UPSC 2017 Last Minute Preparation Tips – Crack IAS Exam in Last Week

UPSC 2017 Last Minute Preparation Tips – Get UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam Prelims Last Minute Preparation Tips here,

UPSC 2017 Last Minute Preparation Tips

UPSC IAS exam is scheduled to be held on 18th June 2017. UPSC aspirants finally seem prepared for UPSC IAS Exam preparation. UPSC remains one of the toughest examinations in India and it is highly prestigious to get into UPSC. Solving mock tests is one of the most important thing to come out with flying colors in UPSC. It is necessary to understand your strengths and weaknesses to improve your performance in the UPSC examinations.

It is necessary to note that General Knowledge or general awareness has about 50-60% weightage in in the UPSC and the throughout the paper there will be several questions that challenge the candidates knowledge about current affairs. Here are some important sections that you should cover if you are preparing for UPSC. Do not overlook these sections and therefore regularly read newspapers and books. Avoid gossip columns and entertaining social media feeds and focus on serious news if you want to crack UPSC. It is great to refer books like Manorama Year Book if you are preparing for UPSC.

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How to prepare during Last Week for UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam ( Section Wise Tips)

  1. History : Focus on Ancient, medieval and Modern Indian History. IAS aspirants should be well versed about what happened during the time
  2. Geography: Geography is a important subject in UPSC IAS Preliminary examination. Aspirants should go through the Indian map and the world map as well. UPSC asks questions directly from the Atlas.
  3. Polity: Aspirants should focus on all important events in current affairs with political perspective.
  4. Current Affairs: Current affairs remains one of the most important topics in UPSC. UPSC aspirants should give one day of their time towards this section. About 50-60% of the paper is based on current affairs and current affairs, general awareness and general knowledge will play a crucial role in cracking UPSC.
  5. Environment and Ecology: Aspirants should be well versed in topics like national parks, wetlands, red book data, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, forests, woods, dams,
  6. Science and Technology: Candidates with a science background are often well versed with science and technology. Candidates should be aware about the current development in the field. They should be well aware about inventions, scientists, developments in science.
  7. Economics: UPSC asks questions from the economic survey of india. Read about RBI, Finance Ministry, Indian Economy, Repo Rate, Planning commission(now defunct), NITI Aayog, World Bank, International Monetory fund, etc. Focus on key areas of economics and read about economic concepts like keynesian economics, Adam smith’s wealth of nations, etc. Your preparation should focus on the current affairs in local, national and international economic issues.
  8. CSAT: Civil Services Aptitude Test is an important part of UPSC and you need to cover all areas necessary for CSAT. Manage your time and solve previous years question papers.

Quick Preparation Tips for UPSC 2017:

  • Manage your time well as you will have lots to study
  • Eat Well, Sleep well and focus on Exams
  • Solve Numerical and word problems
  • Do Yoga or Exercise to stay healthy
  • Stay updated with all current affairs
  • Solve IAS Practice set regularly
  • Evaluate your performance regularly
  • Accuracy is essential in solving mathematical problems
  • High level proficiency in English is a must

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