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How to prepare Public International Law for CLAT PG 2024

Author : Aparna

Updated On : March 4, 2023


Summary: Questions asked in Public International Law are very relevant to ongoing global issues. Hence, reading newspapers and current affairs updates is very important! To attempt PIL questions correctly, you must understand the basics of every important Public International Law concept discussed in this article. 

Are you still trying to memorise all the International laws, treaties, rights, etc.? Here's how to learn them in the right way! With hardly a few days to take CLAT PG exams, you should follow smart strategies to complete revision before the deadline. 

CLAT PG 2022 paper had 12 questions from this section, and unfortunately, PIL questions were difficult. As per trends, it's noted that this section has a "high" level of difficulty. But not preparing well shouldn't be an excuse! 

Stick through the article, as we are here to analyse all the important topics you should cover while preparing for Public International Law. 

How to prepare Public International Law for CLAT PG 2024?

Students are often confused with Public International Laws concepts. PIL is considered one of the most challenging subjects as it contains lots of information to memorize. That's where students start struggling! 

Important Topics You Shouldn't Skip

When asked how to prepare for Public International Law for the CLAT PG 2024 exam? You must know what to cover. 

Get your basics right of every concept discussed in PIL! However, if you are short of preparation time, you should at least make sure to cover the following topics

How to prepare Public International Law for CLAT PG

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Steps to prepare for Public International Law for CLAT PG?

  • Current International issues: Keep track of ongoing international issues and conflicts.
  • Type of Questions: Understand the pattern and types of questions asked in the previous year's papers.
  • Reference Books: Refer to some good books; as you have no boundaries for this topic, you can refer to anything fruitful, like your university textbooks or Universal and AK Jain. 
  • What to avoid: Do not read commentaries.
  • Focus on important topics: Read the landmark cases. Landmark cases play a vital role in this exam, and we have seen questions repeating during the past two years from this topic. It would help if you learnt the basics of landmark cases for the law of the sea, hot pursuit, extradition, state recognition, state jurisdiction, etc. Also, learn ICJ or PCIJ judgement cases.
  • Revision: Revise daily, as revision is the key to success.
  • Mocks: Practice as many mock tests as possible and attempt the previous year's question papers.

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

Ensure you thoroughly check the CLAT PG syllabus to cover the right and important topics for your preparations. Keep an eye on any recent news related to CLAT PG, and frequently visit the official website for any updates on the exam.

Basis of International law Concepts

Understand the concepts of each basis of International law. Pacta Sunt Servanda amongst the following is the most important from the exam point of view. 

  • Naturalist Theory
  • Positivism Theory
  • Consent Theory
  • Auto-LImitation Theory
  • Fundamental Rights Theory
  • Pacta Sunt Servanda

Sources of International law Concepts

The sources of International law are as follows: 

  • International conventions
  • International customs
  • General principles of Law recognized by the Civil nation
  • Judicial decisions and Juristic works
  • Ex Aequo et Bono (Justice, Equity and Conscience)
  • Decisions of organs of International institutions
  • Municipal courts decisions 

Major International Organs Concepts

  • United Nations
  • Settlement of International Dispute
  • International Trade law 

Law of treaties and its formation Concepts

  • Appointment of the representation by the contracting state
  • Negotiations and adoption
  • Signatures
  • Ratification
  • Accession or Adhesion
  • Entry into Force
  • Registration and Publication 

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Even though this section is regarded as hard to crack, each mark determines your final rank! 

Therefore, try to achieve a decent PIL score by getting your basics right and attempting mocks and the previous year's papers.

" Out of difficulties grow miracles." 

Frequently Asked Questions

12 questions were asked from Public International Law for CLAT PG.

It's not mandatory, however, the topic is important, therefore, most likely to be asked. 

Universal or AK Jain books must be referred for Public International Law. 
Understand the important topics, study them understand the concept, and solve mocks and previous year's papers. 

Study Nature and source of International Law, Law of Treaties, Law of sea, State Jurisdiction, State Recognition, Group Rights, UN and its organs, Peaceful settlement of disputes and International Humanitarian Law


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