How To Prepare For CUCET Exam 2022?

Unlike other exams, participation is quite high for the CUCET exam. Hence, you should study rigorously and do hard work for better results.

As per the experts, having only the best books and study material will not help you score good marks in the exam. Instead, you must require a clear understanding of the syllabus and the pattern of the particular course, and a proper preparation plan.

Aspirant of CUCET but don't how to plan your preparation? Well, we have curated the best tips provided by our experts at SuperGrads (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for CUCET).

Following these tips will help you better understand how to prepare for the CUCET exam.

 CUCET Preparation Tips 2022

To crack this exam, you would require a proper preparation strategy and study plan. Begin your preparation well in advance as this will help you complete the syllabus on time.

how to prepare for cucet

Following the tips provided below and enhance your preparation levels to score better in the CUCET 2022 exam.

  • Make sure to get a thorough understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern
  • Make a proper study plan
  • Choose the right study material and books
  • Prepare all the topics as per the syllabus
  • Solve more and more questions from the previous year papers
  • Attempt Mock Tests on a weekly basis

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What are the Important Topics under CUCET Syllabus 2022?

Knowing the syllabus will help you get an idea about the important topics from the exam of view. Go through the detailed CUCET Syllabus from the table below and plan your preparation accordingly. 

Expected Sections Sub-Topics
English Language Comprehensions, Vocabulary, and Grammar
Logical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning and Critical Reasoning
Mathematics Elementary Mathematics (9th, 10th standard)
Other Sections Special sections for certain courses, Current Affairs/General Knowledge, etc

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How to Prepare for CUCET Quantitative Aptitude Section?

Karan Mehta, an expert at SuperGrads mentioned that you need more and more practice to clear the quantitative section. Revise all the concepts of 8th, 9th, and 10th standard mathematics as most of the questions might be asked from these topics.

He recommends practicing an easy, tough, and moderate level of difficult questions. Also, you can opt for Super Study Material for mathematics by SuperGrads.

Focus more on topics like averages, profit & loss, mensuration, number system, geometry, simplification, quadratic equations, ratio & proportion, mixtures & allegations, time & word, time, speed, and distance. 

How to Prepare for CUCET English Language?

You should require a proper preparation strategy to ace the English section in the Common Entrance Test for the Central Universities exam.

  • To improve your vocabulary, make a habit of reading the newspaper daily.
  • Download high-frequency words from google and start preparing them.
  • Focus on improving your grammar skills.
  • Note down the difficult words and their meanings in a notebook and try to revise them daily.

How to Prepare for CUCET Logical Reasoning?

Karan recommends solving as many logical reasoning questions as possible that are given at the end of textbooks. Try to solve different levels of questions on a daily basis.

Also, practice more and more puzzle-related questions to improve your problem-solving skills.

You can also opt for Super Study Material by SuperGrads which will cover all the topics as per the syllabus and test series of various entrance tests like NPAT, IPMAT, etc.

Take up CUCET Mock Tests on a weekly basis that help tests your preparation levels.

Which Books Should I Consider for CUCET 2022?

You can refer to the following CUCET Preparation Books while preparing for the English Language, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics syllabus.

  • English is Easy by BSC Publications
  • Non-verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Super Study Material by SuperGrads

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Do Really Solving Mock Tests will help me Score Well in the CUCET Exam?

According to the experts, solving mock tests will help improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills. Also, it will help improve your speed and accuracy in the final exam.

With the help of mock tests, you can build your confidence levels. Also, it will help improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills.

You can improve your speed and accuracy in the final exam.

cucet syllabus

cuccet syllabus

How to Prepare for CUCET along with Board Exams?

Board exams will start in the month of May and will end in June. Therefore, you must balance your preparation for both board exams and common entrance tests, Karan said.

He suggested starting CET preparation at least 45 days prior to the board exams. After 45 days, you can focus completely on your board exam preparation.

Once your board exams are done, then you may start preparing for the common entrance test again.


How to prepare for CUCET in one month?

Make sure to cover all the topics as per the syllabus. Make regular revisions and solve sample papers nd analyze your performance after completion of each paper. These will be enough to prepare for CUCET in one month.

What are the important topics that need to be prepared under logical reasoning section of the CUCET exam?

Coding & Decoding, Number Test, Statements & Assumptions, Direction & Distance Test, Blood Relationships, Statement & Arguments are some of the topics that need to be prepared under logical reasoning section of the CUCET exam

Do I need to take specific coaching for CUCET exam?

It solely depends on you whether you need to take coaching or not. If your fundamentals are strong, then it is easy to crack the exam just by following expert suggested tips. However, if you want to improve your fundamentals then opting for coaching is beneficial.

Which is the best book for the preparation of Mathematics section of CUCET exam?

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal is the best book for the preparation of Mathematics.

Is it possible to prepare for the CUCET along with the board exams?

Yes. You must require a proper preparation strategy to prepare for the CUCET exam along with the board exams. 

How long should I study in a day for CUCET?

To succeed better in the exam, you should study at least 5-6 hours a day. You must make sure to study with focus and concentration while preparing for the CUCET exam.

Is it important to refer to many books while preparing for CUCET exam?

Generally, referring to many books will make you confused. It is better to refer to few reliable books for better results.

How do I warm up my brain before the CUCET Exam?

  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Move your body
  • Lift your mood and energy levels
  • Do a  dump
  • Sit still and focus on your breath for 5 minutes
  • Have a low GI healthy breakfast.

How can I better for CUCET Maths Section?

Following the expert tips will definitely help you to prepare better for the CUCET Maths 2021. Begin your preparation by studying from the right books which cover all the concepts and topics according to the latest exam pattern and make sure you are aware of the detailed Paper pattern and latest Syllabus of the exam before starting your preparation.