Why choose RBI Grade B Officer as a Career?

Why choose RBI Grade B Officer as a Career ?

Why choose RBI Grade B Officer as a Career? Here you will get answer to your question.

Why Choose RBI Grade B Officer as a Career

Dear Aspirants,
Choosing a career path is always a delicate task. Putting your hard work, dedication and immense will power you can start your career as a RBI Grade B Officer. In India, competition for any government competitive exam is sky-high and if you wanna join RBI as an officer, you need to be an efficient student. In the recent years, the role of an RBI Grade B Officer is gaining immense popularity among young people. Aspirants from various fields ranging from Finance to Engineering, including MBA aspirants, are applying for the prestigious position. There’s approximately only 4% candidates make it to the phase-II of RBI Grade B exam. In this article, we will answer you the benefits of choosing RBI Grade B Officer as a Career.

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Benefits of starting a career as RBI Grade B Officer

A job with RBI is rewarding since it offers stability and immense opportunities for career growth. The benefits offered by RBI is far better than any other Government/Banking job. RBI offers handsome career options, both in terms of salary, benefits and quality of life.  There are few more benefits to work as RBI Grade B Officer:

  • Employees can easily adapt to the work s offered by RBI is far be environment at RBI.
  • You will get to know about the economic state of the country in terms of inflation rate, deflation, GDP growth, GNP, etc.
  • You will also be responsible to manage certain Government & Central Bank accounts.

Salary Structure of RBI Grade B Officers

RBI offers a handsome career in terms of Salary, benefits and Quality life.  A Recruited RBI Grade B officers will earn a salary of 13 lakhs per annum.

  • The revised Salary Structure is as Rs. 35150/- – 62400/-.
  • Basic Pay – Rs. 35,150/- pm
  • Gross Pay ~ Rs. 67,000/- pm

Along with the substantial salary, you will also get a number of perks and allowances!

  • After appointment you will reside in the RBI Residence.
  • You will also be given a Fuel Allowance ~150 lts.
  • Your Annual Medical Allowance will be ~ Rs. 4,500/- on declaration.
  • Monthly Maid Allowance ~ Rs. 3000/-
  • RBI provides Food/Grocery Sodexo Coupons to its employees ~ Rs. 2000/-
  • LTC/LFC Tour Allowance ~ every 2 years.
  • Loans are cheaper for employees of the RBI.

RBI Grade B Officer Working Hours:

RBI Grade B Officer’s work is of great responsibility. Therefore, the officers get work hours that are not stressful.

  • You will be on Probation for 2 years before being appointed.
  • A RBI Grade B Officer works for 5 days in a week.
  • It is a typical of a 9 to 5 job.

Work Culture:

To be a RBI Grade B Officer, High level of efficiency and competency will be required to work for RBI. You need to work hard if you want to be a Grade B Officer. RBI Grade B Officer will mostly be working in metro cities. Work Load varies with varying departments.


Those who want to take better and higher responsibilities, can take departmental examination after 5 years to get promoted to Grade C officers post. If you are recruited at a young age, then you can easily go upto deputy governor after clearing Departmental exams.

RBI grade B Officer is one of the most prestigious and sought after jobs in the banking sector in India. Aspirants go for it simply because you get ample time to study for higher goals such as UPSC while earning a handsome salary from a respectable job. So, folks, this is your opportunity to make it happen at the big stage and realise your dream.

RBI has released notification for the recruitment of 166 Grade B posts. The applications would be accepted in online mode only and would begin from 3rd July 2018 and go on till 23rd July 2018. For more recruitment information  of RBI Grade B Officer click below:

RBI Grade B Recruitment 2018

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