzle Session 01
IBPS PO | Verbal Reasoning | Puzzle Session 01

Conducted On:

10th Aug 06:00 PM
IBPS PO | Arithmetic | Profit & Loss
IBPS PO | Arithmetic | Profit & Loss

Conducted On:

17th Aug 06:00 PM

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Quantitative Aptitude

IBPS PO | Arithmetic | Percentage Session 2
IBPS PO | Arithmetic | Percentage Session 2

Conducted On:

14th Aug 06:00 PM
IBPS PO | Arithmetic | Percentage Session 1
IBPS PO | Arithmetic | Percentage Session 1

Conducted On:

13th Aug 06:00 PM

English Language

IBPS PO | Vocabulary | FIB / Fillers / Contextual Vocabulary
IBPS PO | Vocabulary | FIB / Fillers / Contextual Vocabulary

Conducted On:

16th Aug 06:00 PM

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Banking Gold- IBPS PO Online Coaching

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LIVE Online Coaching for IBPS PO Prelims.

59 Online Live Classes of 2-2.30 hours each.

8+ Marathon Workshops (Practice Sessions) of 3-4 hours each.

100+ Pre Recorded Videos.

Downloadable e-books.

Assignments after every class.

150+ Mock Tests (40 Full Lengths, 30 Sectional, 80+Topic Tests) for IBPS PO Prelims.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Valid till:30th Nov 2018

Banking Gold- Banking Online Coaching

₹9999/- ₹4999/- 50.01%

Live Online Coaching for IBPS RRB (Officer & Assistant), PO, Clerk & SO Exams.

230+ Online Live Classes of 2-2.30 hrs each.

40+ Marathon Workshops (Practice Sessions) of 3-4 hrs each.

100+ Pre Recorded Videos

Downloadable E-Books for all batches

Assignments after every class

300+ Full Length Tests (Total 650+ Tests) covering all IBPS Prelims & Mains Exams.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Valid till:31st Dec 2018

Course Highlights


150+ Hours Live Classes

55+ Online Live Classes of 2-2.30 hours each and 8+ Online Workshops (Practice Sessions) of 3-4 hours each


100+ Pre Recorded Videos

Lectures covering all topics with smart tips & tricks



Understand concepts better through downloadable e-books



Daily Practice assignments to keep you well prepared


Doubt Clearing Sessions

Discussion board and live doubt clearing sessions to resolve every single doubt you may have


150+ Mock Tests

40 Full Lengths, 30 Sectional, 80+ Topic Tests


Personalized Mentoring

1-to-1 regular interaction sessions with our expert mentors offer unparalleled test preparedness


Other Benefits

Current Affairs E-Books, Questions Box, Interview Process Guide and more

Class Schedule:

S.No Date Subject Topic Time Faculty
1 10-08-2018 Verbal Reasoning Puzzle 6:00pm - 8:00pm ABS
2 13-08-2018 QA| Arithmetic Percentage | Session I 6:00pm - 8:00pm AJC
3 14-08-2018 QA| Arithmetic Percentage | Session II 6:00pm - 8:00pm AJC
4 16-08-2018 English Language | Vocabulary FIB/Fillers/Contextual Vocabulary 6:00pm - 8:00pm SB
5 17-08-2018 QA | Arithmetic Profit and Loss 6:00pm - 8:00pm AJC
6 18-08-2018 English Language | Grammar Based on the Errors of Noun/Pronoun 6:00pm - 8:00pm SB
7 19-08-2018 QA | Arithmetic Simple and Compound Interest 6:00pm - 8:00pm AJC

IBPS PO Batch - Course Details:

Session No. Topic Description
QA-1 Arithmetic Calculations(Square, Cubes, Square Root, Cube Roots)
QA-2 Algebra Surds and Indices, Identeties
QA-3 Number Theory Approximation & Simplification
QA-4 Arithmetic Percentage-1
QA-5 Arithmetic Percentage-2
QA-6 Arithmetic Profit & Loss
QA-7 Arithmetic Simple and Compound Interest
QA-8 Arithmetic Ratio & Proportion
QA-9 Arithmetic Mixtures & Allegation
QA-10 Arithmetic Averages and Partnership/ Chain Rule
QA-11 Arithmetic Time & work
QA-12 Arithmetic Wages & Pipes n Cistern
QA-13 Arithmetic Time, Speed & Distance-1
QA-14 Arithmetic Time, Speed & Distance-2
QA-15 Number Theory Numbers-1
QA-16 Number Theory Numbers-2
QA-17 Number Theory Numbers-3
QA-18 Algebra Basic Algebra and Linear Equations(Age Problems)
QA-19 Algebra Quadratic Equations
QA-20 Modern Maths Permutation & Combination
QA-21 Modern Maths Probability
QA-22 Geometry + Mensuration Triangles & Polygon
QA-23 Geometry + Mensuration Quadrilateral & Circle
QA-24 Geometry + Mensuration Mensuration(3D)
QA-25 Data Interpretation-1 Tables, Bar , Line Graph & Pie charts
QA-26 Data Interpretation-2 Combination of Graphs(Mixed Graphs)
QA-27 Data Interpretation-3 Diiferent Graphs(Radar,Traingular)
QA-28 Data Interpretation-4 Advanced Data Interpretation
QA-29 Data Interpretation-5 Data Interpretation based on T & W and TSD
QA-30 Data Sufficiency Data Sufficiency
VA-1 Vocabulary 1 Vocabulary 1-Notes on vocabulary building strategy 1 / World list 1 (Synonyms /Antonyms )
VA-2 Vocabulary 2 Vocabulary 2-Notes on vocabulary building strategy 2/ World list 2(FIB)
VA-3 Vocabulary 3 Word list 3 with (Cloze test)
VA-4 Vocabulary 4 Word list 4 with Cloze test + FIB (one blank + two blank)
VA-5 Grammar 1 Grammar 1 -Notes on Parts of Speech (Based on the errors of Noun/Adjective/Pronoun/Adverb )
VA-6 Grammar 2 Grammar -2 Notes on subject verb agreement (Errors of SVA + parts of speech )
VA-7 Grammar 3 Grammar 3 -Tense theory
VA-8 Grammar 4 Grammar 4- Prepositions/ Word with set Prepositions (Time/position /place and word preposition)
VA-9 Grammar 5 English usage(Miscellaneous -Grammar topics -Replacing Underlined part)
VA-10 Grammar 6 Frequent errors in English (Miscellaneous Grammar topics -Replacing Underlined part)
VA-11 Reading Comprehension 1 Basics of RC (Practice short passages finding theme/tone/title/main idea)
VA-12 Reading Comprehension 2 Detailing of RC (Inference and implied questions of RC)
VA-13 Reading Comprehension 3 RC long and difficult
VA-14 Verbal Logic Para Jumble & Different types of Para Jumble
LR-1 Verbal Reasoning Coding-Decoding
LR-2 Verbal Reasoning Sequence & Ranking
LR-3 Verbal Reasoning Family Relation and Direction
LR-4 Verbal Reasoning Inequality
LR-5 Verbal Reasoning Series-1
LR-6 Verbal Reasoning Series-2
LR-7 Verbal Reasoning Input Output
LR-8 Verbal Reasoning Puzzle-1
LR-9 Verbal Reasoning Puzzle-2
LR-10 Verbal Reasoning Puzzle-3
LR-11 Verbal Reasoning Sitting Arrangement-1
LR-12 Verbal Reasoning Sitting Arrangement-2
LR-13 Analytical Reasoning Syllogism
LR-14 Analytical Reasoning Statement -Course Of Action,Strong and Weak Argument & Evaluating Inference
LR-15 Analytical Reasoning Statement -Assumption,Statement -Conclusion
Section Name No. Of Online Live Classes
Quantitative Aptitude + Data Interpretation 30
Logical Reasoning 14
English Language 15
Total 59

About the Mentors:


Abhishek Shrivastava Sir

(Quantitative Aptitude/ Data Interpretation/ Logical Reasoning)
  • Has spent 12+ Years in test-prep education training more than 10 thousand students for various competitive exams - MBA entrance, IIM-CAT, BANK, SSC, CLAT and Campus training.
  • Has scored 100 percentile in Quantitative aptitude & Data Interpretation in CAT and got calls for GD & PI by IIM Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore and Kozhikode.

Ajit Chautrani Sir

(Quantitative Aptitude/ Data Interpretation/ Logical Reasoning)
  • A passionate individual known for his zeal and energy inside the classroom, having mentored thousands of students for various aptitude tests including CAT and BANK for last 4 years. He is an educationalist at heart.
  • Holds and MBA degree having scored 99.5 percentile in CAT QA section. Teaching has always been his passion. He took to teaching as a full time profession after working in corporate for 7 years.

Sneha Batham

(Language Skills)
  • She has a teaching experience of more than five years in training and mentoring students for various competitive exams. Her classes are lively, interactive spaces where students are encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussions in an atmosphere that fosters self-expression.
  • She is a passionate language learner and firmly believes that the best way to learn is to teach.


What are the benefits of IBPS PO online coaching?

Online coaching for IBPS PO is the best options in terms of convenience factor. It is not time consuming and gives you a chance to prepare in your comfort zone. More over, it is quite reasonable as compared to offline courses/ coaching institutes in the market.

How do I participate in an online class? Can I use my MOBILE to access IBPS PO classes?

In case of LIVE classes, you will be provided with a link of the live IBPS PO class beforehand. All you need to have is a Computer or Laptop or a MOBILE phone with an active internet connection. In case of recorded videos, you can watch the vidoes online which will be already available. In both of cases, you can ask your doubts without any hesitation and our experts will be answering.

What is the system requirement to watch the IBPS PO mains online coaching?

System Requirement:RAM: 2GB and above, Minimum Internet Speed : 1 Mbps, Recommended Browser : Google Chrome (Updated Version), Processor : Dual Core and above

What are the IBPS PO crash course 2018 timings?

Reasoning Gold Class Timings: Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

What if I face any technical glitch during a IBPS PO online video course?

We would recommend you to everytime check system settings and internet 5 minutes before the IBPS PO online video course starts.

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