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250+ hours Online Live Classes (Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 1st Apr
Josh Comprehensive 2024 | IPMAT, CUET and other BBA Entrances | Crash Batch 01 | Supergrads (Jaipur Bapu Nagar Center)(BNSG CC01
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 30,000 25,000
You Save ₹ 5,000
Sumit Sir
Sumit Sir
Q.A. / Math and Reasoning
(Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 20th Apr
Josh Comprehensive 2025 | IPMAT, CUET and other BBA Entrances | Offline Weekend Batch 02 | Supergrads (Bapu Nagar Center)
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 70,000 65,000
You Save ₹ 5,000
Sumit Sir
Sumit Sir
Q.A. / Math and Reasoning
(Hindi & English Medium)
Starts on: 20th Apr
Josh Comprehensive 2026 | IPMAT, CUET and other BBA Entrances | Offline Weekend Batch 02 | Supergrads (Bapu Nagar Center)
Doubt Clearing Sessions
Study Material
₹ 90,000 85,000
You Save ₹ 5,000
Sumit Sir
Sumit Sir
Q.A. / Math and Reasoning

IPMAT Coaching In Bapu Nagar Jaipur 2024 by SuperGrads

For admission to its five-year IPM course, IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak administer the IPMAT aptitude test (Integrated Programme in Management). For applicants who have completed the 12th grade, IIM Indore offers the IPM course, a dual degree program (Bachelor + master). The program enables admission to an IIM right after the 12th grade. Aspirants must pass the IPMAT exam to be considered for access to the IPM program.

Those who make the shortlist must take the written ability test and personal interview rounds. For admission to its BBA-MBA integrated program, Nirma University also accepts IPMAT results in addition to IIM Indore. A distinct IPMAT is used for access at IIM Rohtak, which has also launched its Integrated Programme in Management.

A personal interview will follow the online IPMAT in 2024. (PI). There are 15 terms in the program, which is spaced out across five years. There are three terms, each lasting three months in a year.

For students, the IPM course has evolved into a respectable alternative to engineering, law, and medicine. Now, a student who wants to enter management doesn't have to veer off course and major in engineering or law. IPM is unique in that it offers a setting where students may reflect, plan their lives, and connect their objectives to reality, as well as time to do so.

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) will also accept IPMAT scores for its Integrated Programme in Management. At the end of the program, candidates will get a Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics) and a Master of Business Administration (International Business).

IPMAT Exam Pattern 2024

The IPMAT 2024 test pattern, which among other things, specifies the exam's duration, methodology, scoring system, and parts, is mentioned by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. The IPMAT exam pattern 2024 states that questions are drawn from the numeric ability and verbal ability parts, which are the two main categories.

Candidates can develop precise tactics and then study for the exam by understanding the IPMAT exam format. IPMAT is a five-year integrated program in management admissions test offered at the national level by IIM Indore. IIM Indore will administer IPMAT 2024 online during the second week of July. Here is a full look at the IPMAT exam format for 2024, including a breakdown of each part, the IPMAT syllabus, frequently asked questions, etc.


Exam pattern

IPMAT Indore

The IPMAT Indore exam is taken online using a computer. There will be three sections and a total of 100 questions that must be answered within a time limit of two hours.

The exam sections include the following:

● Quantitative Ability- MCQ

● Verbal Ability

● Quantitative Ability- SA

Format for scoring:

● 4 points are awarded for each right response.

● Each wrong response receives a score of one.

● There are no negative marks for the Quantitative Ability (SA) Section.

IPMAT Rohtak

Three categories can be used to classify IPMAT Rohtak. Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. There are 40 questions in each section. There were 120 questions in all. The exam is set up as MCQs.

Format for scoring:

● A total of 4 marks are given for each right response.

● A mark is subtracted for each wrong response.

Why SuperGrads IPM Coaching in Bapu Nagar, Jaipur For IPMAT 2024?

The most well-known IPM tutoring organization at the moment is Supergrads By Toprankers. The superiority of our faculties sets Supergrads apart from the competition. Despite our incredible expertise faculties, our academic counsellors are also highly known for their kindness.

Supergrads is recognized for providing individualized learning services, and cater to each student's unique learning preferences. We give students adaptable instruction so they may manage their learning styles well. Additionally, students can participate in explicit doubt-clearing sessions and express any issues they may have.

Students can study at their convenience when they attend Coaching Classes for IPMAT in Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, which is one of the biggest advantages. Here is a further list of advantages of the online classes offered by the Best Coaching for IPMAT in Bapu Nagar Jaipur:

  • With thorough knowledge of examinations that were held in previous years, we design mock tests and create sample material.
  • Doubt-clearing sessions are offered by experts and are very beneficial.
  • Students who sign up for the monthly subscription will have unlimited access to eBooks or study materials.
  • To students who purchase a full membership, delivery of hard materials for interviews and WAT.
  • Report on Mock Analysis completed for pupils.
  • A ranking of mock exams based on the All India Ranking, such as the IPMAT Exam, will also be provided to you.
  • Crash Course has 120+ live lectures.
  • Availability for three viewings, or 270 minutes, of one lecture.

We provide various courses to candidates taking the IPMAT 2024-2025 batch, and Students can choose any plan that is convenient for them.

Supergrads use an online learning platform, which is by far the most efficient way to teach and learn online. The IPM coaching program there is unquestionably the best in Jaipur. We also provide offline coaching classes.

Why SuperGrads Jaipur Bapu Nagar IPM Coaching Center Is the Best Option For IPM 2024?

There are numerous IPM coaching facilities in Bapu Nagar, Jaipur. You need to be aware of all the key characteristics to select the ideal one. Before joining any platform, it would be best to concentrate on a few things to get the most out of it. Only sign up for reputable coaching platforms because the others will likely waste time and money.

A few of the following elements could aid you in choosing a reliable coaching platform or institution:

Proper Faculty Guidance

You will probably be walking in the dark if you don't have the right direction. A good mentor will ensure you stay on the proper track to reach your objective. A knowledgeable and competent faculty will make preparations easier for you and improve your performance because they are experts in the subject. Speaking with someone who has taken the exam personally is preferable and advised because you will get first-hand experience.

Study Material

The study material you need to prepare for the test is quite important. Some platforms offer content that has been specially compiled. Our Subject Experts will create the Study material. This will help you prepare for the exam with proper study material and guidance.

Mock-Tests & Assignments

Without assessments, learning is passive, which presents many challenges because pupils struggle to remember what they have learned. With the aid of active learning, mock exams are thoughtfully constructed to promote optimal success. It also helps the learner become accustomed to the exam. By analysing the previous exam paper pattern, we curate the mock test with greater knowledge.


Can I prepare for the IPMAT in 6 months?

To prepare for the IPAMT exam in six months, a significant amount of additional effort must be made. However, preparation is made simple with the aid of Supergrads' IPMAT tutoring one-month subscription plan.

Does the top IPM coaching center in Jaipur provide online/offline courses?

Yes, all students can attend live classes at SuperGrads by Toprankers, the best IPM tutoring accessible, to better comprehend the themes and subjects covered in the test.

Why Supergrads is different from other institute ?

We are the only institute  focusing on individual growth and performance analysis.Also you will get Personal interview preparation from day 1 which is not available in other coaching.

How Supergrads is different from other coaching institutes?

Supergrads provides you with live online classes, study materials, mock tests, and doubt support. Additionally, we offer personal interview preparation and mock interviews from day one, along with personal mentorship and counselling for a well-developed overall preparation strategy. Our college and career counseling support helps students make informed decisions about their academic pursuits at the UG level. Learn more about what is included in your preferred course here:

Are there any EMI and instalment options to pay the course fees?

Yes, you can avail the instalment payment option at the time of checkout. To know more about the EMI options available for courses, please contact us at 91-7676564400

I am in class 11. Is this the right time for me to begin preparing for IPMAT?

Preparing for IPMAT (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test) in 11th class provides students with sufficient time to understand the exam pattern, enhance their problem-solving skills, and improve their time-management abilities, thereby increasing their chances of scoring well in the exam. Additionally, it also reduces the stress and pressure of last-minute preparations and allows for a more structured and organized approach to studying. At Supergrads, we have several courses which can be taken alongside school and board exam preparation to work through the entire IPMAT syllabus in 1 year and 2 years. Explore them at

What are the Benefits of Coaching from Class 11th ?

Preparing from an early Class gives you a very crucial advantage that most students miss out on.

Starting early will help you to achieve the following two points:

1. It helps you manage your boards effectively and does not affect your board scores.

2. You'll be Having more time to Build concepts from the core, work properly on the weaknesses, and doesn't build time pressure.

How many exams are required for admission into an IPM program?

There are 3 separate entrance exams - IPMAT Indore, IPMAT Rohtak and JIPMAT. These exams open doors for admissions into 7 Universities, including 5 IIMs.

How Can I prepare for BBA and other entrance exam ?

Supergrads courses cover's Entrances for IPM as well as some of the top B-schools in India like, SSCBS, NMIMS, CUET, ST.Xaviers, Tapmi etc. So student will be prepared for 10+ college entrances overall hence he/she will have a wide option of selection.We also provide counseling and mentorship which helps the student to fix out on their college aspirations as per their interest and skills.

Can I prepare for IPMAT in less time with Supergrads?

Supergrads' courses are designed to cover the most important topics and our aim is to complete the syllabus on time. However, the level of dedication and time a student invests is crucial. We have a structured course plan that includes a balance of classes, practice, feedback, and revision to help students build a strong foundation and achieve higher scores. In addition, you can avail Supergrads' crash courses to go over preparation and review of the entire syllabus before the exam.

Why should I consider SuperGrads for IPM coaching in Bapu Nagar?

SuperGrads IPM coaching in Bapu Nagar offers targeted preparation tailored to the IPM exam pattern and syllabus, increasing your chances of success in the competitive.

How can I enroll in SuperGrads IPM coaching in Bapu Nagar?

To enroll in IPM coaching in Bapu Nagar with Supergrads, you can contact the institute directly, inquire about available batches, and follow their enrollment procedures.

What are the benefits of choosing Supergrads for IPM coaching in Bapu Nagar?

Supergrads IPM Coaching Bapu Nagar provides experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials, regular mock tests, personalized attention, and strategic guidance to help students excel in the IPM exam.

Are there any additional support services offered by Supergrads for IPM coaching in Bapu Nagar?

Yes, Supergrads may offer additional support services such as doubt-clearing sessions, counseling, and guidance on exam strategies to enhance students' performance in the IPM exam.