SBI PO Reasoning Quiz

S is the sister of D.D is married to P.P is the son of M.S is the mother of J.Y is the father of U.Y has only 1 son.and 1 daughter.U is the daughter of S.Qi is the son of D.How is P related to S?

In a office room of 20 employees,Ashish's rank is 15th from the top.Madhav is 4 ranks above Ashish.What is Madhav's rank from the bottom?

Seven persons-A,B,C,D,E,F,G are different heights.A is taller than more than 3 persons.C is taller than B and shorter than F.G is taller than D , who is taller than C.B is not the shortest person.G is not the tallest person.G is taller than F. Who among them is the tallest?

Who among these is the shortest person?

Who is the tallest among them?


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