What to prepare in English for CLAT?

Tips on how to prepare CLAT English section

Legal profession is one of the most challenging career choices for which students need to be very dedicated right from cracking its entrance test till the time of successfully completion of the course. There are many undergraduate and post graduate courses that one can take to excel in the field of law. CLAT or Common Law Admission Test is the entrance test conducted on all India level that student need to pass to get into any one of the National Law universities that accepts CLAT score card.

There are total 17 universities under CLAT 2016 which are known for offering their quality law courses to students.  Each and every participating university in CLAT exam 2016 has its own criterion or cut-off for admission.

You can take admission in various private college/ university as well, but make sure that college/university accepts CLAT score.

Colleges using this score can be checked here- https://clat.ac.in/institution-using-clat-score/

CLAT 2016 is conducted by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab on 8th May (Sunday) between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. It is mandatory to download hall tickets for CLAT 2016.

You can know about the complete schedule and important dates of CLAT 2016 by clicking on this link: https://clat.ac.in/calendar/

How to download admit card for the CLAT entrance test?

If you are an aspiring student who is dreaming about taking up career in Law field, preparing well for CLAT is very essential for you. This entrance test needs a lot of practice, planning and time management. CLAT 2016 Admit cards will be out on 19th April onward, which is why, it is mandatory to download it and carry it while going for your entrance test.

Click here to get latest news on CLAT 2016 admit cards: https://clat.ac.in/news/notice/

In case, your admit card is not published or not released, you must immediately contact CLAT organizing university through phone or e-mail to know the status and solve the issue.

If you are still not aware of all the important CLAT dates, go through this link to know all about it: https://clat.ac.in/calendar/

What is the admission process of CLAT 2016 exam?

The admission for various universities under CLAT exam 2016 shall be done via a common counseling session that is conducted by CLAT committee. The admission procedure is totally based on the CLAT score, preference list provided by the student, CLAT cut-off list issued by universities and total number of available seats in the universities.

CLAT score is the all India rank that is secured by students against the marks obtained. This score is valid throughout participating universities and other private colleges.

Each and every university issues cut-off list after CLAT score cards are published and then, starts online counseling session.

If you want to take admission in the offered National Law University, you have to pay adjustable counseling fees of Rs. 50,000/- as a token money to confirm your seat. You must make sure that this fee is paid on time and on the said date issued to you.

It is very essential to fill your preferred colleges very carefully while filling up CLAT form 2016 because “merit cum preference” is the key to admission in your favorite NLU.

What is the CLAT exam pattern?

The CLAT entrance exam is an online examination consisting of 200 questions and 2 hours deadline. CLAT exam pattern is featured with negative marking scheme; wherein, a student gets 1 mark for every right answer and loses 0.25 marks for every wrong question.

The CLAT exam pattern comprises of 200 questions which are divided into five sets of 40 questions each which are as below:

  1. General Knowledge including Current Affairs
  2. English Comprehension
  3. Elementary Mathematics / Quantitative Aptitude
  4. Logical Reasoning
  5. Legal Aptitude

The sections marking scheme for CLAT is as below:

  • General Knowledge section is of 50 marks
  • English Comprehension is of 40 marks
  • Mathematics is of 20 marks
  • Logical Reasoning is of 40 marks
  • Legal Aptitude is of 50 marks

Get full marks in CLAT English Comprehension Section by doing it right

English Comprehension is one of the sections that can let you win this fight by scoring 100% in it. This section is easy and good to start first to build up your confidence for the rest of the exam. It is meant to evaluate student’s English knowledge and grammar. There would be questions based on long given passages, jumbled sentences, grammar, search for errors in sentences, fill in the blanks with right word, and more.

With a good practice for this section, you can collect a lot of positive marks for the exam. It is advisable to go for free online English tests, sample papers and passage practice to prepare well.

You can take free English test for CLAT 2016 right now through the free online sources.

What is the English syllabus for CLAT exam 2016?

If you are preparing for CLAT 2016 entrance, you must know what is asked in English section of this test. It will help you in focusing in major topics and can allow you to schedule your time table accordingly. English Comprehension is not that difficult section but yes; it does need a proper routine to prepare it thoroughly.

What to prepare in English for CLAT 2016?

The major topics from which questions are framed in this section consist of:

  • Paragraphs or, reading comprehension
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Grammar test; this could be in the form of fill in the blanks
  • Jumbled sentences; you are supposed to rearrange words to form into correct sentence.
  • Jumbled paragraphs; you are supposed to number which sentence will come first and then second and then another so as to form a proper meaningful paragraph.
  • Another form of jumbled paragraph can be that you are given with first and last sentences as fixed and rest are jumbled and you have to rearrange those to form meaningful paragraph
  • Checking for correct spellings
  • Meanings of various abroad language words can be asked
  • Idioms and their meanings
  • Short paragraphs can be given and you are supposed to answer 2-3 questions based on it.
  • Short passage summary
  • Fill in the appropriate word in the passage or, Cloze test
  • Sentence improvements

You can practice these topics for free at different online sources. If you want to practice reading comprehension passages, go through free English Comprehension mock tests for CLAT 2016.

It is advisable by experts that taking free online mock tests for CLAT 2016, going through previous entrance exam question paper and exercising through online practice papers can make one learn a lot of different and new things. It helps in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and about major mistakes you make while attempting questions. It will also help in deciding how much time is to be devoted for CLAT English Comprehension section.

Tips on how to prepare CLAT English section

  • Grammar check: You must keep a daily check on your English grammar by going through basic concepts and rules about it. It is very essential to crack topics like cloze test, errors spotting and sentence corrections etc.

Get a very good English grammar book and thoroughly go through it. Do not limit yourself to that book only; search good English stuff on the internet. Always stick to your time table and study plan that you have made for yourself.

Take up various basic topics like verbs, nouns, active and passive voice, and paragraphs.

  • Focus on vocabulary: It is very important to learn new words, their meanings and opposites. You must subscribe to weekly magazines, and books that help you in building your vocabulary strong. CLAT English section is very demanding and exhausting so make sure that you manage time well for it.

Make it a daily habit of reading English newspapers to encounter new phrases, words and sentences. This will help you in solving various questions within seconds.

  • Reading comprehension passages need patience: A regular habit of solving reading comprehensive passages must be done. It is advisable to practice previous question CLAT papers to get an idea of questions and prepare strategy towards the same.

There are 5 questions which are asked from CLAT reading comprehension passages:

  1. 4-5 questions which are based on the data provided in the passage
  2. Suggest a very suitable title after reading comprehension
  3. Meanings of the legal phrases that have been stated in the passage
  4. Antonyms or, Synonyms of various words which are used in the comprehension
  5. In the end, you are supposed to give summary of the passage in a short paragraph
  • Manage Time: Do not forget that you have another 4 sections to attempt as well so, allot time carefully to each section and make a plan about how to start your exam till the end of it.
  • Foreign language words are important: You must learn meanings of various commonly used foreign language words like bon appetite, bon voyage, Bona fide etc so that you are not petrified to see such words in your CLAT exam 2016.

A good strategy, hard work, time management and practice will keep you sorted above all. Do revise everything before going for the entrance test as it will keep you confident.


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