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How to Write English Essays for RJS Mains Exam 2022?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 25, 2022


Essay writing is an essential part of Judiciary exams. In the Judiciary mains exam, particularly the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam 2022, you are asked to draft an essay with a word limit of 500, and it can help you draw a big mark through a well-crafted piece.

It might be challenging to pass the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam without excelling in the essay writing section.

This article will walk you through the Essay format for the judiciary exam, how you should frame it, and the essential English essay for Rajasthan judiciary Exam.

Ingredients of Essay Writing:

While preparing for an English essay for Rajasthan judiciary Exam 2022, let us first understand the three Ingredients of Essay Writing:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Introduction of Essay:

An introduction is the face of any essay. It is right to say that an introduction is the first impression that can give a glimpse of your knowledge. So while drafting an English essay for Rajasthan Judiciary Exam, make sure you follow the given recommendations: 

  • A correct introduction helps the examiner know that you have correctly deciphered the problem given.
  • An introduction should be catchy and convincing.
  • A confusing or verbose introduction can make a wrong impression.
  • Always begin with attractive headings.

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Two ways of writing an Introduction

1. Start with an anecdote

You can start with giving a short story of 5o words that correctly mirrors the title given

2.Start with maxim-explanation/interpretation

Another way of starting an English Essay introduction is beginning with maxim exploration related to the topic or given through the topic itself.  Later in the essay, you may give the possible arguments. 

You can also start with the maxim interpretation. 

For example: "Justice delayed is Justice Denied."

You can start by giving the information regarding the maxim

For example, The great English politician and the former prime minister William Edward Gladstone quoted, "Justice delayed is Justice Denied."

With this maxim, he highlighted that the judiciary system should ensure justice within the time frame.  A delayed justice serves no purpose to the victim.

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Body of Essay:

Next comes the body of the essay. Here are the list of guidelines that you should incorporate in English essay for Rajasthan judiciary Exam.

  • Discuss the argument given in the topic and provides reasoning and logic. 
  • Make sure you interlink the points.
  • In your essay for the Rajasthan judiciary Exam, consider including the example of :
  • Famous cases like "Abdul Rehman Antuley v.R s Nayak, 1992" case for the speedy trial, etc
  • Related sections
  • Recent cases or Laws 
  • Use your judiciary related current affairs knowledge in the essay

Conclusion of Essay:

Conclusion is the last part of the Essay. Now, here is what you should remember while writing Essay Conclusion.

  • The conclusion should be visionary

  • Use relevant quotes if possible to make it more effective.

  • Do not repeat the content of the introduction.

Essay questions asked in previous year Rajasthan Judiciary Exam:

Below are the questions that were asked in the previous year's Rajasthan Judiciary Exam. We have included them for your reference. Let us walk through questions and implement the tips to write a good essay.

How to write a good essay for Rajasthan Judiciary Exam 2022?

  • Never make it one-sided

The essay should not be one-sided. Remember, your essay writing technique should be solution-based.  In Judiciary Exam, every single test has a motive. Speaking out Essay writing is explicitly a way to access your personality and approach towards life.

If you include only the problems in your essay writing, it will negatively impact your personality. Hence, keep your essay writing style solution based where you develop various ways to tackle the unpleasant situation given through the essay title. 

  • Make a habit of newspaper reading.

Reading newspapers has many benefits. It helps you learn vocabulary, the latest happening around us. Your brain subconsciously seizes the content that allows while writing the essay. Hence, make a habit of reading newspaper for judiciary exams.

Guideline while writing an essay.

  • Select right topic

This is again a crucial step as the entire thing depends on your selection of topic. In the Rajasthan judiciary exam, there are specific options given, out of which you are asked to select one topic for writing an essay.

There are Two Types of topics:

1. Question-based:

Where you need to describe what you think about the given topic.

Practice giving an unbiased opinion in such kind of format.

2. statement based: 

In this kind of format, it is essential to provide relevant facts and conclusions. 
A conclusion should be balanced and justified. 

Rajasthan judiciary mock test

Rajasthan judiciary mock test

List of important English essay for Rajasthan judiciary Exam 2022

  • Keep a balanced approach with objective nature.
  • Provide pieces of evidence
  • Prioritize the crucial points
  • Interlink each point and maintain a flow.
  • The Practice Of Child Labour In India
  • Right to privacy as a fundamental right in India
  • Right to education in India
  • Explain the right to freedom of religion in India
  • Barriers to access to justice in India
  • Social Justice in Indian Democracy: An overview
  • Law relating to contempt of courts in India
  • Review of administrative law in India
  • Alternative dispute resolution in India
  • Mediation in India
  • Barriers to access to justice in India
  • Social Justice in Indian Democracy: An overview
  • Law relating to contempt of courts in India
  • Review of administrative law in India
  • Alternative dispute resolution in India
  • Child Rights in India
  • Right to constitutional remedies under the Constitution of India
  • Emergency provisions of the Constitution of India
  • Role and Powers of Governor
  • Functions of Parliament in India: An overview
  • Due to a fair trial in India
  • Farmers suicide
  • Water disputes
  • Social Media
  • Globalization
  • Recent Laws
  • World meeting

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