Who is Katsuko Saruhashi & Why is She on Today’s Google Doodle

Who is Katsuko Saruhashi & Why is She on Today's Google Doodle

A source of Inspiration and a Symbol of Woman strength & purpose – Who is Katsuko Saruhashi & Why is She on Today’s Google Doodle

Who is Katsuko Saruhashi & Why is She on Today’s Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrated 98th Birthday of Saruhashi today, a pioneer in the filed of Geochemistry. The lady who changed the way world used to think of Science and woman together in the mid 1900s. She was the first woman to be elected to the Science council of Japan in 1980. Throughout her life, she had been a part of various important Geochemistry research including Acid Rain, Radioactivity spread through oceans and Co2 level in seawater.

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In 1954, After the United States tasted a new generation of nuclear bombs at Bikini Atoll, Saruhashi developed a method for herself to track the spread of radioactivity through the pacific Ocean. Within a year or half the fallout reached the shores of Japan and it had dispersed through the entire Pacific ocean within 15 Years. Her fruitful research encouraged The U.S, The U.K and The Soviet Union to sign the limited Nuclear Test ban Treaty in the year 1963. The Treaty strictly prohibited underwater nuclear test along with tests in space or in the atmosphere.

Early life, Education and professional life : Who is Katsuko Saruhashi

Born on March 22, 1920 – Saruhashi Katusko was a Japanese Geochemist who was one of the first to measure Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in Seawater and later showed the the evidence in seawater and the atmosphere of the dangers of radioactive fallout

Saruhashi was born and brought up in Tokyo. She graduated from the Imperial Women’s College of Science in 1943. She joined the Meteorological Research Institute which belonged to the central Meteorological Observatory which later became Japan Meteorological Agency and worked in its Geochemical Laboratory. In 1950, Saruhashi started studying CO2 levels in seawater. At that time, CO2 levels were not recognized as important and Saruhashi had to develop her own methods for measuring them. She earned her doctorate in chemistry in 1957 from the University of Tokyo, becoming the first woman to do so.

Awards and Recognition : Who is Katsuko Saruhashi

  • 1958 – established the Society of Japanese Women Scientists to promote women in the sciences and contribute to world peace.
  • 1979 – named executive director of the Geochemical Laboratory.
  • 1980 – first woman elected to the Science Council of Japan.
  • 1981 – won the Avon Special Prize for Women, for researching peaceful uses of nuclear power and raising the status of women scientists.
  • 1981 – established the Saruhashi Prize, given yearly to a female scientist who serves as a role model for younger women scientists.
  • 1985 – first woman to win the Miyake Prize for geochemistry.
  • 1993 – won the Tanaka Prize from the Society of Sea Water Sciences.

Towards the End : Who is Katsuko Saruhashi

In the year 1979, Saruhashi became the executive director of the Geo-chemical Laboratory, The same laboratory she researched about the fallout of Radioactive. Her works throughout her career were well recognized by the people around the world with Saruhashi winning several awards such as; Miyake Prize for geochemistry and the Tanaka Prize from the Society of Sea Water Sciences.  The lady of Geo-chemistry, Saruhashi passed away in 2007 at the age of 87.

Even after contributing so much to the world of science, Saruhashi always remained as a bridge between Science and the Women around the world. Once She said “There are many women who have the ability to become great scientists. I would like to see the day when women can contribute to science and technology on an equal footing with men.” Well the bridge still looks to be as strong as it was always meant to be, Today Women from Japan and Across the Globe remembers Saruhashi as a source of Inspiration and a Symbol of Woman strength & purpose.

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