Who is Fearless Nadia & Why is She on Today’s Google Doodle?

Who is Fearless Nadia

Get to know – Who is Fearless Nadia & Why is She on Today’s Google Doodle?

Who is Fearless Nadia & Why is She on Today’s Google Doodle?

Who is Fearless Nadia & Why is She on Today’s Google Doodle? well, Google celebrated the birth anniversary of Bollywood actor Marry Ann Evans on Monday, also known as Fearless Nadia, with a doodle.

Early Life;

Fearless Nadia was born as Mary Ann Evans on 8 January 1908 in Perth, Western Australia. She was the daughter of Scotsman Herbertt Evans, a volunteer in the British Army, and Margret. They lived in Australia, before coming to India. Mary was one year old when Herbertt’s regiment was seconded to Bombay.

An Australian born performer, was an important part of Hindi cinema in the 1930s and 1940s. In an illustrious career spanning 38 years, She made a name for herself in Hindi Cinema.

All the stutnts in her movies were performed by the veteron. She was often potrayed as an Indian women fighting injustice and saving the masses from oppressive rules, a theme that went down well with audience during the last leg of the British rule.

Introduction to Bollywood;

Nadia was introduced by J.B.H Wadia, the founder of Wadia movitone, a production company and studio based n Mumbai that was known for its stunt and fantacy Films. When no one was ready to distribute ‘Hunterwali,’ starring the blonde, blue-eyed Nadia, the Wadias took up the task. The film went on to become a huge box office success.

Nadia worked as a Circus performer before becoming an actress, which eventually helped her in performing trapeze activities and other stunts on the screen.

Fearless Nadia : The true story of bollywood’s stunt queen

The author of Fearless Nadia : The true story of bollywood’s stunt queen, Dorothee wenner Calls her a “radical feminist actress” and also says that; “Nadia’s success reached countries like the UAE, France, Greece and Italy, etc. In that way, she happens to be India’s first crossover actress.”

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Towards the end of her career;

In one of her last on screen appearances in ‘Khilari’ in 1961, Nadia lifts up a man and throws him in the air and she was 53 years old then. Speaking about this in a TV interview in the 1980s, Nadia describes how, during a screen test, director Homi Wadia (whom she later married) asked her if she could lift a man. After she successfully did that, she says, he made it a habit of making her do it in every movie.


In 1993, Nadia’s great grandnephew, Riyad Vinci Wadia, made a documentary of her life and films, called Fearless: The Hunterwali Story. After watching the documentary at the 1993 Berlin International Film Festival, Dorothee Wenner, a German freelance writer, and film curator, wrote Fearless NadiaThe true story of Bollywood’s original stunt queen, which was subsequently translated into English in 2005. Vishal Bhardwaj’s 2017 movie ‘Rangoon’ is said to be loosely-based on Nadia.

The Google illustration by Bangalore-based comic illustrator Devaki Neogi draws inspiration from the action movie posters of old Hindi movies to pay tribute to India’s unconventional superstar.

No one epitomised contradiction more than Fearless Nadia. She was Australian and yet a symbol of Indian nationalism. She was both erotic and prim. Even though she was blonde, her Hindi diction flawed, she almost always played Indian characters. Nadia was India’s most unconventional superstar and a symbol of power and belief for women across the globe.

Today we at toprankers salute her for her immense contribution to Hindi cinema. We will always remember her for standing tall as a symbol of women empowerment.

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