Why do we celebrate World Sanskrit Day | Significance & Origin

Why do we celebrate World Sanskrit Day | Significance & Origin

World Sanskrit Day or Sanskrit Diwas is celebrated every year in the month of Shrawan on Full Moon day. This year, it falls on 26th August 2018. Previous year, it was celebrated on 6th and 7th August. The event was celebrated with seminars and events, presided by the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Also, it is a known fact that BJP has been trying to promote this language to spread the ideology of over-the-top Hindu “nationalism”. Why this language? Let us discuss.

World Sanskrit Day

“Aham Brahmaasmi”

In English, “I am not separate from this entire Universe – I am the Universe itself and I am the Supreme One.” This applies for every human being as soon as he or she sees the ”biggest” picture. Such is the beauty and wonder of the Sanskrit language.

Origins of Sanskrit language

Sanskrit is an ancient language that many believe originated in India, around 3500 years ago. (This is why the BJP party tries to use it to promote their ideas of Hindu nationalism.) However, according to a news report, the language has its roots deeper down. Reportedly, this language was followed earlier in a place which currently goes by the name of Syria. We have no proof of either of the theories. And it shouldn’t matter where it originated. What should matter is that we have a rich collection of works like the Vedic scriptures, Mahabharata, and Ramayana.

We hope that this beautiful language is not used in the name of religion to provoke bloodshed. Let the language remain a language and not a cause for a disparity in the nation.

The Significance Sanskrit Holds

The first Sanskrit Day was celebrated in the year 1969. The primary objective of this day was to promote its use outside the conventional puja mandaps – in the conversational speech. This language is known to be one of the oldest languages in the world. Also, many languages find its roots in Sanskrit including Hindi, Gujarati, and Bengali. Furthermore, many also believe that the Latin language arose from the Sanskrit language.

Nevertheless, its significance lies in the vast plethora of literature and others works available in Sanskrit. This language is synonymous with flow, spirituality, and perfect grammar.

Why should history matter so much when it’s already behind us! We should bother about the glorious future instead.

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