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Quantitative Aptitude by Dr. G.S.Giridhar, Founder, Director RACE
Quantitative Aptitude by Dr. G.S.Giridhar, Founder, Director RACE

Conducted On:

5th Oct 06:00 PM
Session 01 | Logical Reasoning | Coding Decoding
Session 01 | Logical Reasoning | Coding Decoding

Conducted On:

10th Oct 06:00 PM
Speed Maths By Dr. G.S.Giridhar, Founder & Director
Speed Maths By Dr. G.S.Giridhar, Founder & Director

Conducted On:

14th Oct 06:00 PM

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Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts an annual examination to recruit for Clerk Cadre in public banks throughout the country. With a good salary package and promising growth, Lakhs of candidates appears for the IBPS Clerk Exam each year. The right preparation is what determines a students success in the exam. IBPS Clerk Online Coaching by Race is one of the most defining, descriptive and successful when it comes to converting Aspirants into Bank Employees.

IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race Academy

IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race: Picking the Right Coaching Institute 

There are many Books and institutes that have a compilation of a lot of study material and practice tests that cover most of the syllabus topics of the IBPS Exam but what sets a good coaching institute apart from a Great Coaching Institute? 

  • Experience: With Over 20 Years of Experience, Dr G.S Giridhar founded the RACE Coaching Institute by bringing together the best pool of knowledgeable teachers under one roof.
  • Teachers: Teachers with Real Industry Experience and years of experience in educating students and providing relevant information, understanding individual doubts & resolving them with patience and tact.
  • Personal Performance Review (PPR)- By reviewing the performance of each student through assessments and responses, the teachers at RACE provide each individual student with an appropriate suggestion for improvement. 
  • Easy of Access to Video Classes: Candidates can go easily access the content anywhere and anytime on the website or through the application. 
  • Study Material: From Daily Current Affairs to important Banking information to Notes on difficult topics and a whole lot of relevant & updated information. 
  • Mock Tests: With Tests that replicate the real Exam, IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race tests candidates on both Prelims & Mains Mock Test to familiarize the student with the exam pattern, important topics and to educate about the time efficiency that the exam goers need to master. 

Why Go For Online Coaching?

With the IBPS Clerk Online Coaching by RACE, candidates can access the content easily. Here are a few reasons why Online Coaching is a more efficient way to prepare for the IBPS Clerk Exam

  • Premium & easy to understand digital classes can be accessed from the comfort of a student's home.
  • The practice of attending offline classes was time-consuming and wasted precious time in travelling that could have been utilized in more productive ways.
  • Decreasing the travelling time & effort of going to offline coaching, Digital Classrooms are providing a more time-efficient and futuristic model of education & mentorship.
  • With the help of IBPS Clerk Online Coaching by RACE, lectures by industry experts are just a click away.

What are the Packages Offered by RACE?

In order to prepare Banking aspirants for the IBPS Clerk exam, RACE Academy has come up with multiple packages that candidates can opt for. The Packages offered have been mentioned above in detail. The Packages have been Divided into 5, candidates have an option to opt for whichever package suits him/her the best 

1) IBPS CLERK Online Classes (Prelims+Mains) by Race Coaching

250+ Hours Live Online Classes with Faculty interaction by Top Class Faculty of RACE. 10 Prelims & 10 Mains Grand Tests, study material and Much more. 

2) IBPS CLERK Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Online Classes (Prelims+Mains) by Race Coaching

Speed Math Classes for Faster Calculations, Study Material, Live classes & more.

3) IBPS CLERK Reasoning Online Classes (Prelims+Mains) by Race Coaching

Live Classes & Videos, Study Material and more

4) IBPS CLERK Quantitative Aptitude Online Classes (Prelims+Mains) by Race Coaching

Speed Math Classes for Faster Calculations, study material & more

5) IBPS CLERK English Online Classes (Prelims+Mains) by Race Coaching

Live Classes & Videos, study material and more

Who are The Teachers at RACE Academy?

In this post, we have given you a summary about the IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race, Now, know the Teachers at RACE

1) Dr G.S.Giridhar (Speed Maths / Arithmetic): A Veteran in the field of Teaching, Dr G.S Giridhar is the founder of RACE Academy who has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and a passion for education that still keeps him going. 

Qualification: MBA, D.Litt

2) B Subba Raja (Quantitative Aptitude): Teaching for more than 5 Years now, Mr Subba Raja is known for giving precise and appropriate explanation to difficult mathematics problems which makes him popular among students. 

Qualification: B.Tech

3) N Swathi Priya (English Language): Teaching for more than 8 years. Ms Priya has a passion for teaching and educating students in both the basics and advanced levels of the language. 

Qualification: M.A English, B.Ed

4) Bharath (Quantitative Aptitude): An Income Tax Officer who resigned his job to follow his passion for teaching. Mr Bharath has been teaching quantitative aptitude to thousands of banking aspirants for the past 4 years. 

Qualification: B.Tech

5) Jayendra Banothu (Reasoning):  With an amazing sense of logical reasoning, Mr Banothu helps students solve complex reasoning questions with simple tricks and tips. 

Qualification: B.Tech

6) Anitha (Reasoning): Teaching Banking Aspirants the methods to improve their Logical aptitude for more than 5 years. Ms Anitha translates her experience into making students understand difficult concepts with ease. 

Qualification: B.Tech

7) Jaswanth U (General Studies): Teaching for more than 4 Years, Mr Jaswanth is well versed with all general studies topics asked in the examination. 

Qualification: B.Tech, M.A (History) 

8) D. Prithvi Raj (General Studies): Mr Raj has been mentoring Banking aspirants fore than 5 Years now. With a great passion for teaching, he explains important topics with efficiency and accuracy. 

Qualification: B.Tech, Diploma in Banking & Finance

What are the Topics Covered in the IBPS Clerk Exam?

IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race covers all Topics in the IBPS Clerk exam along with important sections and frequently asked questions in the examination. For the sake of the course, the topics have been segregated into sessions. Following are the topics covered - 

Mathematics Topics Covered by RACE 

The following table displays the topics covered under the Mathematics section

Number System-1 Number System-2 Approximation & Simplification
LCM and HCF Averages Ratio & Proportion
Percentages-1 Percentages-2 Ages
Profit & Loss-1 Profit & Loss-2 Partnership
Simple Interest Compound Interest Simple Interest & Compound Interest
Alligation & Mixture Time & Work-1 Time & Work-2
Pipes & Cistern Time & Distance Trains
Boats & Streams Quadratic Equations-1 Quadratic Equations-2
Mensuration – Plane figures Mensuration – Solid figures Permutation & Combination
Probability Data Sufficiency-1 Data Sufficiency-2
Data Interpretation-1 Data Interpretation-2 Data Interpretation-3
Data Interpretation-4 Number Series Speed Maths 1
Speed Maths 2 Shortcuts in Arithmetic -

General Intelligence & Reasoning Topics

IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race has segregated the topics into the following classes. 

Alphabetical Sequence Coding Decoding-1 Coding and Decoding-2
Coding and Decoding-3 Order & Ranking Blood Relations-1
Blood Relations-2 Seating Arrangement-1 Seating Arrangement-2
Puzzles-1 Puzzles-2 Puzzles-3
Puzzles-4 Directions Inequalities
Input Output-1 Input Output-2 Syllogisms-1
Syllogisms-2 Syllogisms-3 Data Sufficiency-1
Data Sufficiency-2 Decision Making and Cause & Effect Statement Argument Assumption
Statement Conclusion & Course of Action - -

IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race: General Awareness Topics 

General Awareness for IBPS Clerk Exam consists of the following topics

Indian Banking System Concept of Banking Apex Banking Institutions
Indian Financial System Financial Markets Negotiable Instruments
E-Banking Monetary Policy Financial Institutions in India & World
Economy-I Economy-II Misc. / Static GK/ Current Affairs

English Language Topics Covered

The IBPS Clerk Coaching by Race has segregated the English Language Topics in the following manner 

Noun, Pronoun Adjective, Adverb, Verb Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection
Tenses-1 Tenses-2 Tenses-3
 Voice-1 Voice-2 Reported Speech-1
Reported Speech-2 Articles-1 Articles-2
Vocabulary-1 Vocabulary-2 Vocabulary-3
Spotting Errors Reading Comprehension Cloze Test
Jumbled Sentences Descriptive English  

Computer Knowledge Topics Covered in IBPS Clerk Exam

The following table shows the computer knowledge topics asked in the Clerk Exam

Basics of the Computer,  Computer History  Computer Classifications,
Computer Generations Programming Languages Memory in Computers
Bars and Keyboard Shortcut Keys  Pre-processors Computer Organisations
Operating Systems Data Communication and Networks Database Management Systems
Hardware Softwares Internet


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