Best Online Humanities Classes For 11th & 12th by India's Finest Institutes

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(Hindi & English Medium)
Class Starts at 7:30 PM
COMMERCEDGE Select | CBSE Board 12th Economics | Till Exam Subscription Plan (Session 21-22) Batch 01
Doubt Clearing Sessions
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₹ 9,999
Lokesh Muley
Lokesh Muley

Class 11th & 12th Humanities Online Classes by India's Finest Institutes

Humanities is one of the academic subjects that deal with aspects of human society and culture. In the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum, Humanities is one of the subjects for class 11th and 12th standards. In other words, this subject is categorized under Arts combination. Students studying Arts as their stream in 11th will have to learn Humanities. If properly understood and studied regularly, it is easy to score marks in this subject. If you are studying in CBSE or ISC Board, then begin your preparations for 11th and 12th well in advance. With proper guidance and coaching, it is definitely possible to score more marks. 

Toprankers is one of the best online coachings for Humanities in CBSE and ISC curriculum. Join the CBSE Class 11th Humanities Online Classes for learning all concepts and topics in a better way from top-notch faculties. As the increase in online coaching has increased, students are learning all subjects through online classes. There are a lot of advantages with CBSE Class 12th Humanities Online Classes and ISC Class 12th Humanities Online Classes. 

Advantages of CBSE and ISC Humanities Online Coaching

Check out the brief benefits of Humanities classes online for ISC and CBSE curriculum below

  • The major advantage of CBSE & ISC Humanities online coaching is that you can save a lot of time. There is no need for travelling to different places for coaching centers.
  • You can watch live Online Humanities Coaching videos at your own pace whenever your time permits. 
  • At Toprankers ISC 11th Humanities Online Exam Coaching, you can either watch the live classes or download them and watch whenever you are free.
  • You can understand each topic in-depth from top-notch faculties. 
  • Receive FREE study materials in PDF format which are designed by experts in each subject along with ISC Class 12th Humanities Classes
  • Experience the real-time classroom environment with Best CBSE Class 12th Humanities Classes. 
  • You can get all your doubts clarified during the ongoing online classes. 
  • Also, attempt free mock test series to analyze your preparation.
  • You can also get ISC Class 11th and 12th Humanities Online Classes free in English and Hindi. 
  • There will be a 1 to 1 interaction session with the faculty to get your doubts cleared. 

Hence, join Class 11 and 12 Humanities online coachings for great results. By just choosing your desired course, you can clear the exam in one attempt. 

Career Opportunities after taking Humanities Courses

The candidates who wish to build their career in Humanities should take good coaching from the best Coaching Institute For Humanities Class 11. Students who take Coaching for Humanities Class 11 are well-versed with the subject and are also great communicators and excellent writers. The candidates who take coaching for humanities class 11 will have a love of arts and people as well. These qualities will bring good job opportunities for the students:

  • Teacher
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Technical Writer
  • Artist
  • Counseling
  • Event Organizer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Lawyer
  • Editor
  • Museum Worker
  • FBI Agent
  • Interpreter and/or Translator
  • Genealogist
  • Advertising Manager
  • Journalist
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Linguist

How to Take up Online Coaching for Humanities?

By following simple steps you can take up the Best Online Coaching for Humanities subject in CBSE & ISC 11th and 12th standard.

  • Login to Toprankers website
  • In the menu, click on the Coaching tab
  • Under the coaching drop down, click on Humanities courses 
  • Choose your desired course from the numerous available affordable courses. 
  • Enroll in the desired Online Humanities Coaching and start learning the topics from highly experienced faculties.

Is Humanities Tuition necessary?

Tuition for Class 11 Humanities is necessary because these Humanities tuition classes will prepare the students as per the final exam pattern. There are various Humanities tuition centers that guide the students through complicated subjects like English and History where writing the answer aptly with required facts and fluid language is necessary.

The Humanities tuition centers will have experienced lecturers who will guide their students properly. The Tuition For Class 11 Humanities will provide humanities online courses as well as offline courses.

Why choose TopRankers?

TopRankers is the Best Humanities Class to take. We are so sure our Coaching Institute For Humanities Class 11 because we provide:

  • Humanities online courses which will provide proper guidance to the students who are not able to come to classes.
  • These online humanities courses are affordable and can be taken as per the candidate’s free time.
  • You need not search for Humanities coaching near me, because you can take the Humanities tuitions from your house using your laptop/pr/mobile.
  • The study materials we provide in the pdf format will make us the best Coaching Institute For Humanities Class 11.
  • We also provide online mock tests which will help you analyse your performance.

Humanities Courses After 12th

If you are searching for any Humanities Coaching Near Me, then you should be aware of the Best humanities class to take. We suggest you choose TopRankers because we provide offline and online humanities courses. There is a list of Humanities courses offered after 12th which includes:

  • BA in Humanities & Social Sciences
  • BA in Arts (Fine/ Visual/ Performing)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • BDes in Animation
  • BA LLB
  • BDes in Design
  • BSc in Hospitality & Travel
  • BSc in Design
  • Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)
  • BHM in Hospitality & Travel
  • Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)
  • Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)
  • BA in Hospitality & Travel
  • BA in Animation
  • Diploma in Education (DEd)
  • BCom in Accounting and Commerce
  • BCA (IT and Software)

Syllabus for CBSE Class 11 & 12 Humanities

Join the CBSE Class 11th Humanities Online Classes and CBSE Class 12th Humanities Online Classes to learn the entire syllabus in a better way from highly experienced faculties

CBSE Class 11th & 12th Humanities Syllabus
Economics (with/without Maths)
Political Science
Human Rights & Gender Studies
Informatics Practices
Public Administration
Home Science
Legal Studies
Media Studies
Physical Education
Fashion Studies
Fine Arts

Syllabus for ISC Class 11 & 12 Humanities

The important topics under ISC Humanities for Class 11th and 12th include

  • Geography
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Home science
  • Political Science

Thus, begin your preparation well in advance for class 11 and 12 Humanities subject with the help of Toprankers online coaching. It is obvious that through Humanities online coaching students will definitely crack the subject with a high score. Just logging in to the Toprankers website and choosing your desired course will help to reach your goal. There are various courses available at affordable prices for students studying in class 11 and 12. Start your preparation well in advance and clear the exams with a high score.


Which are the best humanities courses?

These days humanity students are having a lot of scopes in the market. Thus, if you are looking for a career opportunity in humanity studies, then you should choose the best humanity courses. Some of the best humanity courses that you should choose are  It is an undergraduate program with having a duration of 3 years. To qualify for this course, one must score at least 50% from any authorized board in India.

It is another three years undergraduate program for the humanity students. The students who want to become Art director, screenwriter, editor, journalists, producer, and PR officer can choose this course. There are many other courses as well that will offer you the best future.

Did you have any coaching or tuition for humanities in class 12?

A majority of the humanity students need coaching for class 12th. You may think that humanities are an easy stream to pull off yourself. But to score competitive score in the class 12th board exams, you need coaching. The coaching classes will offer you all the probable series of questions analyzed from the previous year. Further, they also offer you mock test series to known the level of difficulty in the exam. Coaching classes offer you exam like situations in the mock tests that increases your confidence. In addition, they also have experienced faculties who will guide you to score the best marks in your exams. Thus, if you are a class 12th humanity student, you should opt for Tuition/coaching.

Which is the best app for a class 11 student of arts?

TopRankers is the best app for Class 11th Art students. The app has all the modern facilities that you need in a modern-day coaching app. Top Ranker is the most user-friendly app. it offers you various courses. You can choose the most suitable courses for Arts in the list of courses. Not only this, but the app also offers you doubt clearing sessions, where the experienced faculties will clear all your doubts in the class. You can also get access to the study material online. It makes it easier for you to read at any time you want. TopRankers offers you more than 350 hours of online classes for both Hindi and English languages. With the mock test series, you can also track your performance. 

Are tuitions for class 11 in humanities stream required? 

Study of Humanity involves a lot of subjects like economics, history, psychology, geography, political science, philosophy, sociology, Human rights, and many more. Thus, tuitions are an essential part of class 11th humanity students. It helps you get the best scores in the exams. The faculties in the coaching/tuitions are usually experienced. They provide you with all the necessary study materials that you need for your exams.

Further, the faculties in your tuitions also conduct a regular mock test. It will help you to track your performance and find out where you are? Thus, if you are a class 11th Humanity stream student, then you must join tuitions or coaching to score the best marks in the academic year.

Where can I get online lectures for class 12 CBSE?

TopRankers live classes are the best online lectures for class 12th CBSE students. So, you should say no to all the local tuitions. If you are class 12th CBSE students and want to obtain the best marks, then TopRankers is the best choice for you. In TopRankers, you can choose the courses and subjects to get online lectures. Subscription to TopRankers will provide you access to more than 350 hours of live classes. It has experienced faculties to provide you the best online support. You will also get the doubt clearing sessions, in which you can clear all your doubts from the experts online. Mock tests and study material will also help you score the best marks in your class 12th board exams.

Are tuitions required for the humanities CBSE?

Yes, tuitions are required for CBSE Humanity students. CBSE Humanity includes numerous subjects such as Economics, History, psychology, geography, political science, human rights, and many more. Thus, if you are a CBSE humanity student, you must seek for tuitions. The tuitions/coaching also help you in scoring the best marks in your exams. They have experienced faculties to offer you immense knowledge in every subject. They will also clear your doubts from the roots to make you ready for the exams. Besides, the tuitions/coaching offers you a mock test to be aware of the type of questions. Doubt clearing sessions will help you clear all your doubts at the source itself. Thus, if you are a CBSE humanity student, you should go for tuitions. 

How should I start my study for ISC humanities stream?

If you are an ISC humanity student, then you should start your study in the following way:

  • Know yourself- You understand yourself better, so find out the subjects that are easier for you. Starting with these subjects will keep you motivated to prepare
  • Plan- before starting your prep, you should plan. It would be better if you make a timetable. Divide time for each subject
  • Check previous year question papers- If you are studying for an examination, then you should always check the questions of previous year. It will help you analyze the type of questions.
  • Mark essential points- While reading, keep a marker, and mark all the points that you think are essential. It will help you revise quickly.
  • Practice by writing; it will help you increase your speed.

Is humanities a good stream for the CLAT in class 11?

If you are a student of Humanity in class 11, then you will possess the following qualities like:

  • Natural interest
  • Aptitude’
  • Academic understanding and many more

Thus, it provides you an extra point to prepare for CLAT. You will have all the concentration in your studies. Better Academic understanding will help you go through the study materials and revise it properly. The subjects like history, geography, civics, and political science in class 11th humanity will provide you all the knowledge about current affairs. Political science will make your foundation strong in law study. Thus, Humanity is a good stream for CLAT in class 11th. Students who are interested in CLAT should also choose Humanity as a stream. 

What can be done after taking humanities in class 11th?

Gone are those days when only science offered you many opportunities. Nowadays, Humanity is one of the best streams to choose in class 11th. Choosing Humanity as a stream offers you numerous career options such as journalist, writer, fashion designer, lawyer, graphic designer, economist, artist, teacher, political scientist, marketing manager, and many more. Thus, you can choose among the vast opportunists to choose a career option. If you are in class 11th and confused about the stream you choose, you should choose Humanity without any second thoughts. If you are interested in appearing CLAT exams, then Humanity would be the best choice. The subjects in Humanity are related to CLAT test. It will make your general knowledge strong. 

How to score a 96% in the Class 12 Boards (humanities)?

If you want to score above 95% in your class 12th humanity boards, you have to follow some strategies. The tips for scoring 96% are:

  • Defeat yourself

To obtain the best marks in your class 12th; you have to set your own records. Defeat yourself and make new records. Study as much as you can.

  • Always follow your syllabus

Sometimes, numerous competitive books leaves students confused about what to read? In such cases, you should always stick to your syllabus. Thorough your own book first, then move on to any other. If you find any contradictions, then follow your syllabus books.

  • Note your weaknesses

While reading, if you find any subject/chapter difficult, note them down. Clear your doubts from your teacher. Work on your weaknesses first.

  • Practice from the sample papers

The sample papers usually have solved questions. This makes it easier to learn well. Thus, practice from sample papers.