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Algebra Questions with Answers for IPMAT 2023

Author : Rahul V. Bhole

Updated On : March 4, 2023


Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with symbols and the arithmetic operations across these symbols. These symbols do not have any fixed values and are called variables.

Algebra helps in the representation of problems or situations as mathematical expressions. It involves variables like x, y, z, and mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to form a meaningful mathematical expression.

Algebra is a wide topic with numerous problems. However, algebraic equations are relatively quick and easy. Using conventional methods to solve algebra may take 5-10 minutes per question.  To solve a two-step algebraic equation, you must isolate the variable by using either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. If you want to know how to solve algebraic questions in a variety of ways, just follow the tips and tricks given in the post below.

Most of you might struggle while solving questions on this topic. However, learning simple tips and tricks would help you score good marks on the exam. 

To make it easier, we have provided some simple tips to help you better understand how to solve algebra questions in the IPMAT exam.

Short Tricks to Solve Algebra Questions in IPMAT 2023

All the branches of mathematics, such as trigonometry, calculus, and coordinate geometry, involve algebra. Time management plays a vital role while solving questions that involve lengthy calculations.

Knowing time management allows you to crack the quantitative section in any competitive exam easily.

The following are some of the best tips to enhance your Math preparation for IPMAT.

Work on Basics 

Your basics should be clear to crack the quant section. You have to spend sufficient time on every topic of algebra and ensure that your basics are clear.

Also, you need to know your weaknesses and strengths. It will help you build solid areas and focus on the weaker areas to work hard.

Learn Important Formulas

  • Just learning the formulas is not enough to solve the questions quickly.
  • Instead, it would help if you understood better where the particular formula could be applied while solving the questions on different topics. This way, you can build up your confidence and perform well in the exam.

Focus on Time Management

The difficulty level of each question will vary in the quantitative section. Hence, you may require more time for tough questions.

  • It would help if you worked on improving your time management skills and speed in the final exam.
  • Most of you may end up wasting time on a single question which will affect other sections too.
  • If you are unsure about the answer, move to the next question immediately. Later, you can come back and solve the left-out question.

Practice Previous Year Papers

Practice is the key to scoring good marks in the mathematics section. Make sure to solve as many questions as possible from the previous year's papers.

This will not only help improve your time management skills and speed but also helps in getting a fair idea about the difficulty level and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Since algebra involves more calculations, it is essential to solve more and more previous year's question papers for IPMAT.

Understand the Question

Before answering the question, read the question twice and understand which formula you can apply to that question.

Understanding the given question will help save your time in the exam and solve the questions within 2-3 minutes.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Important Algebra Formulas for IPMAT 2023

As said above, learning the formula and understanding how to apply the formula plays a vital role while solving a question.

The following are some of the important algebra formulas for IPMAT.

  • (a + b) * (a – b) = (a2 – b2)
  • (a + b)= (a2 + b2 + 2ab)
  • (a – b)2 = (a2 + b2 – 2ab)
  • (a + b + c)2 = a2 + b2 + c2 + 2(ab + bc + ca)
  • (a3 + b3) = (a + b) * (a2 – ab + b2)
  • (a3 – b3) = (a – b) * (a2 + ab + b2)
  • (a3 + b3 + c3 – 3abc) = (a + b + c) * (a2 + b2 + c2 – ab – bc – ac)

Important Algebra Questions for IPMAT 2023

To help you get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam, we have provided a few important questions that are curated from the previous year's papers.

The following are some of the Algebra questions for your practice and understanding of the tricks and unique methods to solve the Algebra question quickly.

Question 1: 

Square root of (500 x 501 x 502 x 503 + 1) =?

(a) 250001

(b) 250151

(c) 250101

(d) 251501

Question 2:

N² = 1 + 2014 x 2015 x 2016 x 2017

What is the value of N?

(a) 4026639

(b) 4062239

(c) 40262639

(d) 40662639

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Question 3: 

x² - 15/x = 4and x ≠ 3 find x (x + 1) (x +2) (x + 3)?

(a) 12

(b) 15

(c) 21

(d) 27

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Question 4: 

x³ + 4x – 8 = 0, then x⁷ + 64x² =?

(a) 96

(b) 128

(c) 216

(d) 108

Question 5: 

If x⁴ + x- ⁴ = 194, (x > 0), then the value of (2x – 4) ² is:

(a) 15

(b) 20

(c) 12

(d) 16

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Question 6: 

If x⁴ + x- ⁴ = 2207, (x > 0), then the value of (x – 2) (x – 3) (x – 4) (x – 5) is:

(a) 77

(b) 99

(c) 89

(d) 11

Question 7: 

If root x + 1/root x = 4, x > 0 then x³ (x – 14) (x² - 194)

(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) 1

(d) 2

Download Solutions PDF for Algebra Questions

Question 8: 

If x⁴ + x- ⁴ = 1154, (x > 0), then the value of 2 (x – 3) ² is:

(a) 16

(b) 12

(c) 20

(d) 15

Question 9: 

If x⁴ + 1/x ⁴ = 527, (x > 0), then the value of (x – 1) (x – 2) (x – 3) (x – 4) is:

(a) 12

(b) 15

(c) 18

(d) 20

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With a proper preparation strategy, it is easy to prepare for the IPMAT Mathematics section.
You can easily improve your speed and accuracy in the IPMAT Exam by solving as many sample papers as possible. Practicing mock tests would definitely improve your time management skills and problem-solving techniques. So, it is advisable to solve mock tests on a daily basis.

Following the expert tips will definitely help you to prepare better for the IPMAT Maths. Begin your preparation by studying from the right books, which cover all the concepts and topics according to the latest exam pattern, and make sure you are aware of the detailed Paper pattern and latest Syllabus of the IPMAT Exam before starting your preparation.

Taking up Mock Tests regularly and solving Sample Papers helps to test your preparation and improve your speed and managing time.

For cracking quantitative ability section, refer to R.D. Sharma or R.S. Aggarwal book. It includes all the concepts from 12th standard explained in depth. It is also easily understandable without any tutor.
It solely depends on you whether you need to take IPMAT coaching or not. If your fundamentals are strong, then it is easy to crack the exam just by solving previous year sample papers and Mock tests. However, if you want to improve your fundamentals then opting for coaching is beneficial.

Some of the general preparation tips to crack the Maths section are: Try to understand the concepts of the topics. Do not go for cramming, Do not try to get into some new topics at the end days of preparation, and Revise the old topics. Go through formulas, and try practicing them. During preparation, check short-cuts too.


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