SBI PO Quantitative Aptitude

C completes the work 20% more efficiently than D.Both of them complete the works in 5 5/11 days.How many days will will C take to complete the work?

35 women completed the task in 18 days.Some of the women left after 8 days.The left out task was completed in 14 days by remaining women.What will the number of women remaining after 8 days of work?

A and B can build the house alone in X days and (x+10) days respectively.They work together to build a house in 6 2/3 days.What will be the efficiency ration of A that to B?

12 girls can finish the homework in 15 days and 15 boys can finish the homework in 24 days.How many days will they need overall to finish the work ?

Rea and Rima finish the work in 42 days and 30 days respectively.Rima started the work and continued to work till 6 days when Rea joined her. till the completion of the work.How long will they take to complete it?


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