Best IPM Coaching In Thane 2024-2025 by by SuperGrads [Watch Free Demo Classes]

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250+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 14th Nov
IPMAT 2024 | Josh Comprehensive Offline Batch 01 - Weekend | By SuperGrads (Thane Center)
₹ 79,999 69,999
You Save ₹ 10,000
250+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 14th Nov
IPMAT 2024 | Josh Comprehensive Offline Batch 01 - Weekday | By SuperGrads (Thane Center)
₹ 79,999 69,999
You Save ₹ 10,000
350+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 14th Nov
IPMAT 2025 | Josh Comprehensive Offline Batch 01 - Weekend | By SuperGrads (Thane Center)
₹ 1,09,999 99,999
You Save ₹ 10,000
350+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 14th Nov
IPMAT 2026 | Josh Comprehensive Offline Batch 01 - Weekend | By Supergrads (Thane Center)
₹ 1,19,999 1,09,999
You Save ₹ 10,000
(Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 6th Jan
Fastrack | IPM - BBA Entrances 2024 | Offline Batch 01 | By SuperGrads (Thane Center)
₹ 59,999 39,999
You Save ₹ 20,000

Best IPM Coaching in Thane 2024-2025 by Supergrads 

The IPMAT (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test) is a pivotal entrance examination for students aspiring to pursue the Integrated Program in Management offered by prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). This exam is uniquely structured to assess a candidate’s aptitude in various areas crucial for a career in management.  

The IPMAT focuses on evaluating a student’s quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and verbal skills through a blend of multiple-choice and short-answer questions. The exam serves as a gateway for young aspirants to enter into a five-year integrated management program, which combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies, providing a comprehensive education in management from the outset. 

Why Choose Supergrads for IPM Coaching in Thane 2024-2025 ? 

In the heart of Thane, Supergrads stands as a beacon for aspiring management professionals. Its strategic location combines the benefits of urban accessibility and a conducive learning environment. Known for its tailored coaching approach, Supergrads in Thane receives high praise from alumni, reinforcing its position as a premier institute for IPM coaching. 

The faculty at Supergrads Thane are renowned experts in IPM coaching. Their approach extends beyond academics, guiding students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the management world. This mentorship is a critical component of the Supergrads experience. 

Benefits of Supergrads IPM Coaching in Thane 2024-2025

Supergrads IPM Coaching in Thane offers a range of benefits designed to provide students with an optimal learning experience for their IPMAT preparation. Here are some of the key advantages: 

  • Expert Faculty: One of the primary strengths of Supergrads IPM Coaching in Thane is its team of expert faculty members. These seasoned educators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of management education. They are not only well-versed in the IPM curriculum but also adept at teaching complex concepts in an understandable manner, ensuring that students grasp every aspect of the course thoroughly. 
  • Comprehensive Mock Test Series: To simulate the real exam environment and prepare students effectively, Supergrads offers an extensive series of mock tests. These tests are designed to mirror the format and difficulty level of the IPMAT, providing students with a realistic practice experience. Regular mock test help students build confidence, improve their time management skills, and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: Understanding the importance of clarity in learning, Supergrads provides dedicated doubt clearing sessions. These sessions allow students to address and resolve any queries or difficulties they encounter in their study material. Personal attention to each student’s doubts ensures that they have a solid understanding of all concepts. 
  • Scholarship Facilities: To make quality education accessible to all, Supergrads offers various scholarship facilities. These scholarships are aimed at helping deserving students who demonstrate potential but may face financial constraints. This initiative ensures that every aspiring student has the opportunity to pursue their dream of a career in management. 
  • Interactive and Supportive Learning Envirovnment: Supergrads in Thane fosters a learning environment that is both interactive and supportive. This approach not only aids in academic learning but also encourages students to engage in discussions, participate actively, and develop a collaborative spirit, which is essential in the field of management. 
  • Tailored Study Material and Resources: The institute provides well-curated study materials, which are continually updated to reflect the latest trends and exam pattern in the IPMAT. In addition to textbooks and notes, students have access to a wealth of digital resources, making it easier to study and revise on the go. 
  • Strategic Location: Located in Thane, the coaching center is easily accessible, making it convenient for students to attend classes without the stress of long commutes. 


How Supergrads is different from other coaching institutes?

Supergrads provides you with live online classes, study materials, mock tests, and doubt support. Additionally, we offer personal interview preparation and mock interviews from day one, along with personal mentorship and counselling for a well-developed overall preparation strategy. Our college and career counseling support helps students make informed decisions about their academic pursuits at the UG level. Learn more about what is included in your preferred course here:

Are there any EMI and instalment options to pay the course fees?

Yes, you can avail the instalment payment option at the time of checkout. To know more about the EMI options available for courses, please contact us at 91-7676564400

I am in class 11. Is this the right time for me to begin preparing for IPMAT?

Preparing for IPMAT (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test) in 11th class provides students with sufficient time to understand the exam pattern, enhance their problem-solving skills, and improve their time-management abilities, thereby increasing their chances of scoring well in the exam. Additionally, it also reduces the stress and pressure of last-minute preparations and allows for a more structured and organized approach to studying. At Supergrads, we have several courses which can be taken alongside school and board exam preparation to work through the entire IPMAT syllabus in 1 year and 2 years. Explore them at

What are the Benefits of Coaching from Class 11th ?

Preparing from an early Class gives you a very crucial advantage that most students miss out on.

Starting early will help you to achieve the following two points:

1. It helps you manage your boards effectively and does not affect your board scores.

2. You'll be Having more time to Build concepts from the core, work properly on the weaknesses, and doesn't build time pressure.

How many exams are required for admission into an IPM program?

There are 3 separate entrance exams - IPMAT Indore, IPMAT Rohtak and JIPMAT. These exams open doors for admissions into 7 Universities, including 5 IIMs.

How Can I prepare for BBA and other entrance exam ?

Supergrads courses cover's Entrances for IPM as well as some of the top B-schools in India like, SSCBS, NMIMS, CUET, ST.Xaviers, Tapmi etc. So student will be prepared for 10+ college entrances overall hence he/she will have a wide option of selection.We also provide counseling and mentorship which helps the student to fix out on their college aspirations as per their interest and skills.

Can I prepare for IPMAT in less time with Supergrads?

Supergrads' courses are designed to cover the most important topics and our aim is to complete the syllabus on time. However, the level of dedication and time a student invests is crucial. We have a structured course plan that includes a balance of classes, practice, feedback, and revision to help students build a strong foundation and achieve higher scores. In addition, you can avail Supergrads' crash courses to go over preparation and review of the entire syllabus before the exam.

What sets Supergrads apart as the best choice for IPM Coaching in Thane

Supergrads is renowned for its expert faculty, comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art teaching methods, and successful track record, making it the top choice for IPM coaching in Thane. 

How does the mock test series at Supergrads Thane help in IPM preparation?

Our mock test series is designed to closely replicate the IPMAT, allowing students to practice in a real exam-like environment, sharpen their test-taking strategies, and identify areas for improvement. 

Can students at Supergrads avail of scholarship facilities?

Yes, Supergradsoffers merit-based scholarships to support and encourage talented students in their pursuit of IPM preparation in Thane. 

How does Supergrads Thane ensure comprehensive coverage of the IPM syllabus?

We offer a detailed curriculum that covers all aspects of the IPM syllabus, complemented by updated study materials, regular tests, and interactive teaching methods.  

How does Supergrads in Thane support students beyond classroom teaching?

Apart from classroom teaching, we provide extensive study materials, online resources, and continuous mentorship to support our students’ overall growth and IPM exam preparation