Validity Period of CTET Certificate

CTET Exam Feb 2016

Are you an aspirant of CTET Examination? If yes, do you know the importance and validity period of the CTET Certificate? All the candidates appearing or willing to write the CTET Examination must know about it. Because this will help you plan your career well. The CTET Exam date for 2016 is already announced and the days are just countable on your fingers. Get to know a few more information of the famous CTET Exam now.

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The validity period of CTET Certificate

For all categories, the validity period of CTET Certificate is 7 years for appointment. The seven years is calculated from the date of announcement of your result after your exam. Plan your revision for your upcoming CTET Examination well to score high and achieve the Qualifying Certificate.

A mark statement will be given to all the candidates who qualify the CTET Exam. You will receive the Eligibility Certificate from CTET if you score 60 percentage or more. A CTET Certificate is a very important document for all the candidates who are planning to pursue their career in the teaching industry.

Can you attempt the CTET Exam more than once?

You can appear for the CTET Examination more than once to pass the test. If you are looking forward to gain more marks, you can write the test again. This applies to all the candidates who have already received a qualified CTET Certificate.

If you are a CTET Certificate holder, you will have a good advantage in schools when you apply for the job. Almost all the CBSE and Government Schools give first preference for CTET qualified teachers. But always remember about the validity period of your CTET Certificate. Prepare well for your upcoming CTET Examination to get a good percentage. This can lead you to achieve your dream job as your career in any of the top schools.




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